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[Music] [Music] hi i'm megan i didn't know what else to turn to susan recommended you i've seen this before let me guess neighbor's cat got inside yeah and the dog's still chasing it and i forgot about the cookies how much time 55 minutes [Music] my daughter's been looking forward to this for weeks but they said that you're the best you can solve any problem okay you mentioned it's a cookie decorating party for 15 correct yes she invited her friends and the whole hockey team is it true that you saved the entire tulip festival with no tulips yep how great paper tulips thousands that's genius do we have to delay we won't let's bake [Music] i don't have [Music] need a that christmas time would be much better having you right next to me the smell of ginger bread in the air can never replace what i feel from your stare [Music] not bad for a smash and bake job it looks better than before you saved me you're welcome to stay thanks but i have to rescue a holiday party christmas for hire i'll see you in 10. [Music] the decorations should be modest not that we can afford much anyway love the challenge we really need to hit our goal this year otherwise you bring the donors i will bring the death i wish i had your optimism come on this is going to be the best holiday ever can't you see it surprise me diy winter dream we'll put hand-cut paper trees along the wall like a forest ooh homemade centerpieces and the kids and their mentors can help with decorations as fun craft activities how much it's all diy do it yourself so paper and things i already have you said this last year oh come on you helped me all the time i wouldn't see you otherwise what no it took us a year to schedule tennis jen donating my skills to charities over the holidays makes me feel like i'm helping people when they need it the most so let me be good and thankful all about you always i'm the worst thank you for taking me in as your friend [Music] okay you bringing a date to the fundraiser i have 99 urgencies a date ain't one you have a week to get one any hot dates on the horizon i barely have time to finish my blog let alone try to find someone there's dating apps you can swipe at red lights that is not safe or illegal you know what i mean i'll think about it or you could just get out there i appreciate your concern but the perfect guy even if i ran into the most smart handsome successful guy i still wouldn't have enough time oh are you okay hey what was that thing you were just saying buddy watch out thanks i am so sorry hey you um um hit me can i get you anything your phone number i was thinking like an ice pack hey do i know you from somewhere yeah on the door hilarious listen this is my clumsy friend megan hi megan this is chase human door stop it's nice to hit you nice to be hit we'll see you later kiddo chase has been a big brother for many years now he's also the senior studio manager for bradley interior design oh that chase i think i read your review once no which one i just skimmed an article megan decorates store displays she's also a sought-after christmas helper for hire you two should totally talk shop you know meet up have fun like normal people sorry but i have to do some christmas shopping for a client are you okay well i'd be better if you get a drink with me sometime i'd love to hear about your work i'm kind of busy till when next year sorry oh uh i'm literally booked up until next year okay give me your number and maybe i'll see if i have some time open up i'm looking forward to it megan you'll see if something opens up what are you a michelin star restaurant here we go these handsome stylish smart successful yeah stop using your calendar like a suit of armor i am really late what if i hired you to date bye jen [Music] no jen you can't hire me to find a hot charming man with a yacht [Music] where is she she's gonna be here any second she just took a wrong turn megan schroeder is the best i can't think of a better consultant to help us nail this pitch david's gonna want to invest in a dozen stores the christmas tree isn't decorated out front right that that looks bad someone's coming in for that listen why don't you take a breather go outside for a walk chill a bit i got this i'll wait for david here okay you're right [Music] hi i was contacted by mike to decorate a tree i'm megan miller chris's helper for hire let me get him i can take your coat though oh thank you one moment thank you are you my christmas miracle excuse me cause i need a wow i will try my best best no let me ask you again are you passionate about this oh i am passionate about any job i do okay are we gonna get it done today i got your back ah excellent well you must be megan the one and only i'm kurt it's a pleasure to finally meet you i've only heard great things oh thanks crepe paper tulips by the way mike was saying something about um uh yeah he's coming um before we start though you should know that like a lot of this is riding on me personally okay i i botched the last presentation i wasn't bold enough i i didn't impress so i need you to go big how big like heavy keep it light but just you know i need you to sparkle oh gotcha glitz you're in good hands kurt i am so relieved that you're here [Music] are you stretching or something i've heard my share of investment pitches so this better be good hey kurt sorry i'm a bit early oh that's okay david of course uh you've heard of megan and her uh reputation for solving problems i had to pick up my grandson so let's just get to the point megan what's the first thing you would do [Music] well um aren't you gonna give me a style sometime this year please well the first problem is we have an entire committee here to handle one single task excuse me and second you can't have that kind of attitude when we're trying to celebrate the season of joy what does that have to do with anything everything look we are going to go from the top down the top determines the style of everything it is the personality and the heart is it classy lovable cheese nostalgic come on people a child could do this and you you are going to be the curator the creator and the decorator all in one personality has no right answer folks as long as it comes from the heart so when people walk by and see the magic of christmas and be totally drawn to it and buy stuff too i agree you are missing a store brand kurt starbrand a personality spracing up your shop more christmas magical would set you apart from the big box retailers draw more foot traffic i'm always hearing about how these millennials want experiences for their kids right where does a product come from whether it's ethically made oh all that brand identity blah blah blah that could be euchar the the blah i want to see the shop spruced up with more personality hey david i think we should talk about this no your pitch was a total snoozer before i heard this i'm excited about this investment now that's not really a part of our proposal i work through her and only through her she gets it presentation at the end of the week [Music] end of the week to decorate a tree no a strategy for developing more foot traffic for future stores didn't you get my brief i'm so sorry i'm late i was given the wrong driving directions where's david who are you i'm meghan traitor the marketing consultant then who are you megan miller she's here to decorate the tree oh no why didn't you say anything i thought you were talking about decorating a treat ah why didn't you say something i thought you were speaking in metaphors oh i am not poetic okay i'm sorry can we just like send her away to put things up while we do damage control here david said he'll only deal through her tell him there's a mix-up you know how that'll look for us i'm not gonna let tree lady here negotiate our last chance of opening more shops my name is megan i'm sorry have you done negotiations before oh i have successfully negotiated returning a used deodorant stick once no look i don't like this either but we're stuck with her kurt is anyone even gonna ask me if i want to do this of course you'll do it we'll pay i have clients who school teachers look i'm sorry the situation is happening but i'm pretty sure i'm the only professional that showed up on time today i am not working with her maybe maybe he'll work together no no either get rid of her or i walk [Music] hey do any of you know where i can get 200 drittles at this hour hey what are you doing out here cole helps me clear my head hey look um when i made you get the consultant i was just trying to help sorry i think we need to get this megan back insulted megan or tree megan tree lady now we can manage without her kurt there's no other investment opportunities on the table right now david's not the right fit we need more shops to compete i want to do this right she just needs to be the face for the negotiation in the presentations it's ridiculous no you're being ridiculous look we've been talking about this for years and now you're gonna let our best chance walk out that door because you won't hire a cheerleader kurt you're my best friend and i love you but you gotta do this please [Music] [Music] hi mom it's me i'll be taking the train in on christmas eve again this year i've just been busy helping people over the holidays as usual i have so many stories to tell you anyways i love you and i can't wait to see you and josh [Music] [Music] [Applause] what is wrong with this guy chris is for hire hey megan it's kurt from trinkets and toys i thought i blocked your number call them from the shop did you get my texts all 17 of them fabulous we would like you to be point person for negotiations no thanks we'll compensate you look i have more important things to do than to be your personal cheerleader which are good luck with your shop not megan we need your talents we need your instincts your passion for ornamental greenery where do you want this raul can you find me in three santa clause under 20 minutes please here we go how much i can't just drop what i'm doing to work for you but you just did you know what i mean look i have clients that need me most right now everyone has a price those clients are charities i donate free tasks to five thousand dollars at five thousand more if you sealed the deal is that a yes it's not a no merry christmas [Music] so you called chase yet okay what's going on it's been a year since mark and i'm finally back on my feet like things are going well and i don't want to mess that up you don't want to find your person seriously i'll stop pushing if you tell me you'd rather be single no i mean why would chase like me are you kidding me mark was not the one you deserve to be happy yeah one day no today you're not wrong gotta keep that up again it's completely broken we have to buy a new one i can't well you should the county cut its budget for next year for an extra 15 000 in the red already why didn't you tell me we need this to be the best donation drive ever or we'll shut down [Music] so you'll wait in line for christmas fudge but you won't work for me i got some for my mom and you've paid me an exorbitant amount to multitask hans von alpine well the bakery doesn't deliver and i'm not gonna wait in line for an hour listen i don't like this either all right but i need you to say this expansion investment you were terrible at begging i said please well why do you want this so badly are you trying to cash out or something i sell american-made toys i employ local artisans and workers and i pay them and my employees far above the chain box stores okay i'm the good guy but i need to expand in order to compete scaling up lowers costs i want 15 if the deal goes through no way okay [Music] you win and i want to continue doing charity tasks while working for you no yes you're delusional fine this is a shakedown it's a negotiation which i'm gonna be doing for you apparently you said this wasn't about money it's for a friend's charity where are you going to deliver dog clothes it's for a dog nativity scene for an animal shelter you know charity tasks kurt i'll see you tomorrow [Music] oh yeah oh don't forget the chocolate for the spanish rooftop just finished getting ready oh but what happened i just liked his photo what photo chase i may have done some research before our date tonight research oh you know just some casual researching for a couple hours of course you would it's like researching a amazon product and he's got good credit you weren't like this in college i am more mature now or you could just see what happens i could and maybe trust your feelings again that's a valid point oh he's gonna think i'm so creepy well you know what no i was being safe and informative my mom would be very proud of me and so were yours okay wait do you get a notification if you like a photo and then immediately unlike it after just relax and try to enjoy your date okay i'm glad you texted yeah well something opened up so so i noticed you looking at my photos in my business profile and my faces and friends paige i like to be informed i did the same you can never be over prepared i totally agree i read your blog oh it's cute thanks you know i could post it on my own social media i'll give you a bump really wow i mean that would be amazing you have a huge following not that i would know that already um so what did you find about me well i know you are a partner in a successful design firm which i would love to work at one day but really yeah um your clients say you have impeccable taste and you seem to like babies and animals and you like guitar honestly it's too perfect well maybe we're just perfect for each other nice line why don't you tell me something embarrassing that's not just a lie my email got hacked and i sent the governor spam for romantic candles humble brag give me some dirt why can't i skate not embarrassing because i went on a date in high school and i fell and knocked out my front teeth oh she saw my injured face screamed and left me at the ring i haven't been since so that smile is a fake oh just the front teeth part what about you um maybe i can tell you over an ice skate not fair i had fun yeah me too so ice skating i thought you said you were busy are you coming to jenny's fundraiser of course i'm looking forward to seeing your decorations would you be my date i'll see if i can fit you in perfect i'll call you with the details [Music] so hey where can i set up i have to task will i help you guys kurt didn't tell you did you bring a life raft too where have you been busy doing a charity task okay um i need an invoice direct deposit info and because david's floating in and out i need you to act as consultant so do you have anything a little more impressive than what you're wearing now you are the most obnoxious person i have ever met well clearly you haven't met that many people okay you don't need to make a scene [Music] david hey kurt hi how's it going what was that excellent uh idea that you had well what idea is that ah um pop up jump oh yeah yo mike is gonna be here and he's gonna take you to one of the shops of our nutcracker makers oh great yeah uh you need a minute now then no i'm good it's cold outside uh you sure does it mean it looks looks nice what are your thoughts on pop-up retail i heard you consulted with swifty search on a recent campaign oh uh yeah me and swifty search are best buds what do you think well i um okay well personally she agrees with me that um pop-ups are a great strategy right i do i do she does hey hey there he is hallelujah david this way we'll talk later [Music] how's it going [Music] i am so confused [Music] she has to task for charities while she works for us you allowed this i didn't have a choice you compromised she wouldn't respond to money or flattery it was like hardballing with mother teresa i like her already [Music] make yourself at home i will thanks so i have an idea to spruce up the front window display to make it more christmas magical for dave you know we got it handled so why don't you focus on the presentation cool but what's the plan when i get a presentation script i'll send you a draft you know i can help you kurt if you just tell me what's going on that's what i'm doing what about this pop-up shop mike and actually got it handled they know the customers this is kind of what i do i mean events decorations and you can decorate the tree you're gonna overpay me to be a cheerleader are you willing to take a pay cut look i need megan the other megan so you want me to pretend to be a consultant for david and just say what you're telling me to and decorate the tree [Music] um [Music] one moment mr brown what are you doing oh do you have fake snow kurt arranged all of this well we need to increase foot traffic to make this place more christmas magical right yeah does this look appealing to you look i do this for a living let me help you please i didn't see you [Applause] [Music] what are you doing i made some edits our customers like things the way they are that's why they keep coming back year after year but this is completely incredible david what a surprise my grandson corey and i were on our way to get hot cocoa we saw this and totally love it corey literally pulled me across the street to see it and he has very discerning taste it looks like wondering remarkable it is and i'm glad you like it i'm thinking it might be just a bit too much oh cory doesn't think so and he's your demographic anyway great start you two megan megan did it great start megan anyway just wanted to say how much i'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the rest of the shop champ what do you think kid want to go come on he called me champ hey the front display looks great it's like you guys took the same stuff and just made it better guess we know who's in charge of decorating from now on sorry i have no filter how was your day with chase really good and it was nice he was sweet kind confident way too cool for me you're cool too in your own way just let things happen well we would make a power couple uh yeah and he did ask me to go on a date to your fundraiser what he's gonna see your work and fall head over heels for you positive thoughts [Music] what did you accidentally like one of chase's photos again no it's just this guy i work for gotta go meet him what's wrong i had an idea what about a mailbox to santa outside the shop that's it what what is the emergency well what emergency you called me all the way down here to tell me this well i texted i didn't call you texted in all caps i always texting caps it's more efficient you couldn't have waited until tomorrow well you want to strike when the inspiration is hot plus you're always working what do you think what do i think i think my phone is going to be off at nine every day from now on do it don't say anything did you zoom it fine [Applause] see the mailbox what do you think yeah it's a good idea it's a good [Music] so what's next champ with you i just edit in my experience decorations aren't supposed to just look good they are a personal expression what does that mean well what does christmas mean for you for me it's about spending time with my mom and my cousins at my aunt's farmhouse playing board games and drinking eggnog until late [Music] what about you guys for me christmas is tradition going to church opening gifts after midnight handing out supper at the meal center and then having our own big feast christmas for me is just being together uh my brothers and my family all in the same room and enjoying the moment and being thankful well i guess christmas for me is a feeling you know it's sledding down a street that's been given a pure white reset it's a cozy fireplace where i would sit in my pajamas drinking hot chocolate with my sister talking about what toys santa was gonna bring us you know it's our single mom working overtime so she could afford the baseball mate that sat wrapped underneath the tree i stared at it for weeks i knew what it was and what it meant christmas for me is is when everybody forgets everything other than being kind to each other it's when adults and children believe in magic the same type of wonderment and warmness you know that a kid only gets in a toy shop i guess that's why i opened the shop i wanted to share that feeling i never forget it myself [Music] what i've just i've never seen this soft side of you before [Music] okay well what do we do with that well this gives me plenty of ideas is this all we have to work with this is more than back great [Music] i i think she wants you to follow her excuse me you're not my type what's your type doormat well i would have asked you to move but you'd probably argue with me true i like vintage nostalgia so does mike well we'll incorporate it but we need to let the toys do the talking well we need to make sure that we can replicate it in future stores it needs to be as special as this shop do you trust me not at all wrap it like a present why ah less talking more rapping please you're bad at begging i said please [Music] dashing through the snow in a one-horse open stance or the fields we go i thought it was bigger when i ordered it a bill's on baptism spring making spirits bright what fun it is to write and sing a slay song tonight a jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh a jingle bell some jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is thanks kurt this is perfect like always and lacey's going to love her new toy i'll see you in gym at the holiday fair i was wondering why you had ladles in a toy store trinkets too ah judy comes in every year to buy a new one for her mother for christmas dinner they collect them it's a tradition and she adores ashley's recommendations for gifts for her daughter and she would not shop at a chain store and the christmas dog toys uh yeah all right those obviously aren't for the kids but angus who lives around the corner buys them for her terriers like i know my neighbors i know the community i know it might sound odd but i even put items in specific places for uh certain customers so they can find them easy you care i do [Music] you were right huh could this be a first admitting that you're wrong ladies and gentlemen history has been made why christmas helper i love solving unexpected problems and the thrill of getting it done and christmas time is when people need help the most and i like feeling like i'm helping out why a toy shop my mother had a shop you know knickknacks stationary gifts i think she loved all from local artists she was a single mom so my sister and i would go down there after school and do our homework on the counter first came the four made goods then the big box stores she survived long enough because of tourists passing through but the whole main street was hurting she held out long enough to retire by helping main street and local artists while building quality toys that can reach single mothers like mine it shouldn't be mutually exclusive we should do both she must be proud of you yeah yeah she is i had a single mom too so i get it thanks for help today are you thanking me uh yeah don't let it go to your head you were such a pain you you were a little pain though unremarkable like a static shock oh okay not even a stubbed toe maybe like a biting into a tortilla chip pointy side up ooh okay that hurts i have a blog and the goal is to do it full-time oh i i carry that okay you okay buddy yeah okay yeah all right i can assure you you don't need help nope need the exercise um see you later [Music] [Music] so last night i was curious and i researched david's investment firm and oh it seems like an odd choice how so well he seems to drastically change the businesses he invests in and not always for the best yes but that's not our plan i made that clear to david what are you doing it's giving you room i won't bite i didn't think you were gonna bite me oh i i'm sorry what i touched your hands i think i'll be fine what's so funny chase what are you doing here you mentioned this place and i wanted to drop by and say hi that is so sweet i love the classic vibes sorry chase this is kurt kurt this is chase it's nice to meet you so what's this open it thank you do you like it yes well i don't want to be a bother i'll see you thursday i didn't know you're into vinyl i don't have a record player but it's pretty cool isn't it [Music] straight to the north pole yeah shop's over on third street [Music] oh no i'm so sorry honey it'll be fine we can wash this it'll be fine excuse me here hold my dear that was my hot cocoa not paint thanks i really need your help with big little heroes we don't close down till night well ashley and mike can handle a bunch of kids have you seen what it's like out there kurt you promised there's paint flying around you know tears flowing i don't think mike's prepared for that can i have my coat no i'm here as you asked of course i'll help i'm a man of my what if i sent mike oh come on the shop's not gonna close down because you're not there do you need toy donations really it's at least i can do like your christmas tasks what's the catch it's nothing what do you want but within reason [Music] i read your blog and i can see it actually being useful to certain people are you trying to give me a compliment i didn't think i was gonna see tips that i'd appreciate i thought it was gonna be more uptight home decor stuff i'm sure in it more it's about the tips yes but you are the tips is that how you got into christmas tasking uh i had a measly marketing assistant job after college and i had to get a side gig in order to pay rent and then one day i filled in for a sick employee i got to decorate a storefront and i loved it so i switched to careers and then i realized that i love finding clever ways to solve problems and the better i got at it the more complex christmas tasks i took on and now the goal is to do diy blogging full-time well it's great no one reads it really there's so much competition and i'm just another blogger that doesn't sound like you what do i sound like fearless well people do video blogs now all the time and i'm terrible on camera have you tried yeah and they say i don't smile enough well your dryness will be a relief are you being nice never oh [Music] no no [Music] everything looks amazing you must be kurt i'm jenny it's nice to meet you so you coming to the fundraiser party tonight i uh wasn't invited i'm inviting you you don't have to i insist he helped us i got a little work to do drop by for an hour dress code is casual but i'm asking people to class it up for fun oh see you tonight kurt [Music] stop stop i'm sorry hey don't you have that thing to go to i'm not going just go for half an hour yeah but what if something happens here all right david might come by come on ashley and i got it handled yeah i gotta get dressed you know then i gotta drive over there i gotta park walk in megan will really appreciate you dropping by and plus it'll make her feel more invested in the presentation tomorrow think of it as a goodwill write-off [Music] [Music] [Music] she's not here yet looking sharp thank you again for the toys that was very generous of you can't say no to megan thank you so much always you two look great we do but megan looks even better oh gotta go rescue my husband enjoy yourselves okay this is all diy it is this is next level seriously let's grab a drink [Music] so i've been thinking and after seeing all of this it's clear to me i want you to work for me in my design studio really yes and you want to be a helper for hire anymore oh you don't want that i do very much i can also help you uh professionalize your block professionalize yeah you know uh give it a shine make it more competitive you know social media is actually how we generate the major percentage of our new clients you could have thousands of new followers in no time great yeah i'll have my assistant uh reach out and we can find a good time to come and film you oh sounds good so you ready to make the rounds what you know mingle connecting network i thought you wanted to come here you know be a role model to the kids and help out absolutely but it's um also a great place to meet future clients come on i want to introduce you to some people can you give me a sec i'm just going to switch out my drink i'll catch up okay i'll actually have that [Music] not bad ah but you look acceptable you showed up surprised shocked you underestimate me did mike send you here no i was i was looking forward to this so you trusted them to hold the fourth down wow you should do that more often where's your date doing his thing yeah that guy chases what he can't catch and what do you know oh i'm like that yeah i just i'm just not as cool as him though to put it lightly what about you nah no not until my business is squared away and i have a life again it ruined my last relationship probably smart you call me smart are you gonna watch him from here all night and what if i do gosh well you're fun and you're a riot i am a blast i am a blast aren't you oh okay oh okay [Music] you're a terrible role model the field [Music] jingle bells jingle bells jingle bells [Music] hmm [Music] [Music] i guess we should be good role models then you wouldn't dare i promise i'll let you lead i'll dance as badly as possible and we can tell your ass date there that you danced on a mercy you scared of a challenge not at all do your worst you have health insurance right [Music] you have too much rhythm [Music] okay um oh okay all right okay okay more a little more [Music] i'll be right back yeah [Music] you know i once attended an alfresco banquet hosted by the artist marina abramovitz she told me that being old was important what do you think of course there you go [Music] [Music] hey hey you left early last night wanted to get some rest couldn't wait it goes well you're done in that case it's your type uh doormat you needed it for the fake snow and your real one [Music] i made it for your tree [Music] you know start from the top down thank you [Music] what'd you get you shouldn't have now you can be cool [Music] too thank you david's gonna be here in half hour i'll prep [Music] so what do you think store is excellent but the pop-up marketing plan is pedestrian it won't drive foot traffic and i'm not sure you'll be able to compete customers will appreciate quality american-made toys will they i i mean i wish that too but i don't know if that's the economics of it all yeah well we won't know for sure until we try i'm gonna have to go over all of this with my accountant david it's my fault look just give us until the weekend and i promise you you won't be disappointed i don't like my time wasted what's the rush just give us the weekend and we will wow grandpa i like this thing all right now better be good come on so so what's the plan i have no idea you don't know i was just buying time we could do another promotional event sure what i'll figure this out [Music] i should have been here day and night pushing instead of what helping me look we tried our best our best isn't good enough where are you going we are gonna go clear our heads or are you just gonna stand there and pout i'm strategizing with the face what are we not thinking of maybe the writing's on the wall what does that mean well maybe it's not meant to be no i don't quit and i don't think you do either look i believe in you i believe in your shop the things you do helping service communities helping with local artists thanks but that doesn't help us now yes it does it's everything and we are going to figure this out together i challenge you if i win you can't quit really are you afraid to lose well if i win you do a video blog you win fine well how do we know who wins we'll ask some random [Music] hey what are you doing that's how you don't copy me hey what are you gonna make you shame [Music] you ready one sec okay it's you am i abstract all right let me see yours [Music] okay uh you win i do potty at home sometimes so you rig this gert a deal is a deal so can i see that [Music] i wanted that do you surrender yes he started it traitor ah you missed the spot huh oh [Music] [Applause] mike my name is back at the shop that was fun see everything's better when you do it yourself well you are the diy master [Music] diy diy diy do-it-yourself toy kits like build-a-bear with different toys we customize each using locally made parts from your artisans you can go to the shops or buy a home kit it's a holiday family activity kurt this is huge people love making things themselves come on [Music] okay so what do we do for the instructions for the home kits oh video blocks you uh you didn't win the bet both of you no no people love a duo no we're not friends half the renovation shows our duos megan you could be the diy expert and kurt you're the amateur to show that anyone can do this even a child thank you i think [Music] so what do you think about megan i don't think about megan guys seem to like spending time together we have an understanding good anyway i need to get this expansion squared away before i start thinking about myself you know she's not cynthia that just wasn't meant to be i mean cynthia didn't understand your passion why you spent so much time here why you're paranoid about leaving the shop even just for a vacation things will never be completely squared away and that's fine with the right person i can't thank you enough don't give up hope jen you'll make up the budget shortfall somehow you and curt looked like you were having fun we are just goofing around looked like a lot more than that he is just another holiday gig he gets you look i finally have my big chance with chase if you say so [Music] mate hey megan are you going oh is that okay chase did you have something you wanted to ask me i i need you here but we're done for the day well uh what does he do again chase owns a design studio in fact he actually just offered me a full-time gig how are you gonna be a christmas helper for hire i won't he's gonna help me revamp my blog you know polish it polish is that okay that that doesn't really sound like you what is me genuine so you're saying i'm not genuine no no that's that's not what i was trying to say um i was just you know we have i could get you in touch with people that we work with and you could you do branded content for them and they would promote your blog chase is gonna help me i think so have a good night david's on the shot phone [Music] did he say what he wants no of course not you want me to get her back no no but get mike [Music] hi david hey kurt yeah listen my accountant finished vetting your financials and i want to downsize your plans for shop staff and their benefits and to explore foreign manufacturers for your merchandise what about our proposal well my position has changed the reduced overhead and lower cost per toy will help you better compete while business scales up [Music] uh well what about corey he's just a kid kurt hey i formed this shop to help local artisans and workers not do the very thing that hurts them you have an admirable idea but it just isn't sound business we had an agreement it's non-negotiable kurt [Music] fine smart move what are you doing we'll renegotiate when he sees the diy toy kids no he won't you're the one who warned me about not giving in to david we got what we want at what cost kurt [Music] you said we weren't gonna do this just to do it and so you easily just glue the beard right on there and then you can actually wait just to stop i what i glued my hands again can you not do that let's go again uh i guess uh while buddy over here does that um we are gonna move on and look at that the perfect holiday nutcracker customizable with any paint my name is megan and this is hot blue hands curt and that is a nutcracker kit and cut hot glue hands two more to go why didn't you cut because it's lovable at my expense of course just keep it real with it megan fine bring it on you guys thanks for letting me do this this is so much fun [Music] i'm i'm fine thanks are you okay yeah yeah what's wrong you gotta convince kurt not to accept david's terms you agreed to david's demands there's customers here you're just gonna let david hijack your shop look he changed the terms after we botched the presentation we didn't even ask him about the diy toy kits yet doesn't matter i don't like this either but this is the way it is no it's not look we have an amazing pitch we can take this to other places this keeps us competitive into the future this keeps mike and ashley and my artisans safe come on so all those conversations about helping small-town shops like your moms was just talk it's business and i don't need to talk about it with you i thought you genuinely cared you don't have people depending on you like i do i don't have the convenience of self-righteousness you have a choice but i guess it's easier to sell out though you know why don't you talk to ashley or mike or your suppliers and ask them their opinion for once you know i am not negotiating under these terms yes you are i am yes oh or what you're fired what will david think about that we're so close now he'll get over it you know i shared my ideas and my thoughts and i even did a video with you and you'll get paid i don't want my work to go towards some shady deal you know this is my shop you're not a part of all this you never were you know this place is never gonna thrive so long that you suffocate it you know those videos we did together were so good but then i realized it was all just a wasted effort because you won't stick around you waltz in here like you're some savior but you've never built anything i built christmas for hire well you're leaving that too [Music] relax you look phenomenal you don't think this is too much all the influencers are doing this okay can we uh replace this with something a little bit more oh wait not the pig it isn't the new you besides these items are sponsored [Music] posture up and hold your hands like a spider on a mirror and smile more and don't hold your hands around your it's not flattering [Music] can we try smiling naturally i'm trying smile looks fake because it is roll it hi i am diy megan and today shot hands maybe try holding onto something it might help you relax a little [Music] let's go again hi i am diy megan and today cut hey good first day i don't think this is me just give it some time all right we'll get you in some voice workshops some hosting classes no employee of mine will ever be anything less than the best employee you're part of my studio now listen you can do this believe in it [Music] okay [Music] so [Music] hey hi i uh wanted to drop this off megan wanted her feet donated to you i don't know what to say oh thank her you know she saved me more ways than one of course she did she saves everybody but herself i heard you two had a frank exchange of words yeah a fight do you have feelings for her uh i i'm grateful for her help and i was concerned that she was going to abandon us i may have pushed her away you two are perfect [Music] what do you mean you get megan the real one so don't you dare give up on her she deserves better hey jen what is this we wanted to thank you your donation saved us the 5 000 15. also someone named david says he wants to help with a donation drive [Music] i see thank you for keeping this place afloat i had a big sibling that pushed me to go to college i was the first in my family these are all former little siblings tiffany became a teacher because of her mentor [Music] megan what are you doing here jenny told me so david liked the toy kits i don't know i didn't tell him i asked mike and ashley and our suppliers what they wanted to do and we went back to the bank together and i told them about our diy home kit the bank loved our pitch we are now officially employee and supplier co-owned now how did you get david to underwrite the donation drive ah he likes tax write-offs i uh sorry i didn't trust you i believe in you christmas for hire it's a list of suppliers who read your blog and they want a new brand of content with you hi i'm megan chris is for hire you called my cats went wild knocked over some christmas candles i've seen this before how much time do we have my future in-laws get here in an hour can you help me i live for this you're so serious thank you for everything that you've done for me we can tweak i love tasking and diy kits not hosting and worrying about my following if this is what you love then good luck thanks also i had a really good time with you you're not feeling it me too it's probably for the best i'd still like to be friends come by the studio sometime i will [Music] [Music] where did you want this [Music] and did you mean it every word how to fix a heart by megan miller every day i solve people's problems but until i met kurt there was one problem i could never solve fixing my own heart instead of just running towards the next challenge i'm not very poetic i wasn't very good in my english class it's not finished now that your heart's fixed what does it say it says that i'm sorry and to keep christmas helping and to do things with you so we can build something together you inspire me you're pretty great you compliment me i am not an accessibility you talk back to me you terrify me in a good way i realized the best part of me is us versus the world i realized if we just put two percent of our neurotic passions towards each other just what a special life that would be are you up for the challenge always [Music] more [Music] you