Christian Prince Dec 15 2018 IM OUT another Muslim leaves Islam and accepts Christ

[Music] hello hello CP yes my friend go ahead finally you call me you know you keep saying you want to talk me okay here we go what do you want to say yeah well I understand your point from the angle of being entrusted which is what is in the corn hmm so what do you think yeah I do believe that here gold actually and trusted them but when you are speaking you speak from two under if you are speaking from God's perspective he is all-knowing and he besides us in when he wants to and try something that doesn't mean the human beings are not fallible what what does that mean so human beings although he has entrusted us because I believe that you read the scriptures if you go into the scriptures he says that my spirit would never strive with men again so if he actually says that his Spirit will never strive with men again and later on he comes back and say that he's entrusting us with something then he obviously know that we are going to actually mess up so although the Torah has been inscribed yeah Gordon trusted his yeah he entrusted it but I think people carried it true and then they messed it up okay but hold on when Allah he gave his own words job of protection the book this is not about he is a trust in them and they are not decent all of us we are sinners all a human being is as sinners right yeah so when you put your trust in the sinner a sinner me corrupt I can't you know me and me me and you I'm not mean you does it say talk about me me I can be attempted by by by money by women by anything correct okay so when you when you are God and you trust me to predict your book what kind of a decision Allah is making to trust a corrupt a human being who is already kicked from heaven to protect his book if if the if this man is well you know if this man is a good enough it should be in heaven should not be in earth so we are in earth because we are not a trustworthy we are kicked out of heaven because when a trust vote is so how he can trust the one who should not trust to protect the book which is the book of God I think you are right from what you are saying but when we say God trust me and try something that mean he is entrusting in this word because he cannot trust human beings because he's know we know what we are following even when he says you know he trusts it's wet hmm what he did he trusts his word and that word has been given to man through entrustment so they entrust the man to pass on what I've been entrusted to them but God can only trust in this word he cannot trust the human beings okay but he trusts them in something very extremely important the message of God so why Allah is saying why Allah he wrote the Torah by his hand to Moosa as if the Jews are not going to keep it but he knew that they will not keep it so he gave it to them don't you knew the future that they were not they are not trustworthy they will corrupt the Torah so when you give them the job and you know that they will not keep that the book that's mean you are part of the conspiracy you are giving them a hand actually to deceive people because if I now if I am given the job you aren't the one who hire me you see I do not hire myself God Himself hire me then people that trust me because God hire me because I am presenting God and God himself he said okay you you Christian friends you will be the one who protect my book go ahead and then the Muslim they would speak to me or the believer speak to me in authority because God he said to me I am in trust so now everybody will trust me in what I said to them then I corrupt the book then people they are victims of my corruption that mean Allah is the part of this conspiracy and he is the one who corrupt the people because he is the one who gave his a trust to the wrong one who is a bad person so he will use the word of God so he can deceive others that's when Allah is Satan see I understand where you're coming from but I'm not saying I don't want to actually go away from the topic but I want to create this analogy for you to see if what you are saying is actually kind of right let's say God God is good and he is good and he knows what and how he was to orchestrate things let's say for instance he actually sent Jesus Christ to come and die less coats in coat died because you know Muslims don't actually believe in die let's say he sent Jesus Christ to come and die for human beings but didn't he know that when he died for human beings so people are going to reject him so yeah so he knows that when just even though Jesus Christ and caught him coat died yeah yeah there are some people claims to be Christians who just have forsaken God Diaz failing every now and then how they want but yet God have actually sacrificed Jesus Christ so the same way God actually and trust and trusted his son to be crucified for Christians the same way he entrusted his word to the people that are supposed to guide it and that doesn't mean that people cannot mess up with the whole concept yeah we understand that we are human beings and besides Jesus Christ for 12 disciples and we could only hear about four or five disciples writing books about what Jesus Christ did it means that where are the rest we didn't hear about them no here so this is not wrong we hear about them and they are there because that the four they wrote about the twelve - and they wrote about the Messiah at the same time same time you see here you have a problem you just say it that a fourth disciple of Jesus they wrote for Bible right I'm not saying for decipher I said all the disciples didn't actually read a my bro you didn't hear a prophet he said aha take the Quran from for where are they the fall in the horn he said what I'm asking you hello allah prophet he said yeah take the quran from for where are the quran of those four yeah obviously that the quran from the four obviously is not in this context we are not speaking about a india you see what i'm talking about the same logic you are talking to me you say it okay where is the rest oh here we go Mohammed II have many companions but Mohammed he chose only four out of all so God he chose whatever he wished to write but here that now we have a big problem with you you are the one who mentioned this Mohammed he said take the cloth from fall but the Quran you have today is not taken from those four yeah yeah that is what that is what I'm saying that is what that is the point that I was actually trying to make that although Lord Himself actually choose these things that he was to do when people comes into contact with what God wants to do human beings actually that is why we've got free will my friend goes message my friend do you just say that we have a free will oh yeah that yeah I do believe we have a free will who said that to you I believe that we have a free will know is that Islamic order so you believe it's Lama quite we are not meant to have free will but I do believe more so you are a Muslim but you don't believe in Mohammed teaching it's not that I don't believe in Mohammed teaching I believe some of the hadith have been tempered some of the heavier they are you will go the other way we go to the game of the hadith okay if Islam is based on the hadith and in the Quran and you are saying to me that the hadith is a corrupt that's weak or Islam is corrupt because Islam is not based simply on you proved to me him he proved to me that Islam is based only on the wrong ZV ZV don't say I said there is and the Quran is actually Quran that is not what I'm actually saying because in a way if I can make an example to you in the Bible where the Jesus Christ was supposed to feed a certain number of people and then that same number was actually draw a triple that number so that doesn't mean it's a corruption it means that people are virtually tempered with the number due to writing so you are mixing things up first of all what you're saying is not true secondly you're mixing between what we what we just said about the the hadith you are the one who said to me that I mean between you you believe in a fairy well but Mohammed II believed that there's no free will so now we have a problem are you a follower of Muhammad or you're following of someone else no no I don't believe I don't believe the fact that we we've following Allah we have to follow Muhammad because Muhammad is actually giving us some instructions from Allah okay so do you have to follow Muhammad and Allah or only Allah we have to follow Allah Muhammad Muhammad is just a messenger messenger who is delivering from me okay no problem my friend you know I by the way I like to talk to you at least you don't shout and you don't use a bad language I like that you're a respected for man you are overcome always to call me and you sound that smart man we don't need priests who on sales will appear whole law who are pure rasul obey Allah and obey the messenger yeah alright all over the pond up to your law you see the bird says I'm showing you on the screen all those verses saying you have to obey Allah and you have to obey their a suit all right yeah now we never send a messenger except to be obeyed woman yet they are a surah faqad Allah Allah chapter 5 chapter 4 verse number 8 read with me please whoever obeyed the messenger he obey Allah your prophet he is God because you do not need to obey Allah first you need to obey the messenger first whoever obey Muhammad he will be Allah now if you muslims you claim that muhammad is a human being and he commits sin and even the quran confirmed that muhammad is a sinner how such a command give him from allah that to obey someone he might commit sin and by obeying him you are having a lot yeah I think I think I think so some of us have actually got is a bit screwed because it's like if we are to obey Mohammed it's not that we are obeying Mohammed as a human being we obey Him the message that has been passed through him my friend obey Mohammed if what if what meant here obeying the Quran then obey the Quran whatever who are say it didn't say that he says obey the man his name is Muhammad not obey Allah works so when he say obey the messenger you are talking about him as a man whatever he say you obey Him so please don't don't don't play with the games I respect you and you know that you are being decent with me so it is a clearly obey the messenger who over whoever obey the messenger who obey Allah so by obeying Muhammad otherwise we can just say in the whole Quran obey Allah and that set correct but it doesn't say that it says whoever obey Muhammad he obey Allah so even Muhammad hear him he put himself first before Allah because if Allah is the one who's talking here there's no way he will put Muhammad first and he will put him second so whoever obey Muhammad he obey Allah and that mean Muhammad became your God let us make it simple if I obey Him and obey Allah but if I they obey Allah I do not obey Muhammad because he were saying that I early if I obey Allah I don't obey Muhammad but if I am Muhammad I obey Allah see if we I think I think I understand what you are saying but if you if you have to take the analogy on a different aspect to you see that the analogy are making doesn't hold let's say for reasons if I go to school and then I have a headmaster and I'm not a headmaster we have got teachers and then the headmaster have given instruction to the teachers and the bitches are currently instruction to us I obey the teacher through as well as obey headmaster yeah but you don't put yourself first you see when I say whoever obey Him I am honored I don't know my friend my friend okay let's switch it that is wish it by Obion Mohammed I obey Allah but I obey Allah I'm not obeying Muhammad is that correct that's correct okay so here now what is became more important to obey his obeying Muhammad and by obeying Muhammad necessarily or obeying Allah but if you'll be Allah necessarily or not to be Muhammad so who is your God Muhammad Muhammad is because because let me ask you does Muhammad made bad bad decisions did he make madness about this oh yeah you believe okay so if Muhammad make bad this business even the honker confirmed that he is a sinner big time so how we obey Muhammad and you are saying to me obey Muhammad like will be the message of Muhammad correct but as you see you know the Quran says whatever Muhammad he says to you you take for who do you know whatever he gave to you take it you don't even question it so whatever Muhammad he says to you take it whatever he forbid you you forbid it so Muhammad now it became a person who is God whatever he says to you you take it wherever he refused you refuse it so he is the one who forbid he is the one who confirm he is the one we allowed and now he saying which is very dangerous whoever of you want to be obedience to me you have to O be obedience to Muhammad and you agree with me that be obedient to Allah it will not be obedience to Mohammed and this is why I believe that Muslims are mushrikeen because mohammed ii put his name and he associate the name of him with the name of allah even in the Shahada and this on the top of that he associate his name in the obedience in the top of that he associated the name of allah with the knowledge allah and his prophet knows best so now what we have we have a we have a - two head guards one his name is Mohammed one his name is a law and even Mohammed name mean that Mohammed is God because it's been the priest one he changed his name from person to the priest one so now we have the praised one and we have Allah we have to obey the praised one but not necessarily by obeying him we are obeying Allah but the Quran says that if you obey Mohammed you are obeying Allah but if you obey Allah you are not obeying Mohammed necessarily yeah I understand I understand what you were saying but I think I think when I don't think that he meant that if you obey me is the same as being Allah but if you obey the worst that I speak to you then you will be Allah because Muhammad himself why would my friend my friend did the Quran in chapter 59 verse number seven says whatever the prophet he says to you you take it whatever he taketh forbid you you forbid it does it say that or no media things up okay so yeah that's a that okay whatever Mohammed he says to you you take it so now whatever Mohammed says to you why the Quran is not saying whatever I say to you who is God here why Mohammed suddenly became a man who decide what to take what not to take because if the Muslim they keep saying to us how you worship a man okay well here we go you are given the decision of God to the hand of a man who is a person who can make errors he can make mistakes all of us we do make mistakes we are a human right so how in such a versus whatever the Prophet he give you you take and whatever he forbid you you forbid so now what happened we check we transform the power of Allah to the hand of Mohammed Mohammed II God like we decorate I don't know like a note of attorney what they call it in English I'm not sure like when somebody he signed my right to you you know him me my friend yeah I sign my right to you and by signing that right you can sell my house you can sell my car correct okay so now what Allah saying that whatever Allah messenger he gave you you take whatever he you know he denied you you you deny so and fear Allah from a strict punishment which means if you don't accept what Muhammad just said to you that he forbid and he accept and he forbid and he allowed not allowed if you don't do that then Allah messenger Allah will punish you for the winter so Muhammad now became obviously equal to God and he became more important from God because it's not necessarily for me to obey Allah no more it but it's necessary for me to obey Mohammed whatever he says to me is what going to happen it is not what Allah says to me as an example there's many things in the Quran Allah he says as example the motor then Muslim they say that o Muhammad he forbade the mota but there's no verse 4 but in the motor so what the Muslim they do they accept what Muhammad said over what Allah said so who is more important Muhammad Muhammad is the one now he was assigned to create law to forbid and not to forbid to allow and not to allow Allah he says something who care Muhammad say the opposite we follow Muhammad we don't follow Allah my friends hmm yeah that's bad right very bad we will do now uh I don't know because I think I think I think that I think that we are actually I don't believe we are worshipping Muhammad because he's a friend my friend you see you sound a nice guy I really I respect you I'm not it's not talking about me and you we are not in the story here we are talking about the scriptures who they are teaching something very wrong because if we if you must tell me keep saying that we believe in Allah one God and only Muhammad is His slave but then we check the reference we find that Muhammad is the God and Allah is a slave because as you see Allah here is existed so just to serve Muhammad Muhammad he assigned the power of Allah to his hand so whatever he want he make whatever he forbid he forbid whatever he accept he accept and Allah is just a name to use so obviously Allah is not the God of Muhammad it is Mohammed who is the god of Allah Allah is just a name he used to gain his power over you he used his name to make you okay you have to have been here we go Allah says that how I can convince you that you have to take from me by making a very saying okay Allah he says well all right you know Mohammed Mohammed and look do you notice here how this verse is about what you notice verses about Mohammed he made this verse is specifically because of because of money because of money so Mohammed he wanted to take the best of the money from the booty from the spoil so they attack the neighbors they steal their money and now the the Muslims are fighting over it so Mohammed he want to take the best of the booty so he will him it authority so what I do he will go and make a verse says Allah says to me whatever I say to you you do whatever I say to you not to do you don't do so now the money the religion the God the the marriage the sex the inheritance everything is in the hand of Mohammed I say you obey Allah say so it's not I say so oh let's say do muta I say don't do Matai now which one we follow we follow Muhammad so here we have a clear evident that Muhammad he assigned himself to be God in earth using a name of a god he never met he never spoke - just to deceive us to make us believe that he is just a servant of God so are you are you from what you're saying I trying to say that I think I have some some kind of questions that I do ask myself about Quran because if you actually will you find out if each man was the one actually compounding Quranic verses together then probably it might be that someone also might have also tampered with the hadith as well as well as the Quran okay my friend but we are not even using the hadith now we are using the firaon so now the Quran if you are saying to me you suspect the Quran to be a corrupt book that's me and the whole religion of Islam is a joke because if the Quran is corrupt and then the Quran says in Elena JAMA who what corner who who is the one making a promise here Allah he says I am going I promise you that I am the one is going to collect the Quran and I am the one who will recite the floor okay and then we found that the one who correct the Quran is Osman as you said and this is have nothing to do with the horn of Muhammad as you are now trying to say to me so in Elena yahuwah karana who it was on us to collect the quran and it is on us to recite the quran but muhammad he never recital Idina never recite the Quran and Allah never collect the Quran because Allah never spoke to Muhammad anyway so this is a false verse and this is why we find the problem here actually even the Muslim did not help the book of asthma and the sailor on of Osman what is the enforcement there is no such a thing they have recitation according to according to according to according to according to according to they claimed Osman book they are not sure so now we have here a God who promised that he is the one who will collect the Quran and then we find that the one who collect the Quran it was an idea of earth man and Allah was not there otherwise why he's making a promise it is for us to collect it and to recite it okay so back to the back to the question again so I you mean that God didn't actually kind of protected his book like he said obviously he did not I mean you see when if I ask you know you as a Muslim you believe that there is a punishment for stoning to death correct yeah okay well we can't find this verse I have to actually find I found it I found it you know okay I wish I can open my camera for you I have a neighbor here he have a goat the hadith says I'm not making fun of you seriously sorry I don't mean to be rude the Quran say the hadith says I actually said and this is Asahi Hadid but well while we were busy with the Prophet death let me read for you I don't know if you can see my screen you can see it yeah okay that's wonderful Ayesha she said the verse of the stoning and the breast feeding for adult in I mean this is one of the weirdest things Mohammed he came with teaching Muslims that Muslim women she have to give her boobs 10 time to a strange man and that supposed it would stop him from thinking about her in a sexual way as I know men they will go crazy for that and they will not stop thinking sexually so this is one of the madness of Mohammed and then he says so the verse of historian and precedent for an adult 10 a ten-time was revealed and the paper was under my with me under my pillow when the method of Allah died we were preoccupied with his death a Timeship came and ate it and unless that until now if you go to the Saudi Arabia website government website they have a big reward for the one who can't find this goat because here we go to vs. Khan that's what I'm saying that the hadeep sometimes is a bit funny because it's like in this verse for instance we don't have it in Quran it's only my friend hold on hold on if the hadith is funny then you have to tell me where you get the stoning to death from I mean you're practicing one that's once a CPU understand that the Quran the Quran as in ways that was actually given to Muhammad through recitation then he asked to actually explain it through the hadith so some of the things that had Eve actually explained they are not in the Quran yeah but this is some of the things that you want to understand it in the Quran you go into the hadith my friend no problems what about this nation hold on you've got this marriage in from the hadith hold your horses hold your horses it says here the verse of a stoning the verse does not accept nation the verse of the stoning yet it was a verse of his stoning and the verses of a breastfeeding for adult ten-time was revealed was revealed so it is a verse in the horn where we can find it first it's gone yeah yeah Cynthia I understand what you're saying because when he says that when the West will review remember all these kind of verses was actually revealed to Muhammad peace upon him but it was later on that it was got compiled because if you read a history very well you see that even when they were after war yeah Mahmud II says some of the people that actually memorized the Quran were getting killed hmm but this is not so a friend my friend it could be possible that a lot of things in the Quran didn't get captured media okay let us say that the verse about stoning to death hate him by the goat what about the rest of the Muslims the Muslims the goat ate the Muslims too if this is a verse Allah here in via tomorrow actually yeah but no one can okay so what is the first love story to that give it to me I want to hear it Allah he sent the first Amazo on the court read the verse the goat ate the verse did not eat the Muslims so where is the Muslims who will recite for us the verse of a brisk freedom for adult in time and the goat the verse about stoning to death I got it that the goat ate the verse no problem but what about the Muslims what about Aisha what about Abu Bakr what about Omar what about the rest of them the goat ate the goat did not hit home are the goat did not eat Abu Bakr the goat did not eat the Muslims the goat ate a paper where is the verse as long they knew that there is a verse that's mean they heard that I should saying that that's mean everybody and the Muslim they were practicing that when you practice a punishment capital punishment like stoning to death which is very harmful very very scary and then you say to me I cannot even remember the verse that is scary because so you're practicing what based on a lot each time zippy I hope you understand that when Ultron was actually compiling the Quran obviously let's say this this verse that Asha claimed that a goat has well actually choose those verses we understand that okay he chewed and Othman was compiling and at that time the baby actually put the verse in the Quran and it has already been compound then you understand that the verse that didn't get into the Quran find themselves in the hadith no my friend it says here that it was in a paper under my pillow that is a Quran you see there's yes verses already written in a pillar in the paper we could we know that the Quran when the verses was getting reviewed some of them were written on boon some of them were written on leather someone so this paper is not a Quran this is an Omaha people that the actual verse was written on so if you get chewed that doesn't know it is a sure doggone Quran so this has entered the pillar of Muhammad and this is not a Quran Muhammad guides he have a verse verses written under his pillow in his bed but this is not Quran this was a newspaper it's end of the pillow mohamad not the pillar of Abu Bakr if what is in the room of Muhammad of Quran is not occur on the in Quran can be found where in the end in the bedroom of Abu Bakr this is Mohammed this is the pillar of Mohammed this is the bed of Mohammed this is Aisha his wife where she say my pillow she said she is saying my bed and the bed of the Prophet you don't see different bed so my pillow is the bed is the pillar of Mohammed and there his bed there is Quran and the god get in she aided the verses same time my friend as Sofia I want you to explain to your audience to know that when we are saying the Quran we don't mean the whole compiled book is a vest it's a vest that have been chewed no hang on my friend Melissa not the question I'm not talking about the book there's no book I should the Quran is never was a book and will never be a book and it's not exist until now and we can prove it easy you see when when you when you when you go and try to find the horn you will find there's a collection of stories have nothing to do with each other if I try to find now the story of Abraham I will find the story of Abraham in more than 230 verses in the Quran and they are scattered all over I mean what kind of a book this book is how I can learn about Abraham 230 verse and there's no connection so there's no proof on there's no book there's nothing Mohammed II was saying things and let me show you who is the one who made the one do you know who is the one who made the wrong do you know that the horn written by a Christian do you know that no no I have read that history before where and information was actually sorted from I think is it is a Khadija I think something something about that but I don't think it was written by okay Elysee read with me please the Prophet used to copy the people of the Scriptures in matters in which there was no order from Allah Sahih al-bukhari the Prophet used to copy hmm how do you do that if the Christians are corrupt if the Christians are our sinners if the Christians are bad if the Christian their book is good as is gone and then I copy from them what is in their book I mean what kind of a scam the scam is I said to you that okay don't should should we follow the book of the Christian you say no okay so how we can copy from the Christians what I don't have in my book why a lot don't give him what is in the book of the Christian the correct one Allah have time to send Mohammed a verse about his testicles Allah have time to send Mohammed a verse about his penis a guy he accuse him that his penis is not functioning Allah right away he sent him a verse Allah have time to send him a verse about any women she wanna give her serve take off her panties at the Prophet Allah have time to send him a verse says obey the Prophet obey him whatever he says to you especially when it's come to six and money but Allah have no time to give him a verses which in a matter which he cannot find an answer for it so what'd he do he copy from the Christians hmm that's does a bit confusing because I apparently Muhammed could even read their rights is it I don't I don't believe in that this is the story about he cannot be read and write I believe this is a joke it's not true but this is not the question now obviously and in front of us you know Muhammad he have no idea what's happening he have to find an answer and what he do he is copying from the Christians if the Christians if you keep saying to the people that the Christians are the worst creature the Christians they lost the Convenant with God the Christians etcetera bla bla bla and then we find that everything Mohammed he have which is not in the horn he got it and he copied from the Christian books and abu-bakr was the one that narrated that well this is a narrated by Amira bus and this is sahih bukhari hadith number five nine one seven as you see I'm showing the reference in the screen in the profit copied I think my problem is the copy because it's like copy pasted to my knowledge you couldn't read and write no he can he can you know this is this is Allah you know statement that that he do not know how to write out or you know the Muslims are disconnected would there would be you know is that is that have you got proof that he could read their rights sure this is very easy this is very easy the corona proven that to us you see did you ask yourself why the Quran called the Christian and the Jewish people of the book because simply we have a book yeah because they were the way the ones that had the Torah and you is this because you don't have a book you never have a book not before not after secondly the Quran when you speak about the Umi the world of millets what the Muslim they use to speak about illiterate a word Umi is about not knowing the book of God it's not about not knowing how to read how to write how to read so women home only young okay what only you mean read with me and and there are among them illiterate who know not the book so who are the illiterate is the one who do not know the book the Quran is that clear you know in many verses not only one but the Muslims are copy-paste nation I cannot find one Muslim you know I'm surprised actually you're a Muslim because you're sounded like yourself like a smart person I mean how a smart person like you who stay in his time in a second where'd they get that Mohammed cannot read and write just because it says of me Mohammed is trying to copy the Jews the Jews they call the one who do not know the book of mean which means from the nation Gentiles go my this autumn II mean who me is anyone is not from the nation of Israel because his worship in the wrong God so Mohammed here is copying the Jews saying that he is a from the mean who are not from the Jews who are not from the people of the Scriptures for a whole world will shape the wrong God and those are the only one they are called the people of the book because they are the only one worship in the true God as simple as the disturb wanted to do with writing or reading do you think all the question knows how to write how to read it's impossible especially at that time so all of them they are call people of the book and anyone who do not know have a book it's called illiterate and this is all over the WHO on Muslims they have no idea what the Quran is talking about chapter three verse number twenty read with me so if the dispute with thee say I have surrender not submitted my whole self to Allah and those who follow me say to the people of the book and those who they are and learned this is the same word on mean and learned so you see the Quran divided the people to two kinds of people people who they are urine and people who they are L learned illiterate the one is and learned is the one who they are not from the people the book so the one who is learned is the one is learned about God it's not about tracking a reading what do you think Muhammad in his deathbed he said to his followers bring me papers to our right for you a book which you will not go misguided after me azalea hadith yes Oh in the corn yes this is Asahi hadith sahih al-bukhari read with me Muhammad is amia bus said when the missile of allah was in his deathbed there were some men in the house he said come near I will write for you something after which you will not go astray some of them he say some of them said ie the Companions said Allah messenger is seriously ill and you have the Holy Quran which mean here a very weird why Muhammad saying I will write something for you if you give it the hormone already this is true this crazy all the books is sufficient for us so the people in the house differed which mean they are fighting and start disputing some of them said give him give him writing material so he my right right for you something after you which will not go astray okay how do you wanna give him writing material if you cannot write and why he's asking for writing material all of all what he need to say is just to recite so obviously here they did not say to him you come on you cannot write what do you mean to give you writing material they did not say to him okay tell us what you want to say we were right for you they said give him writing material and here you'll notice that Muhammad obviously he is not even sure of what his message because how you say I will write for you a book now before you die which you will not go astray so what the Quran for and it's what the Muslim they said to him so if this is if you were right for us a book now which we will not go as strange so what the firaon is for and this is a sahih book this is a book sorry hate number four four three two so my friend you sound a smart person and you don't collect they don't fit to be in this garbage sorry to say so I mean you are smarter than this Muhammad is the God Muhammad let me ask you a question when Muhammad he said in the horn that any Muslim woman she can give herself to the Prophet so he can ever what that have to do with Islam what that will do to God yeah I think that part also I think maybe someone actually kind of maybe cooked up that story because he's a prophet or a prophet of God can never stand in a public or maybe anything and see things like that like no my friend has certain things in there Heidi this is Quran you know the Muhammad he made the Quran says any believe in women she can give her so that the Prophet what that would do to his time at what this have to do with the message of a prophet of God who sent down to earth to save us ye me the verse from his God says any women she went to sleep with the Prophet she is welcome I mean the man is not even single if Muhammad did like Christian friends he is single him you know he made a wife okay a God is trying to adapt him maybe a Christian women she will marry him because maybe he's ugly but now Mohammed who have 13 wives he have hundreds of computing for six and yet he make a verses saying any woman she want to give herself to the Prophet so he can F her what this have to do with God Mohammed again taken advantage of him being a God on earth fabricating verses saying any women want to sleep with me if I will come come over come over I mean what this wasn't what is how to do with God what that will benefit God Mohammed he slept with women what for is he single no he's he out of women no he had tons of them so when I make a verse it's about my sexuality it's about my benefit it's about my money it's about my pocket it's about me and then I became me became God I put my name next to Allah in the end of Shahada I put my name next to Allah and obedience actually I put my name before Allah name in the obedience and then I put my name next to Allah in the end in the a if knowing you see when if somebody right now call me and I say to him what do you think Christian friends and Jesus knows best I mean that is a big insulting to me and insult to my lord because why compare me to my knowledge to the knowledge of God this is an insult I should reject like that the way I would say to him shut up don't say that and no one what do you mean what do you mean you and Jesus know better you don't say that so when but he says when Muhammad always he talked and the Muslims they said to him Allah and his messengers knows best why Muhammad did not reject such a teaching saying to them shame on you don't say that what do you mean Allah and opposed on knows best you associate the knowledge of God with the knowledge of a man Muhammad actually he liked it each time he says do you know where do you know how the Muslim they say a line is opposed on knows best and Muhammad never complain and look what he's saying I mean it was even what he's saying is a stupid once I was with the Prophet and in the mosque at the time of the sunset I asked about their abode there is one of the campaign of Muhammad who was very well known in Islam do you know where the Sun and said he replied I replied the narrator I replied Allah and his and a postman knows best he said between Muhammad it goes and prostrate itself and that the knee underneath Allah thrown and that is a law statement that the son runs into a fixed course so Muhammad and the Quran teach that the Sun every day goes to a course and sit under the throne of Allah I say this is alone enough to prove to us that Islam is a false religion you as a smart wanna convince me that you are not convinced yet that this is a cult be honest with yourself one thing that I'm finding it difficult is if we come to an agreement that Muhammad at the time that he existed the Quran has him being compared and it was after that he died at a Quran just got compared and could that be a possibility that people actually tried to make some history it doesn't matter that's that's mean that whatever you are following now is a is a is a mirage it's not exist because here we go you are now saying to me the quran obviously is correct because i showed you many reference and now the hadith is korat so you are following a corrupt religion how you can find who is the real Muhammad then where we are going to find the real Muhammad the one who want to follow we cannot the Muslim they keep saying to us your book is corrupt your book Korat and then we find that they are the one who have no book and they are the one who have no prophet and they are the one who have no God and they have no idea even what where did the name Allah coming from they have no idea what the Quran is about you know have no idea did not even have manuscript of the Quran they keep accusing others of corruption when this religion is the religion of corruption and there's no question needed for me I cannot judge Islam by my imagination I have to judge Islam by what we receive and what the Muslim they say this is a war illusion what is our religion okay here we go Quran and hadith and look each time I saw a Muslim a hadith he says to me I accept only from authentic story source okay we showed him authentic here we go to sahih bukhari you say okay Al Bukhari is a human as my body is not a human they keep running forward trying to escape I've heard about those debate but because a hadith is hadith whether is weak or strong they are still in the same the problem I showed you the Quran is a shish kebab okay what about the Quran says that the women she have a sperm coming from her ribs I mean have you ever heard of such a credible thing this is scientifically it's not accurate but I think that's why I said that maybe people might have actually put some words together just to make up the confusion each time I will show you something from the Quran making Muhammad look stupid you will say to me okay maybe somebody inserted this verse so maybe the whole Quran is inserted and then you know as long agree that the Quran obviously full of corruption and crazy stuff then where is the quran where is Muhammad where is Islam what is this man because maybe everything they were is a corruption to how the Quran says that nobody can corrupt the word of Allah and then the Quran itself full of garbage I ask you my friend you are smarter than this you are you sound like intelligent and I can tell from the way you are responding I can tell you are already convinced that this is a garbage if you know you cannot belong there I advise you right now to denounce Islam have to come on it's there I can hear it in your tongue I can hear it yours you have seen it but you are you like you are trying to resist I can what how this I'm going to do that but this is the truth the truth will set you free my friend this is the truth the truth that this is cannot be from God just be you know be brave and say it is just to be to be honest it's difficult to defend the Quran that one I can actually change that I agreed see this is what you're saying is wrong it's difficult to defend the Quran that's it this guy is out just say I am out of Islam is difficult to defend the Quran okay so it's difficult to read the Quran is difficult to defend the hadith is difficult to defend Mohammed in unless we do terrorism so why you want to stay in this cult just say I am out of this cult Christian prayers say well thank you thank you God thank you God I am really happy that I spoke to you today or it sound a very smart intelligent man and we are very happy for you that you accept it to leave the cult of Islam this is the first step for freedom freedom from the devil we've been we've been lied to we've been deceived we've been told a lie about a true prophet about true God but the fact it cannot be God this is nothing but the garbage there's no way God is going to be a pimp of the house he will promise us versions and vagina and long penises and 70 years orgasm I'm so happy for you my friend that you decide to leave us now what you want to say more do you feel better you feel released I think I let alone and see how well I'm happy for you my friend and before you go I invite you to accept the Lord the Messiah as your savior for this is my this is what I do you know I like I like to see good one like you to be with the good Lord the Lord who don't speak about him but do you believe that Jesus Christ actually existed sure absolutely otherwise why I'm a Christian right I invite you history a story says I am invite you know I invite you my friend to accept the Messiah as your Savior and this is an opportunity it's up to you to take or to reject but you know time will come and you will be asked did someone his name is a Christian friends he asked you to accept the Messiah and you said no there is no better than him decency wisdom love trustworthy he is the best of the best and I'm inviting you right now to accept the best of the best so what do you do to accept him because it's like do you do you say you say let us pray together and let us say can you give me a name of yours I don't know your name until now my friend I'm Isaac Isaac dear lord dear Lord we pray that today you accept our brother Isaac who he just left Islam he decided to denounce the devil he decided to denounce the corruption he decided to denounce the pagan god of islam and he is willing now to open his heart for you and to accept you and to take you as his lord as his protector the one who will provide him love with wisdom to live in love and mercy with his family and his neighbors and his community to love everybody including the muslims for you said that god is love and love your enemy my lord i pray for you that you accept that isaac is going to be a child of god who will be obedient to you he will be decent for you and he will read the gospel from all his heart and he would do his best to be your follower and isaac i say to you do you accept the messiah as your savior yes I do I mean to that hallelujah hallelujah a happiness in the kingdom of God a happiness today for our brother here his name is written there his name is written there and he will have the eternal life which is a promise by Jesus whoever died and believed in me he will live I am the Alpha I am the Omega I am the beginning I am the end I am the light I am the truth I am the resurrection that is Jesus my Lord and your Lord my friend Isaac I'm so happy to have you may the Lord bless you and we are look at those people in Dutch and that in the chat there's 1,000 people there they are really happy for you everybody is really happy for you and I know from my heart that tonight your night is going to be there and your life will change and you will feel that you are released from what you used to have in your life thank you my friend okay thank you thank you - thank you for calling me feel free to call anytime okay thank you take care take care [Music] Alleluia god is good god is good