Chris Cornells Teen Daughter Honors Late Dad With Song

[Music] mildew my Tony Cornell honoring her late father's memory through what he was known for with music that speaks to the soul Chris Cornell was the frontman for the band's sound garden and Audioslave a grunge rock pioneer who even recorded the theme song for a James Bond movie he died at 52 years old in 2017 officials ruled his death a suicide his daughter Tony who is now 15 wrote the song when she was 12 her father produced it before he died it's called faraway places [Music] the song is also featured in a short film written by a family friend proceeds from the single sales will go to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Cornell's Widow Vicki will also release never-before-heard music from Chris in a new album titled Chris Cornell it has 11 unreleased tracks it will include solo work and music made with the group's he was a part of for Inside Edition com I'm Lisa boy tikki [Music]