Christian College Suspends Trans Student After Top Surgery

until recently Jana Autry attended Welsh College in Tennessee but the transgender student says he was kicked out while recovering from breast reduction surgery or top surgery these things are just part of a problem that is now pervading in all of society Welsh College is a private institution and not subject to the same discrimination standards as public universities Autry says after a fellow student outed him to college officials last year he was silenced I wasn't allowed to have an opinion when something was talked about when other students made transphobic jokes or teachers who may transphobic jokes those things would hurt me but I wasn't allowed to comment on it but he says after Welsh College found out about his recent surgery officials told him he can't live in the dorms anymore he was also suspended for two terms when loves college picked me out they essentially said I did not deserve an education at their college Welsh College released a statement saying quote the college acknowledges that the fall of humanity into sin has introduced brokenness into God's good creation including in the realm of human sexuality Welsh College believes that individuals experiencing such confusion and the distress that usually accompanies it should be treated with love and compassion Autry says the college gave him money for food and a hotel room for a week Welsh says it offered to provide him a healthcare aid while he recovered but the offer was refused despite everything Autry is going through he says he doesn't regret getting this surgery I started just full-on bawling and crying because this was something that I had wanted for the past ten years of my life for Inside Edition dot-com on Merriman salvado [Music]