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so so real quick for anybody that doesn't know me here's my story in a nutshell I'm a high school dropout I didn't go to college I'm one of the first people in my family did not go to college and instead I chose to pursue career sales I chose to this work make sales make commissions and that sales and commissions kind of attitude really worked for me because it's a high school dropout nobody was checking my resumes nobody was checking anything well that led me to the world of online marketing I started designing websites even though I sucked then I started the clients all wanted them to get ranked in Google so I started basically in my spare time researching on the web every single day how to rank sites in Google and if you want to know how old I am they weren't they weren't just wanting to get ranked in Google now everybody just wants Google right they were wanting to get ranked and AltaVista web crawler Ask Jeeves you know Lykos Yahoo all of these search engines were the big buzz back then and then Google just dominated so that was me I was the guy who didn't have any mentors didn't have any courses didn't have anybody to turn to for help all I had was access to the Internet now I didn't even know on a computer back then I would actually catch the bus all the way across town to a library where I could use the computers in the library and I would just sit there for hours on end until finally I would catch the bus back home and I was so broke I would eat top ramen before I left to stay full and then I would eat top ramen when I came back and I was like my daily budget so I was operating on like thirty and fifty cents a day food and coffee and drink right so that was me that's where I got started I got started sort of from humble beginnings in terms of self-taught didn't have the courses didn't have anything then as I started finally having success I found another calling which was to mentor other people so my friend George I was like let me show you how to do what I'm doing and I just started getting all my friends around and saying here's what I'm doing I'm building websites I'm doing these certain things to them and they're showing up in Google then Google just sends all this traffic and then we make money we either make money by selling this to clients or we make money from what's called affiliate marketing everybody said what's affiliate marketing and back then I said there's this site so Amazon komm will pay us commissions for every sale we make so for example if I build a web page all about snowboards and I get it ranked in Google people come to Google they searched about snowboard boots whatever they land on an article that I have about snowboard boots and then I recommend that they buy these snowboard boots they click over to Amazon and they buy them so maybe they go when they spend $300 on Amazon and I get paid like fifteen to thirty dollar commission about 5% to 10% Commission's so I get paid fifteen to thirty dollars doesn't sound like much but if you get the sites to rank well you're just making passive income every single day and people are shopping on Amazon that's called affiliate marketing I created websites Renton and Google Google sent three traffic those people bought stuff I got a commission check like 30 to 60 days later so I started teaching my friends how to do this now I came across an even better affiliate program than Amazon it was something called Google Adsense what Google Adsense was as these little banners that you can put on your blogs and stuff like that and it automatically displays ads so if you've ever been on a website and you see that they have banner ads it's probably Google Ads Google is probably if you put look at the little text it prolly says that it's like powered by Google so I could take these Google ads and put them on my website now I didn't think it would be much money but I said you know what let me give it a shot let me just see how well it would work and oh my god it worked so much better so I have done about six figures and commissions with Amazon I was averaging about five to ten thousand dollars a month and I had already crossed over a hundred thousand dollars in commissions from Amazon but once I put on Google Adsense boy it just absolutely changed I started making between ten to twenty thousand dollars a month so I basically like doubled and tripled my income just by putting these little ads on and it was so much easier because with Amazon I had to go and find the right products and link over the products with Google you just put us piece of code on the whole website and it automatically changed so I started becoming a Google Adsense marketer made multiple six figures then then here's what happened I got distracted in my career I was making all this money and I watched my friends blow up in the real estate industry so shiny object syndrome I completely changed industries out of internet marketing took my money and got into the real estate industry and unfortunately that story goes that I lost all that money I got in the wrong time all my friends were making millions I thought I was so easy I lost my money got back into sales kind of built myself back up and I got back into internet marketing right around the year when Facebook really on Facebook gothic so around the year 2008 in 2008 Facebook came out and the way that I saw Facebook wasn't how everybody else saw you had really two groups of people you had college kids who saw Facebook as this like social network for colleges and then you have the rest of the public this other group who saw Facebook is like this new network that was blowing up they kept getting invitations by email that said your friend Bob has joined Facebook and has uploaded 29 pictures if you want to if you want to see these pictures create a free account so Facebook had this like viral marketing scheme that was going on where they were basically spamming all your friends by email but no one said anything was the Wild West and Facebook blew up at this whole like skini viral marketing scheme so Facebook is blowing up I'm not part of either group I'm not part of the I'm not part of the college kid group looking at it I'm not part of these like the public looking at it I am an entrepreneur over here going this is exactly what happened when Google blew up I watched this happen to Google when Google came on the scene I learned how to optimize sites for Google and it blew up the same exact thing is happening but for Facebook and so when I saw that the very first thing I said was rather than get caught up in this whole social media thing I'm going to use Facebook for business I created a course called FB for me Facebook for business and I basically showed people the business side of Facebook how to be able to use it for marketing how to use it to generate leads for your business how to be able to promote live events with it how to be able to sell stuff on Facebook how to be able to use Facebook Ads and it kind of went on and on and on and as Facebook grew and ended up becoming a leader I was positioned early on as one of the top marketers on Facebook now I didn't make like huge amounts of money back then but I was still making six figures from it I had my best month marketing on Facebook was like in 2000 was like 50,000 dollars in commissions in a month so it was doing good but I wasn't making millions yet what happened was I was basically learning how to use social media to promote affiliate products so I've been an affiliate marketer almost all my life right it was Amazon and Google in the early days now I was looking at networks such as like Clickbank and all these and ShareASale and all these affiliate networks that exist out there so then I decided to take it a step further I said you know I want to do better I want to make more money what are the people who's making over a hundred thousand dollars a month like actually like I said I looked out who's making the big money who's actually legitimately making money that I can go follow then I can learn and I can duplicate because listen success leaves Clues how did I know this I'm a college I'm a high school dropout so how did I know to model after successful people because every single day of my life I was listening to personal development audios and I was reading personal development books so I was being saturated I was saturating my mind with this kind of knowledge with knowledge such as you know positive mindset about about dealing with failure dealing with adversity when I lose all my money how to be able to bounce back quickly reframing and all of these things I was studying and learning so so when the time came I was already pretty knowledgeable about this so I said you know what I want to be successful why don't I find people who are several levels up from where I am if there's levels one through ten and let's say that I'm down here at like level three let's say I'm not broke I'm making six figures but on but I see people making you know upwards of like a hundred thousand a month five hundred thousand a month even a million dollars a month so let's put them up at like level seven eight nine ten so I'm at level three making a constant ten or twenty thousand dollars a month how can I get to level seven where these people are making a hundred thousand dollars a month so I started studying and I came across a new industry this industry was called digital publishing it was just like affiliate marketing but it's called digital publishing and what it was is instead of promoting somebody else's products you can create your own product and promote your own product is a very idea because when I'm promoting Amazon's products I'm only making 5% Commission on every sale and if the product is digital then there's there could be a hundred percent commission so what I mean by that is if I created let's say a $100 course that taught people a topic like how to advertise on Facebook or something but I create a hundred hour course and you buy it as long as it's my course I get to keep 100% commissions so all I have to do is develop this course and I can keep on percent Commission's then if I want the course to make a lot more sales I can actually have so much profit on it I can give half the profit away to other affiliates for them to promote it so I go to this world of digital publishing I created a course called dark post profits it was a hundred other course and I promoted it myself did about a hundred thousand dollars in sales but I was able to make about a hundred thousand dollars I mean there's little merchant fees and stuff so it's never actually a hundred percent and there's refunds but it still was like 90 percent commissions so I made about 100 thousand dollars promoting myself but then I put it out on an affiliate network called JV zoo JV zoo is this place where you can launch a digital course and if it does well they will potentially choose it as the product of the day and promote it out to all their affiliates and jvzoo at the time had an affiliate list of like tens of thousands of affiliates so JV zoo JV stood for joint venture so this is a market place where you could come and you can meet other affiliates and partner with them and pay them commissions and it was like Jamie's you set the whole thing up jvzoo collected five percent off the top of everything so I was like screw it so I put it out there on jvzoo and at first no sales came in it was not magic for me I didn't I didn't instantly have success but then all of the sudden sales started coming in one two a day five a day ten a day sometime like oh my god this course is doing like a couple thousand dollars a day in sales then I noticed something else almost all the sales were coming from one person from one affiliate and instantly I thought great fraud I'm finally dealing with my first fraud and so I was like what am I gonna do you know I got a got to deal with this so I checked into this affiliate right and I checked into him and I looked into him and it was pretty pretty cool because he was actually a real affiliate and I reached out to him and I said hey I'm really I'm really curious I noticed that you're making a lot of sales for my course I just want to say thank you and I just want to say how did you hear about me and he said Oh simple I bought the course myself from Hunter bucks I thought it was good and I was like you know what I'll promote this toy list so I sent out two emails and I was like wait you made all those sales from two emails he's like yeah he's like not only that but a lot of people on my list are affiliates and they're all asking about being an affiliate for your program too but you have to go in and approve them I was like wait I have to approve people so I had to go in the back and I had to go and approve all of these people I didn't know there's all these pending affiliates once I approve them all they all started sending tons and tons and tons of emails and that course ended up doing about $500,000 in sales so let's recap where I'm where I'm at and how it's gonna benefit you I started out as a what we call SEO search engine optimization I started out just writing blog posts and getting them ranked in Google and those blog posts would sell Amazon products and then eventually I switched so that they would just have Google Ads on them then after that blew up I ended up getting into real estate and getting out of the industry for several years just staying in sales when I came back in the industry I saw that social media was the new Google so I basically social media was the new search engine if you will so then I really got focused on Facebook YouTube Pinterest all of these other types of networks and I really started figuring out how to make money in those industries and I made multiple six figures four years as an ax plate marketer then I have my big breakthrough in what was called digital publishing that's where I realized I can actually create my own courses and if I create my own courses I can keep nearly 100% of the profit and I can create a course on any topic that I want and that's what propelled me to making that five hundred thousand dollars in sales that course when I read launched the course dark post profits to that course did eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars in sales in five days crossed over a million dollars and sales in two weeks then I launched other courses several of which did over a million dollars in sales some of those courses when I did a couple million dollars then from there build a company around it that company did you know tens of millions of dollars and that's really how my career had that trajectory a lot of people look at me now and they don't realize that that was a lot of years that put in to get to where I am where I and I don't consider myself like wealthy financially I consider myself wealthy with knowledge I can sit down at a table and talk with anybody about almost any internet marketing topic and I can hold my own ground with them and I don't mean that in like a bragging way I'm just saying to me my value hierarchy what I value in my life is I value knowledge over money because money comes and goes but knowledge stays so I would rather like even when I make money I reinvested back into knowledge because as long as I have the knowledge you can drop me out of a helicopter in any like let's say here in the United States drop me out of a helicopter into any city in the United States at all I don't even know a single soul and I'll be able to build a six or seven figure income out of that city regardless if there's beaches or regardless of it's snowing all day long regardless if it's a big population town or a low population town because the the knowledge is transferable and since knowledge is transferable it goes with you everywhere you go wherever you go in the world whatever you go and knowledge is transferable to other people so you can actually transfer that wisdom onto your children onto your family onto your relatives onto your friends and you can help create wealth with everybody around you so I always valued that to me that felt more like leaving a legacy than just accumulating possessions you know so I've never really if you even if you look at my lifestyles just wear hoodie even right now I'm wearing hoodies and sweats and um you know I rarely have much nice to show for you know sometimes I do I don't mind I don't have any like sometimes I'll drive a nice car or sometimes all David like that I'll choose like a nicer place to rent like I've lived in mansions and I've lived in sky Rises but I'm also the guy they'll have no problem eating Top Ramen and sleeping on a friend's couch for a month do you know I'm saying again I I love the humbling experience as I still do things like ride the ride the public bus and do things and just like where I get connected with with reality so I don't ever get to this point where I'm cocky you know to overly confident actually egotistical so I always try to balance so that's kind of like my journey and my journey sort of sort of took a lot of ups and downs now the question I want to ask you is is like you don't have to type in the comments but like what's your journey so here's what I mean let me frame that story is let's look at where you are now both financially knowledge wise business wise do you have a job or your full-time business or you you have a family where are you out now and then where were you a year ago two years ago five years ago on the journey to get to where you are now so what I mean by that is we all have a story and part of the part of the process of being successful is tactics where you actually need to learn what to do and part of the process of being successful is your is journey where you actually just have to get to the destination like like like like imagine that there's a road there's a path that you see a kingdom in the distance and you're like I am gonna get there to that castle well you don't necessarily know what obstacles are gonna be on this path but you know there has to be obstacles other if otherwise everybody would go to the kingdom there has to be something that blocks the average person from making it and so you have to ask yourself and when I get to these obstacles am I going to quit am I gonna put my head down am I gonna be the average person that's too scared to overcome the obstacles to get to the kingdom or am I gonna be one of them one of the top 5% that make it through yeah 95 percent of people might fail on that journey but you can choose to be one of the top five percent simply by not giving up along that journey I had lots and lots and lots of things that could even force me to give up and I just kept going and that's how you get to the kingdom so I want you to think about that where are you at now and where were you a year ago where were you two years ago where were you five years ago because one day you need to be able to visualize yourself in the kingdom telling your story to inspire other people to go on that journey to be able to get there or you're not a kingdom you're at the top of a mountain that was so difficult to climb and you planted your flag there and you're at the top and you're giving a speech to the people down on the bottom that are still afraid and you're telling them your story about how you were just like them but you took the journey in and you telling them about the obstacles and the adversities that you have that you made it by telling your story like that in your own mind you'll see yourself as a victor not a victim you'll see yourself as somebody who's succeeding not failing you'll see you'll see yourself as somebody who's making progress not somebody who keeps hitting walls and so the first thing that I've always learned when teaching other people is that the majority of people have enough knowledge to already be successful but they're not applying their knowledge why because there's inner game and there's outer game inner game is what goes on up here in your mind outer game is what goes on here in your actions so in your mind the biggest problem people face is they don't want to accept the reality that it's it's really their mindset that is blocking them or helping them to have success more than it is the actual physical tactics it's how it's it's their lens that they view the world through so if you view the world through a lens where you're a victim we view the world through a lens where you're facing hardship or you're facing adversity or where life is so tough for you or where it's unfair and you're comparing yourself to all these other people that are successful with your viewing the world from that lens then that view that mindset is going to prevent you from being successful because that is not a success mindset in any way whatsoever so if you want to become successful let's say financially then you need to look at the mindset that other financial people have that are doing very very well I need to learn to apply some of that mindset to yourself so for example even though I was struggling financially building my business I had to catch the bus well I had to catch the bus from the west side to downtown then the bus from downtown to 41st Avenue then the bus from 41st Avenue to Cabrillo College then I had to sneak on a campus because I wasn't a student then I had to go to the library and I had to sit at the Cabrillo College library computers for eight hours without food without training without anything so I couldn't afford that money over the meals they have over there then I would get back on the bus catch the bus from the college took to the 41st Avenue 41st Avenue to downtown downtown back to the Westside and then I would go back to my apartment I would sit there neat top ramen and drink coffee and listen to personal development audios with no social life do you think that sounds exciting no do you think that that is the dumbest that was some adversity yes I was staying in a 250 square foot studio you know with plants growing through the windows okay it was adversity but it was worth it I never once it's so weird people tell me about their victims situation when they're doing really really well even and I look at that and I'm like I wasn't a victim back then I never saw myself as a victim it was weird I saw myself looking look at the minds that I had was that I had cracked the code of the game I was like oh my god are you kidding me other people go to college spend like six figures spend four to five to six years there and then afterwards they get a starter job and finally they ll make a little bit of a raise then finally they got a really nice $60,000 per year cush job which is just enough money to pay for rent pay for the cars pay for the kids pay for the food and that's it and then it becomes a check - check - check months a month a month business for them okay that's the path that the majority of people take and over here I was like wait this thing right here I can literally pop this open and it's out of this world here with no boss with nobody checking my resume when anytime schedule that I want that I can sit here and I can create income while watching a movie in the background that I can create income whether it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning or whether it's 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon then I can sit here and I can learn any infinite infinite amount of knowledge I want it's all right here and I could be in control of my own life and I can literally not just spend the next eight years to make 60 thousand but I can spend the next eight years and I can be making 60 thousand a month or 600 thousand a month so why am I even telling you this because you see when people don't realize is that learning about affiliate marketing and learning about digital publishing and learning with these industries is like finding a gold mine in your backyard and all you have to do is every day go out there grab your shovel and start digging around for gold you've got a goldmine in this industry down to people don't realize they don't even it doesn't even make sense to people it doesn't make sense when I tell people what I do when I get the Auburn's and if I say affiliate marketing somebody goes oh I've heard about that what is that and I'll say well you know all those places people shop online well you send the people there with a little link those snow sites will kick you back like 20% of whatever they buy and they're like oh like a leg of rewards deal like a like a lottery kind of a deal I'm like no like literally you're the advertiser oh so you probably had to go to like advertising school for that no you they just give you a link you sign up for free to give you a link you shared on Facebook people buy stuff they send you hundreds of dollars and they're like oh like I'm like a Ponzi scheme that's like what like people don't even get it they don't get it listen if you were a traditional business and you were selling something okay let's say you were selling bobbleheads okay like a little bobblehead Chris let's say you were traditional business owner and you were selling bobbleheads okay if I this is my business I can spend money to advertise I can go buy billboards I can go buy radio spots I can go buy commercials on TV I can go buy advertisements on bus benches advertisements and local newspapers all of that is money that I'm spending upfront to go pay all of these places hoping and praying that somebody comes from one of those advertisements and buys a little bobble head and it might work and it might not but the risk is all on me I have to front tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars hoping that it works okay just to get somebody in order though bobblehead or you know what else I could do just put a picture of the bobble head on a website and I can put an affiliate program and say hey affiliates these bobble heads are 50 bucks and every single one that you sell I'll give you $10 $10 for every bobble head that you sell and I can give a filly affiliates go out there and put all the advertising out there they advertise on their blogs they advertise the websites they make youtube videos they make Facebook pages they make groups they make posts they make Pinterest accounts they do everything to go and promote this and I don't pay any money upfront as a business owner I pay nothing up front I only pay after I've received income so the affiliate advertising drives all the traffic somebody buys the bobblehead I received the 50 bucks I hold on to the 50 bucks then 30 days later I cut the affiliate there $10 check that is so much safer so much less risk for a business owner then going and paying all traditional advertising what people don't realize is that affiliate marketing is one of the most legitimate business professions in the world your Girt as an affiliate marketer you're like your own little advertising agency and all you have to do is to sign up for these affiliate programs get your links and go and promote them that's it it's the most legitimate business that you can be in these companies will pay you some of them will pay you a lot of money and you know easy it is to find companies just go to Google search a topic and search affiliate program you can literally probably get bobblehead affiliate program and there's probably something that comes up I don't know something elegant is probably there literally in this hypothetical example there probably is an affiliate program for bobble heads there's an affiliate program for everything and then there's big networks like Amazon affiliates that have every product Under the Sun so where do we go from here what I want to do is I want to do a couple of things one is I want to start diving into tactics I wanted to start with mindset I want to start principles I wanted to start with a vision for what if marketing is and and why it's so good and why if your mindset is right you'll realize you cracked gold you've literally struck a gold line now let's talk about some basic let's talk about some basic things regarding what to do as a beginner at the Philly marketing and I got Peters Peters walks with him so in a minute Peter will join us Peter in the background if you can earlier I asked a question for people to say if they were beginner intermediate or advanced and you're saying the majority was beginners okay so majority is beginner so I'll make sure I'll try I'll try not to go too fast Peter will pop in in just a second here Wally let's go to the white board let's go on the white board for just a second here okay so let's let's kind of like let's just drop some stuff affiliate marketing and if you guys are coming in if you guys are coming in a little bit a little bit late in the beginning I said for some reason my laptop's not syncing to the TV so I'm gonna basically use the whiteboard and also apologize for the first couple minutes where there was no volume or me live okay affiliate marketing right so in a nutshell it's basically this simple okay so there's you okay and what you do is this is healing from you okay so what you do is you go and you find a company so let's just say let's call this a company that maybe pace Commission's so a company of these commissions but then what's called an affiliate offer okay I don't want to go to folks I don't know if you'll be able to read it affiliate offer okay so you've got this company over here that has an affiliate offer they get you as the affiliate to go and promote it so you go out and you're gonna go put this promotion on a bunch of places maybe going to put a YouTube video maybe you're gonna put it on a blog a blog post like maybe you're going to review it maybe you're going to put it on share with you people on Facebook and maybe they're gonna send out an email so this company has an affiliate offer you are gonna promote it on wherever you can and I'm just saying these places because these places are free north or low-cost free or low-cost so then what happens is you make a review video so like let's say like basically here's your review video review product and what happens is this video sits in YouTube for months but what happens is it gets you know first it gets it starts with like 10 views then it gets to 100 views then it gets to a thousand views and then it just keeps going up okay and as you get more views these views turn into clicks and as you get clicks what happens is this video on YouTube might resultant like 10,000 clicks over time and now those 10,000 clicks that go check out this product maybe 1% of the people buy the product okay might be more depending on how good the product is maybe 5% maybe 10% buy it if 10% bought it out of 10 thousand clicks 10% would be a thousand that would be a thousand buyers okay but let's just say 1% by 1% buy the product that would be instead of a thousand gonna be 100 buyers and let's say you make $50 a sale that'd be $5,000 now why am i drawn this out so I want you to see the magic of this this is what people don't realize of why it's so easy to make money in affiliate marketing in this example you've found an affiliate offer and you've promoted it all these different places one of your YouTube videos did well you ended up getting 100 buyers now you might go cable 10,000 clicks is a lot okay let's say you just got a thousand clicks and 10% of them buy I'm just using these are just numbers maybe you make more Commission's so I understand hypothetically if you got a hundred people to buy and you made $50 of commission you would have made $5,000 and commissions but what did you actually do what did you actually do to make $5,000 Commission's I need you to understand this you've actually made a video how long is this video on elicit this video was five minutes long okay not videos five minutes long so you took the time to make a five minute video and got paid $5,000 and commissions now the reason I want you to really let this sink in is because this is the dream of why people want to do affiliate marketing this is not the this is not necessarily the average typical thing that's gonna happen every time you go to promote something until you're an expert once you're an expert yes once you get beginner intermediate advanced once you get to advanced sure like I wouldn't even promote something unless I was gonna make at least five thousand dollars from a promotion is this would need be worth it to me all right I don't even look at offers unless I could really make you know fifty thousand a month off the offer so you'll get to a point where you advance through this laughing but in the beginning this feels like the dream one video generated five thousand dollars in sales so let's talk about this as a case study right now what would it take it would take number one finding a good company with a good offer part of the work you do is finding affiliate offers okay so let's say you took the time and you found a really great product that you can stand behind they paid a good Commission you make $50 every time you sell it and you feel like this is a good offer then you've got a sign this affiliate program which means you need to give them either you either need to set up a business account like you need to go down what I do is I actually file an LLC for my affiliate marketing an LLC both is enough as in the hundreds of dollars but I actually usually just pay a firm a thousand bucks or so to set up an LLC for me because I love how they get all done for me one of your first brand branding starting out you might need to go online do it all yourself but I set up an LLC in Nevada and then an LLC gives me what's called an EIN number II I n stands for employer identification number basically it's saying instead of using my own social security number I get to set up a business and they'll give me an EIN number which is like a social security number for the business then I go down to the bank I'll go down like Chase Bank and I'll open up a business account and I'll say okay I like to open up a business account here's my company paperwork then they open up a business account I'll put like a thousand bucks in it to start it off so there's some money in there and now I have a business account and I'm essentially a social number for my corporation so when I go and I apply for these companies here when I apply for all these affiliate offers I don't use my personal information I would use my corporation so I'll sign up as my corporation so whenever a sale comes in you're telling them where to send the money Oh send it to this corporation of this address put it in this bank account blah blah blah I'll also use that corporation to sign up for like PayPal and stripe in case these affiliate offers say they paid your PayPal great I'll sign up for PayPal through my corporation I'll sign for a stripe account a square count I'll sign for all all the things through my corporation so now I have a corporation that signs are the different offers that's the heart of the work finding your good affiliate offer exciting out now once I get the link the other part of the work over here is promoting the affiliate offer so finding signing up and promoting well I just put four sources right here YouTube blog Facebook email it doesn't matter I can name 100 sources like literally so many sources I can advertise I could run paid ads I can go on Pinterest and just do a bunch of pictures of the product I can go on forums and I go have discussions with all kinds of people about the products I can go do solo ads I can go do joint ventures I could there's so many ways as an affiliate marketer that you can promote something so the biggest thing that I want you to take away right now a lot of people say I can't make sales of a product because I don't have a list okay this is like again remember remember when I told you mindset is everything when I was having to catch the bus all across town I would eat top ramen and drink coffee why would I do that because top ramen fill me up and then coffee would suppress my appetite so I wouldn't be hungry for eight hours so I would eat top ramen Oh a drink coffee then I'm gonna catch three buses which including the waiting time in between the buses all the way across town to go sit in the computer for eight hours because the only place anywhere I can go for free then I would do all the way back and then I would eat some top ramen again and wind out them tonight I know I do that every single day and I never was a victim it would be raining pouring lightning I never saw myself as a victim I always saw myself as like looking around like everybody else is crazy I saw I thought everybody else was crazy because I'm like you gotta be crazy there's gold there's this industry that you can get in with no resume no college degree you don't go to eight years you have unloaded income potential you can work your own hours you can work anywhere in the world people are making money there's Keith are you guys all crazy that was my attitude I thought the world was crazy that were just they were talking about like going to a minimum-wage job and being like they were just like I'm just glad to have a job and I was like and I'm not an anti chopper so I'm just like are you crazy like you could have unlimited potential oh I want the skills to be a doctor or or an attorney or somebody that makes a lot of money are you kidding are you kidding I thought everybody else is crazy so let me ask you when you see this even as a beginner when I saw this I thought I started learning about a flea market I thought it was gold I thought it was a gold mine I thought everybody else was crazy why would you not do this like like why would you not do this so when people tell me like one of the big objections I get from beginners is I don't have a list when people tell me that it's like that's no different than me saying I don't have a computer like people go like modern-day 2019 you know people are saying people are saying well I don't have a big following are you kidding you probably in your house have four computers everybody probably has a phone in their pocket that can be most your marketing when I started I didn't have this I didn't have any of this right now you have courses it you have thousands of YouTube videos you can learn fun there were not thousands of YouTube videos when I got started you have so much stuff that you have access to right now but nobody else did that I would tell you with 110 percent confidence that it is easier for you to make money right now than it ever was for anybody 10 years ago it is easier there is no excuse you could give me that it's not easier you have more tools you know how long it is to take take me to build a sales funnel I would work on a sales funnel for about two to four weeks full-time before I ever was ready to launch it do you know how long it takes me to launch of sales coming right now 2 to 4 hours I just open up a program like click funnels and I just choose an existing template and change the words and press done you know how long used to take me to build a membership site two to four weeks you're not allowing that bill to take to build a membership now 2 to 4 hours or at least today I used tools like smart member and just build membership sites that fast are you kidding me do you know how much more money I make how much faster I would have advanced about any of these tools and resources I didn't in any of the old schoolers that got started internet marketing back with my Google is new and stuff like that you know exactly what I'm talking about people think oh you got in early that's why you succeeded no it doesn't work like that are you telling me tik-tok the news social never got in early no are you totally Disney Plus got in early no Disney Plus just sign up ten million people for streaming accounts in a day do you think that's cuz they got it early no they're the latest to get it why because all these other pioneers created the market so that when Disney Plus jumped and there was already a huge market of people willing to take for streaming services they didn't have to convince anybody they didn't have to persuade the public all there to say was here's ours boom and they succeeded so listen you are not if you are at all thinking in your mind that you did not get in early enough the biggest wave hasn't even come yet you like we're all all the advanced people I know we're all just trying to scramble and prepare for the next big wave that's gonna come after 2020 because what's gonna happen is a lot of people and I don't want to be a do but a lot of people are saying a lot of big people believe the market at some point has to tip the market has been doing too good for too long the market has to tip a lot of people are waiting to see how the 2020 presidential election goes that they believe that that will be determined kind of the tipping point or not but the market has to tip it has to tip the government can maybe prop it open but it has to go back down at some point once it goes back down when the economy gets hurt what happens to affiliate marketers what happens to what happens to online marketers boom they soar why do why do companies why do industries like internet marketing online marketing affiliate marketing digital publishers network marketing why do all those industries surge up in a down economy does anybody know why watching right now why does it wind it when the rest economy goes down and starts thinking why do those go up do you guys have any idea like I said I said I got I said I got involved in facebook marketing in 2008 what was happening in 2008 2009 at the time one of the biggest downturns we had in the economy one of the biggest downturns right we had a stock market crisis we had a real estate crisis and then we had um big business crisis right big banks and big auto companies don't you remember Obama came into office and had to bail out all of these companies right so Obama came in and basically they've just given handouts trying to keep these companies alive so the whole economy wouldn't crumble maybe like a Great Depression okay so our modern-day version of a Great Depression was happening meanwhile my business was soaring so how do you get a business how do you get involved in a business that's recession-proof simple think about it this way how much does Facebook cost to use how much is it how much is Facebook cost Kosmos right it's free how much does YouTube cost to use free how much does instagram cost to use free how much is tik-tok free how much is Pinterest free how much are all the how much is Google free so when the economy goes down people have two things happen to them number one they have more time on their hands because of layoffs you got unemployment rate goes up you get a whole lot of people pushed out into the unemployment of course right there when they're unemployed a lot of people at home and stuff like that so what happens is consumption increases so in a down economy when there's less women whether when the economy is going back the hours people will watch on Netflix will increase because think about it when you're in a bad mood or when you're going through a funk what do you want to do you want to veg out on your couch and just watch TV right what a binge seasons so in a down economy what happens is consumption goes up people start consuming more because it's free or it's at least included in a small monthly subscription that they can afford so if you think about this all these companies that are doing all subscription models they know they have to go to a cheap monthly subscription because once the economy tanks they won't be able to get you to pay-per-view they don't get to pay for use right so that's what's happening so think about it how do you get recession groups the way that you build a recession-proof business is to know well your business thrive if the economy starts tanking well your business thrive if people are sitting around at home with so just twiddling their thumbs wish they had a job and they got a bunch of time on their hands so the business you need to be in you need to be in the business where you're on a platform that they have access to for free and where you are giving them content that they can consume when the economy goes down podcast viewership will go up youtube viewership will go up okay all of your content that you're posting will go up people will start engaging on your post more they will just have so much time right if you think people are complaining about politics right now wait until the economy goes down you know like right now if you think on social media if you turn on and you get all this like clash of the politics type reality show going on if you think it's a lot it's nothing it's nothing because the economy is good so everybody's not working once everybody it once the economy's bad you're gonna just see all the people time on their hands it's just gonna fuel people are gonna justify spending eight hours in a single thread in the conversation it's looking consumption is going to grow the other thing that's gonna happen is the amount of money people spend on things is going to decrease so therefore the high ticket market the mid ticket the high ticket market will take a hit but the low ticket market will actually do just fine because people are going to rash I'm not making as much money as I used to make so I got a lower my spending I don't we've got a budget a little bit more so though still it's not that they'll actually just spend less they'll still spend all their money but if as long as the purchase price is lower they'll justify that purchase a little bit easier so for example if you sell a course that's two thousand dollars or five thousand dollars it'll be harder to sell that if the economy tanks and you go in a recession but if you broke up that course instead of selling it for two thousand dollars if you sold a course maybe for a hundred dollars to get started and then once they're in the course they can have a 200 or 500 dollar upgrade and stuff like that if you broke it down position it for lower cost market more people will justify the hundred ala price point even if it's only a fraction of the content then the thousand or two thousand dollar price point this is what happens in a recession so going back to this and I bring Peter X can you pop back in here with me going back to this the idea of affiliate marketing is you find the offers you sign up for them preferably in a corporation name and if you guys need help with that kind of stuff I can do a whole other video on on corporation stuff you sign up and then you go out and you promote the offers everywhere that you can okay youtube blogging Facebook email in this example if you create a YouTube video what happens is is every single day for months for years people are watching the YouTube video and in the video you're essentially just promoting a product so you give them a link to be able to click in the video you're gonna have an in video link in the description you can have a link and on the screen the video you can have a website there's lots of ways to be able to promote and then what happens a certain amout of people come in and buy and you make Commission's now here's the downside these Commission's do not come in one day so if you look at the months where it's like spread out okay so you got like month one month two month three month four month five months six months seven eight nine ten eleven twelve okay so if you look at a year what happens is you're actually making a little bit more like if you kind of look at the ramp here in the beginning of maybe making like ten dollars the first month and maybe the second month you're making like thirty okay because your videos get momentum and then maybe the next month I'm fifty and then the next month maybe making like a hundred and then the next month is like two hundred and then the next month you know still hasn't in its momentum yet maybe it's two hundred again so what happens is six months is gone by you only make two hundred four hundred five hundred if not even six hundred dollars so where does the five thousand dollars come from it comes from having momentum what here's what I mean if all you did was created a YouTube channel and uploaded one video then you probably wouldn't do to up because you'll basically have like no subscribers no momentum no views no anything but if every single day for those six months if every single day you uploaded a quick product review let's say there's thirty days in a month so thirty times six is 180 so that would be if this was the case right here let's say you did 180 videos video reviews in six months okay well what happens is all your videos will be on some sort of a trajection like this but make a little bit of money at first and sometimes they'll tape off and some of them will just keep getting views and views and views and views so what happens is by month six now we have 180 videos every single one of these videos is adding to your subscriber count every single one of these videos is adding to your watch time every single one of these videos is making your channel popular so in the beginning your channel is not very popular at all after six months now let's say you have thousands of subscribers you got you just cost hundreds of thousands of views you're killing it now this video picks up instead of making 200 now it's making 500 okay look at that five hundred five hundred a month passively and then maybe even gets down to like 1000 okay so it keeps going so this right here two hundred four hundred five hundred this wasn't even six hundred dollars but then over here all sudden three thousand dollars there's thirty six hundred dollars right and then next thing you know you got like let's say 1500 on that money now is it possible that a single video can generate fifty nine dollars a month yes there are so many videos on YouTube that are making this kind of money right now and YouTube is just one YouTube is literally just one if you can learn blogposts when people go and type in the product boom you're gonna be the affiliate getting it if you can learn how to be able to get build loyalty and friendship on Facebook then when you recommend a product this is where friends trust friends is on Facebook so when you recommend something you'll get a whole bunch of let's say sure I'll try it out or email if you get a whole bunch of people on your email list this is where I've made most of my money you build one hundred thousand person list you can send out on this same little offer whatever I could send out two emails a day for three days and I could probably make thirty forty fifty thousand dollars so all of these ways this is like the kingdom you're on a journey you feel like a beginner so here is you you're on a journey going to Kingdom Ollie let's go back over here from Peter so imagine like this you're on a journey going to a kingdom you see this castle in the background you see that that's like the lifestyle you want you to serve you've been you've been grinding it out living like little tents or whatever you don't mind your humble but at the same time you'd like you believe you deserve more so you get ready to embark on this journey first thing you see in front of you is a swamp not just a swamp but it's like it's like there's animals in it there's potential danger you can't see it but you know that some people have failed so the first thing you see is a swamp but what happens is you get paralyzed you say I don't know how to get through this swamp I don't know what to do I don't know where to go about doing it I don't know who I should go with that's got the experience I don't know how you start asking the who what when where out right I don't know I don't know and so what happens is instead of taking action you get paralyzed you get paralyzed you get stuck and you forget your dream you quit on your dream you forgot the reason you're even on the journey in the first place and the other problem is that swamp was just there as as a basic obstacle to push away the masses from even trying whatever obstacles you're facing right now you need to realize it's just really basic because two years from now you could be reciting this stuff from the back Here I am so easily okay so I need you to understand you're on a journey you're going down this path and there's going to be some obstacles if you are afraid of obstacles you will not succeed as an entrepreneur you will not succeed because why do people work jobs because when you work a job you work for a boss or for a company that company is the one fronting all the money for all of the risk that company is the one taking the risk of whether the business succeeds that company is the one that is having to work all the long hours and figure out the businessman figuring out everything you as an employee you're able to walk in work a set amount of hours talking clock out do some tasks that somebody else comes up for you do your here's the task to do here's a little system you follow and then you get a paycheck so you are taking a path as an employee of less risk you're saying somebody else take the risk I just want to show up do my job get my check and go home as an entrepreneur you've got to not only show up do your job but sometimes you don't get a check sometimes the employees get paid you don't sometimes you've got to work long hours sometimes you've got to come up with what everybody needs to do in the first place sometimes you need to go learn from other people and take extra time to go to events and mentorship at seminars is so much more as an entrepreneur that's why most people don't do it so my question for you is this are you willing to do what most people won't so you can have results in your life that most people don't are you willing to do that are you willing to go down that journey knowing there will be obstacles and when you come to that obstacle let's say you don't make it through the swamp are you willing to get right back there at the edge of the swamp and go you know what that way that I tried last time didn't work but clearly many people have got past this obstacle so I am going to keep trying until I conquer this obstacle that's the way that I look at everything in turn American you guys might think Chris is just going off on a rant not really this is actually how Isaac seeded in making money internet marketing I face just as many obstacles as you faced possibly more because I didn't have the same tools I didn't have the same mentors I didn't have the same strategies I didn't have the same resources but the difference was I probably failed more times than you did for most of you you know a lot of people are like oh my god I tried I tried this and I lost $1,000 it didn't work I mean I could tell you stories when I tried something and I spent two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and lost it all within months I can tell you something where I took all my money and I invested into a company over a million dollars and then because I didn't know enough about corporations the company I signed a contract that I thought was good and I ended up having the company stolen from me yeah that was good no do you think that's I think that's adversity losing a million dollars losing a company because I didn't sign a legal contract properly right there's learning curves and I had to go through so many learning curves I had to go through five years of of grinding it out before I finally started happening any success whatsoever and even when I had success I could show you my roller coaster took several dips so my question for you is this are you willing to go down that journey knowing other people have done it made it knowing that you will make it - as long as you don't quit because once you come to an obstacle as long as every time you don't conquer it you don't get mad you don't insult other people you don't you don't get crazy about situations you don't rant about it you just simply say okay I tried it and that way didn't work let me try another way I'll give you one more tip before bringing Peter out here and that is that success leaves Clues if there's any chance that you can find somebody who's been down that path and has already overcome those obstacles well that person might be able to mentor you we might be able to show you the path that they took in order to get there okay so I love the idea of mentorship I love the idea of getting courses getting masterminds getting mentors getting people who are further down that path or maybe I've made it all the way to the kingdom and then saying listen a shortcut is I can pay you and you can show me how to overcome this obstacle do you see what I'm saying a shortcut is I could take time and I could research how to overcome the obstacle that's how you got dealing now with that mindset you'll realize that you're invincible you can learn any topic or technique you want the world you can learn Facebook advertising you can learn blogging you can learn YouTube marketing you can learn email marketing you can learn building you can learn membership sites you can learn creating courses you can learn everything to be a six-figure fillet marketer the last thing I'll say is this computer get ready to come out with us the last thing I'll say is this this work that I've done to become an internet marketer oftentimes I talk about it being hard work it was I paid the price but let me ask you this go talk to a doctor and ask them were they paying the price when they were going to school and working a job on the side when they pay the price but they were sacrificing all their social life so they could study and study and study to pass exams to be able to get that license were they paying the price when they went worked an internship for another company for two or three years before they ever even did something where they paying the price when they want to be a doctor they wouldn't be a surgeon with that and work their way up all the way and maybe it took them ten years before they even got there look everybody's got to pay the price does LeBron James pay the price to be one of the best elite athletes in the world do you think he makes sacrifices do you think he gets up and sweats every single day if you want to be great at something you have to be willing to pay the price and I challenge you to view this which is really the greater price the price that I paid help me make six-figure income and then six figures a month and then my best months over a million dollars in a single month right did I really work any harder than I would have in any other profession that made only a fraction of the same amount of money that's the thing those people work hard too so as long as you're willing to work hard if you align yourself in the affiliate marketing industry you align yourself with people mentors coaches and people that know what to do what how to get down that journey and you're good at following instructions you're gonna follow you're good at you're motivated you're good at being a team player you will succeed