Classic Horror Full Movie 1957

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you must be patient you shall go out as soon as my niece reaches this house she will come soon ready to face the old map bread going back to that house I can feel his presence already how far is it from here few miles down the road Richard take me back to London early on Oliver heaven's sake be practical you're his heir why antagonize him that's right it must be practical at all costs mustn't we well when we came when kill us and anywhere there is the niggas here beside Olive and Kathy wheelchair thing got a bit telegram told me to come alone help in trouble when he sees them where did you are husband has a perfect right to come serve your friends no I was remembering this room the year I left should I say escape for my uncle's care dear I went to Ford he's given my first gin and tonic in this bar aren't you two going to dance my bride is indulging in post algebra medicine sees as a perfect husband I'm dying had a wallow in them yeah where did bliss well that calls for a drink it's the perfect match Leonora's money and Richards capacity for spending shut up come on Richard your turn to exercise Alan dance is like a broken-down bulldoze not at all I'm very light on your feet I shall refuel and take off again come on oh pardon me Leonor her brand isn't hello my husband Richard Johnson dr. Brian Meyer how you doing nokey due to excuse me I'll go and relieve Alan for a bit by the way dr. Haas the stall down to a fine Jerusalem huh good we'll shove off soon thank you I [Music] thought you'd moved to London years ago that's right far away from the house when she died Dorothy and I use it for weekend good my wife well what brings you by client residence on a darkness stormy night bye uncle sent for me I haven't seen him for nine years how the old man used to hate my guts he did anyone in the district who was rumored a civil to me I roped you several times after your medical exams you never answered did you I went back to my stage to complete my studies before there was that where'd you practice now in case I cut myself on a Tonopah Holly Street I meant nuru see he's not cuts I'm a psychiatrist oh I didn't miss as Cindy so we hear of any wealthy neurotics around just pass them along to me say I really should be going Donath is expecting me if I can a half hour we've got guests coming you're done it Stan little longer please please I'll be murdered you're holding me little tight for a newly married man also happen remember yes what's the matter with your wife Richard she's acting very strangely tonight no more than usual careful she can see us I doubt it he's talking ever old times all the long-lost local lover he doesn't have anyone else no wrong you know I don't I must get used to the idea of doing without you listen ty I'm Esther Oh maybe we can get together over the weekend I'd like you to meet Dorothy you really have to get it's legally awfully late it is divine Hobbes nice to see you again rumor has it the rain stopped has it oh come on let's get going Hey look at me I'm taking my courage in both hands [Music] the rain is over we are going out when my niece arrives he will show her to her room he will not speak with her does that understood and if she does not come she will come she has no choice better she had never been born then come back here to thiis and uh it was her destiny to be born of Brandt as it is mine to die as well [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] wake up Ellen oh there we are I can't go into that house can't but there was a child issues any or uncle get out of the car what is this place a training school for gurus somebody please tell me what I'm doing here hmm you tell her Richard you had to come alone is lanova [Music] nice pictures valuable [Music] who is he naturally I've come with my husband the other ladies and gentlemen of my guests please take our cases upstairs then show us to our rooms after that that you'll bring us some coffee [Music] Anna yes miss Lenora why is my uncle here he's gone out for a while but he very turn data [Music] what's the matter video can't you hear it yeah well I didn't get anything how did it die [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] how about some light in this morgue Alan turn that lamp on no wait it out love of darkness was running the family I must say I consider our who's very rude he ought to be here to welcome us is he I've no idea I need a drink sir why I must be some liquor in this crypt for violet or LeBron it'll give us something to do why not hurry up before he comes back all right I'm doing the best Richard how did she marry you she doesn't love you does she you haven't answered my question shit I know it sounds crazy but Leonor I'm afraid of her afraid about why I don't know really she's so wild sometimes I'm a savage like an animal she terrifies me not nonsense you'll need a drink come on let's get this one done no leave it I'm cold are you Leonor I could see us now she'd kill us both of us lit up Chuck I mean it leave them alone who are you and what are you doing here friends of Leah Nora she invited a storm for the weekend I haven't Billy uh Nora's husband indeed go in by the front car [Music] [Music] so you're back you were instructed to come alone I asked him to come with me that's what I call real hospitality that's your uncle you can keep him no I can't stand much more of this without a drink I shall speak with my niece tonight when the others are asleep so that we shall not be disturbed [Music] humans are idea if you wish to return miss Lenora will have the principal bedroom the other three rooms and the West Wing that they were not expected [Music] what do you want you will come downstairs at once your uncle wishes to speak to you now at once come please tell him I will see him in the morning oh no you must see him now please put on your things and come with me you were always a lovely child miss Lenora now you have grown into a very beautiful woman come home and it shall take place in the seventieth the year of his life in the third moon and the curse of the branch shall be handed on to his heir or successor and his mortal life shall be [Music] you may go now yes Anna I was forgetting it is time for you and me to part I am grateful to you now come with me no not in there don't be afraid wasn't allowed in that room as a child why should I go in now Sydney you are to learn the secret of that room now come together [Music] look [Music] you're bad you must be if it were only true madness would die with me the Casa spotted by state miss possum to my ear to my nearest blood relation to my dead brother's only child Miley and Nora don't understand what curse condemned to live a life of hard hand and wish to have a form and intellect of a man yet the cunning savagery and bloodlust these creatures look at that statuette look at it closely it is the symbol of my affection your mind's gone you're in from tonight it must pass on from my blood tears and love of darkness the craving for warm raw flesh and blood it is my legacy to you passed down from generation to generation of our family for over 700 years you've been reading too many of these books haven't you and sorry keep your pity for yourself dianora from now on and for the rest of your life there will be two of you as there are two of me two separate entities distinguishable from each other but never apart in this room one commanding the other the word thought I will show you know come you must [Music] touch it there now let it know the feel of your hand or it will be the servant of your marry me touch it oh my god I won't [Music] you will not feel as it feels like the animal is already under your control vianora perhaps in the morning your friends must go all of them but it is my husband to take him from me trying away the love I need as you did before Leonardo you must not bear children who may inherit the curse of this house our lines die out only then will this abomination season I can't stand it anymore [Music] escape your destiny my child what chained to this room for the rest of your life [Music] [Applause] [Music] now I shall be free of my life long back my spirits have been liberated from my cusses valid amou my other self [Music] my soul is yours no longer dues you up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well I reckon he asked for it funny sort of hobbies huh yes let's hope they can pick up the Beast before it does any more damage I put out a three County warning on it'll be dr. Marla now maybe he can find out what that girl was doing in the woods with blood on her hands you asked me a mental doctor's what we need on this case you asked me is nieces around the bend too like her uncle you asked me I'm not asking you so glad you could come she was calling for you when they found her are you with an aura yes I want you to tell her what happened last night oh why the glasses it's my eyes the light hurts every see them well it was just as he said it would be my ankle destroyed himself by willing the animal to kill him just before it happened I've been out into the woods I was trying to get away from this house suddenly I felt quite different I I became like a savage animal I wanted to kill something to feel the blood on my hands you see I have become what he was I'll give you something to quiet your nerves yeah good come near me come on be a good girl promise it won't hurt you sit on the bed long cover your left oh then when the animal came to me in the woods I can't understand why I felt like I did blood on my hands made me feel strange excited I can't quite describe it oh no okay yep somehow I knew the leopard was me my other self you said it would be your other self yeah now we are one in the same one on the same huh well how about getting into bed I want you to get some sleep touch of your hand makes me feel all this myself again though it never happened that'll be the sedative work [Music] Brian stay and talk to me for what missed you so much all these years I never stopped loving him now I need why don't you be a good girl so just as I say get some rest send the others away which is more I you do with some company around here to cheer you up I'll come by this evening maybe bring Dorothy what for to prove you're happily married to try and stop me loving you don't play with my emotions Brian I don't think I can control them anymore you will I'll get some rest [Music] slave [Music] you're not being very sociable tonight are you what's the matter it's Kathy stopped entertaining what is it nonsense they've curb the father's from into a and not a sign of it it's out there now only I can hear it I must leave hear it again tomorrow I seem to remember something about taking you for better or for worse I have no intention of going I'm telling you to leave do you hear the others can go I am sticking around after all this is my home now isn't it I'm warning you I suggest you come in when you're on tour Carla without the whiskey in the cellar and Allan's as high as a kite [Music] Roosevelt Honda's name yeah I guess haunts the word werewolf fact not legend by dr. Sigmund Alcon lick the origin of lycanthropy many evils superstition not to him you see he was was what a werewolf look you don't really believe Andy night when darkness Kim his soul entered into the body of a leopard he stoke the fires for prey looking for things to kill and devour let's not confuse fact with friction your uncle imagined his soul and of the body of an animal did it's true Eleonora I want you to help me burn these books I don't think we need take them too seriously view through history of the brand blood curse has recorded by 26 generations in the descendant curse of God was put upon count Peter Brandon 1250 dummy animals and fairy tales by morbid Havel an unhinged old man [Applause] I'm sorry I don't quite know what happened I'm sorry I apologize my unprofessional behavior I was attacking the symptom area trouble and not the cause I heard you okay boy am I out of my mind brand tell me is that what it is you're in a state of deep traumatic shock where your uncle died this gruesome wrong it's all contributed what am I going to do Eva's house as soon as possible perhaps it is just imagination was so vivid I love the call to me from the darkness and I looked at my head a vivid imagination can play curious tricks on the eyes I suppose I can come on out in the hall I want you to meet Dorothy no I don't want to Dorothy's reality it's important for you to face up to reality no now look I'm talking to you as a psychiatrist a doctor and as a friend come along and be sensible oh this is Dorothy hello well I was charming she the way she looked at me if she wanted to claw my eyes out she's a very disturbed girl on a verge of a pretty severe psychosis on the verge I've got to help her I'm sorry honey come on let's go home huh hello Amy Oh [Music] well how's the little brand Harris and what can i play for where's Richard [Music] where is Richard oh we're reserves said something about going through walk with Cathy or something [Music] [Applause] [Music] did you hear that thought I have that leopard again there's somebody watching us I feel it [Music] [Music] the craving for warm broth fleshly blood which is my legacy to me [Music] I'm sorry to insist on these questions in the tragic circumstances I'd like to offer my deepest sympathy on your husband's death why should you I killed him I think you'll agree that only a wild animal could have torn a man to pieces like that it was that leopard again no question of it arrest me do you hear again bees I know you're a little overwrought but I want you to understand that this young lady here saw the animal jump from a tree and attack your husband she saw it with her own eyes I would have torn her to pieces too how dr. Maura is on his way he'll give you something for your nerves he'll understand we can believe me I must please take me away from this madhouse well there's not likely to be a train at this are you're better wait until daylight I wouldn't go outside with that animal on the loose why not take Richards collar now he was leaving it orphan is that Leonore world wondered why you didn't go I'm sorry Leonore he did force me to go for a walk you know how persuasive which it could be honey I'm gonna get packed and get away from here you tosod you please doctor Molly's car thank goodness for that economy yourself please I'm gonna take you to London I'd like you to agree to a period of confinement in the sanitarium why didn't you say a lunatic asylum because you're not incurably insane you're just a little rundown that's all you won't have to stay there long all right how do anything you said I must get rid of this horrible nightmare nightmares the word a sick delusion and that's what we have to get rid of nothing more that's right isn't it a delusion nothing more I'll come for you tomorrow don't believe me I'm afraid I have so many this start living with him are you something squarely and you'll see them for what they are I'm in love with you Brian the only thing I'm really certain Oh Leah Nora don't cling on to your memories get them out of your mind as well I love you Brian I'll see you tomorrow huh goodbye no you must not go with him to London he says he can help me you are beyond help my child you are as your uncle was and his father back to the beginning no you only say that because you're insane to like he was going to London with dr. Marla go where you wish the curse of the brain spell follow you to the grave get out go back to your room [Music] should be ready oh hello Brian oh there you are nobody's answering Anna's left she has less just as well why don't you two sit in the back together get to know one another you don't think I'm rude I'd rather sit in front I get sick in the back don't I darling of course Bob Emily Lee no one ever calls me therefore - I suggest we get started [Music] taking things off and put diesel vanessab along the myth [Laughter] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh how's yourself quite a night didn't you not you believe leave what look at me I think my head okay tell me what you see it's alright because I know I've seen suppose you take a look in the mirror and tell me what it is I failed see thank you nurse leave everything now wait in the corridor for me wait last night I heard it calling to me again try to get out of this room try to break down this boss who was a wild animal my face my hands my whole body don't believe me do you right could a human being have done all this normal what mandala disturbed person could have come on over here sit down now listen to me I know you well enough to bypass some formalities of psychiatric procedure I want to take a shortcut okay let's look at the facts together Conley you and I your medical examination yesterday shows that you're in an abnormal state of mind your reflexes your heartbeat your pulse I'm perfectly rational I swing all right you're perfectly rational I'll tell me again what happened last night I told you I became a leopard I taught the bedclothes I wrecked the room if anyone had come in here to torment or weapons this is the talk of a rational person but I saw myself in the mirror your sick mind created an image for you and how do you explain the leopard I will it to come to me and it does it it's close to me all the time I can hear it well it to come to you now we it only comes at night all right fine I'll come back tonight you can call it to you here then will you believe me we'll see take me in your arms black I seem to lose all my fears when I'm in your oh if you see li if you're gonna make a personal relationship out of this I can't help you sorry I won't bother you anymore there's [Music] [Music] oh let's have some light in here no no right all right all right it's time for a little demonstration go ahead it's out there now I was gonna sure itself it will mean the loss of a human life you realize that don't you it's hungry for blood you'll be responsible for death just as much as I still be make it come to the window layin on : kill kill kill who's that what's the matter with me what light there isn't any like honey straight along its birth hmm your friend isn't very punctual is he it was the light you can't stand the light you're trying to rationalize the impossibility it won't do it's true it's out there knob it's part of myself prove it look at me my friends are like the closer banana are they let me see no show me our hands just know me I want to see your hands will you satisfied I am are you look at them but nobody to go I was you tell me what this red why aren't they no it always happens when you're alone doesn't it yes you saw your hands turn into clothes because you wanted to these are human hands pretty hands nothing more always happen they always will be sharp forced you into the state and shark brought you out of it like a victim of amnesia Lee I'm gonna take you out of here for a couple of days have you mix with normal people it's safe I'll take that chance tomorrow I suggest you spend the day with the Dorothy shopping lunch maybe a movie and in the evening we'll have dinner together what did you say Brad you have adopted you get your things together I'll make arrangements to have you move out of here into a hotel and I'll have Dorothy comb for you tomorrow goodbye for now [Music] [Applause] [Music] pick her up with a hotel before lunch she'll be ready I really am dreading it Brian I can't help it Oh nonsense she's over the worst no just the same I like you to watch her reactions carefully not everything she says and does we're gonna Harry observing the cat they'll be among crowds Paul day take taxes keep to the main streets I'll be home around 8:30 I'm still terribly afraid of a bride oh come on honey help me out just this morning sir if you didn't know I would that's my good girl Ivan on these fans a nuisance we'll never get a taxi I love bells it don't you when I die I want to be wrapped in david the charming thought absentee there that makes me want to curl up and go to sleep just like we gotta get home is getting laid - hurry up and what's the matter [Applause] [Music] by the dark few patents at me after [Music] so that is it brother Thanks I don't know about you but I could do with a stiff whiskey I'm chill to my marrow I asked Brian to get some soda expected forgot oh well I'll go downstairs and borrow some from the Bennett's I hello yes fine thanks how'd the day go anywhere no bad moments Yes Doctor no she went downstairs to get some soda listen looks like I'm gonna be held up here longer than I thought I suggest you to meet me for dinner somewhere out here say around 10 o'clock when I you can eat at the Riverview grill it's a little Tavern on water I'll tell them fine leave me there at ten o'clock okay goodbye [Music] by the way Brian called he left the hospital he wants us to meet him okay the corner of Denmark Street off the Commercial Road 10 o'clock and to take us to little riverside restaurant right out there see how hard he land and dogs I don't feel like there neither do i why don't we stay here and talk you can telephone him in a min we don't know where he is no we don't do I think perhaps I will go after all since staying here cooped up with my nerves why don't you stay here in the wall Brian and I won't be long just a quiet dinner and then home yes yes I think I'd let her go by Oh sir that's sensible well I can't be off I'll never get a text in this rain I wish Brian hadn't taken the car why didn't you take a bus what absolutely will go to hell yeah the husband will be breaking his heart wondering where you are hello telephone answering service oh this is mrs. Maura I talked tomorrow cause we did tell him that I got his message and I meet him at the corner of Denmark state the commercial very suggestive yes yes thank you [Music] sorry welcome I [Music] Hey look at that what's he got away from a zoo somewhere Khan does report it to the police [Music] you are madam thank you you want that monster you sing on your left cover miss war there's always give you Wayne too long rough neighborhood Ronny [Music] [Music] hello eful jolly old cars reported heading down Eastern Road [Music] [Music] [Music] turn Dale Meaghan just gone 10:15 time he's informally there's a call box just inside the door on the right thanks a lot [Music] the NR what are you doing here I decided to come after all I hope you don't mind and tried to keep all the doors closed and warming as a leprechaun or nothin we just ID'd him in Denmark sleep it lost him again hello message answering service dr. Marlowe here it's my wife phone by any chance where call her a Denmark Street he's bait are you sure you got the message right quite sure why do you hate me so much isn't it obvious Brian I'm in love with him but she married another man I was lonely and frightened he loves me you know that don't you yes until death parts you why do you say that I don't think I'll wait I shall Slaton tell him I've gone home I don't we get to the corner of Denmark Street and Commercial Road you say Denmark Street yeah you better be careful how you go so therefore they just spotted a leopard the police have been here now and they say these two probably around there somewhere rappin how do I get there third Tony left Temple Street goin up against my can you shut it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] kill kill believe me I know you're all right now she'll have to be put away again doctor can you come here a minute what is it guests have been run over by a car but it wasn't ours wasn't mine either I hit the lever that's all wasn't another car about you quite certain you didn't feel to bumps what are you getting it I didn't hit her I'd know if I had come with me thing yeah it's a piece of her ring hood all right but my car never touched it how do you have cancer doctor if I try to explain it now you probably detained me for observation let's just say it's something to do with conquest of mind over matter leave it at that huh would you mind leaving your car yes sir we'll have it cleaned and return you later Susan yes cried nice lady and gentleman Oh David come on you're going home and a Scotland Yard patrol car there's nothing to worry about 9 [Music] died out only then this abomination [Music] [Music]