Coco Austin Says Shes Blessed To Still Be Breastfeeding Her 4yearold Daughter

[Music] so congratulations to Tokyo jet she had her baby boy she said so much beauty I can take the pain she put her heart and then she put a mirror dropping the clues bombs of Tokyo Jets damn it Jacksonville was happening all right also now let's talk about Coco Austin as an ice tea's wife she's posted a picture on her Instagram where she is breastfeeding her daughter who was almost four years old she posted a mother's calling I'm so blessed to had this unbelievable experience and this thing called nursing I had a hard time breastfeeding the first week of when China was born I almost gave up but my family told me to hang for another week they told me I don't want to miss a special moment you have with your child health wise and bond wise I hung in there and now almost four years later Chanel still wants the boob it's more of a comfort thing now and of course she eats regular but nap time and night time are our time I'm lucky she hasn't grown out of it yet because when that moment comes I will be so sad well you always kind of growing to be on your breasts oh yeah it was kind of but hey you know all right now Loni love is upset about blac Chyna costing them thousands of dollars at the studio at the rail because she didn't show up she was supposed to be a special guest to discuss a new reality TV show the real blac Chyna but they said China didn't call didn't show up nothing and so the way that Loni love tried to play it off she said she just took too long to get dressed and they had to end the show without her but she then posted what some folks don't realize is that was was two segments we could have given to someone that really needed to promote something say not letting everyone and other talk shows especially people of color we took a chance then we had to fill the time that's thousands of dollars gone to waste so she never made it oh she just made Italy she didn't make it at all that's crazy don't you got to make sure that a person is not dead uh-huh or in the hospital before you make that statement oh it was by far on history yeah was she okay yeah you gotta make sure she's okay before you make that statement listen I can't tell you where she is what she's doing it was yesterday yeah she didn't show up you guys do nowadays you call somebody they don't pick up then you go check the the-- when the latch on the opposed to make sure I yeah before a live show a live taping you got to make sure somebody 18 hours ago I can't do math how long was that was out a bit like it was last night I was last now okay the video she said really enjoyed my experience at church with Miss Mary seeing her in her element me joining laughter watch the real blac chyna on the zeus network it looks like those parts exactly I'm saying you got to make sure people right before you jump up 18 hours ago for fashion Nova curved and I'm sure she's fine after another head I'm sure she's fine but I'm just saying before you make those things you got to make sure somebody's okay first now you got to see why they didn't show up I don't know listen I can't tell ya no story is this another ad well somebody's posting some hey babe all right congratulations to Terrence Howard he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and they unveiled that star yesterday he said a few years ago I was taken down by Hollywood and I was told I would never work again but then a young woman named Dana Walden had faith in me and allowed me to lead her show now what was everybody clowning him for I didn't see it everybody was clowning him because it said he seemed very high and he was just like rambling I didn't I didn't watch the actual clip though yeah it seems like he's going through a lot right now they said he was talking crazy how do you know we don't have the audio well no there was no audio in here but I will say this he talked to TMZ also and this was right after he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and he was talking about his ex Michelle Ghent and they've had this whole long spousal support feud he has to pay her 1.3 million dollars and he said he will pay but he also said that karma will get her so that's his response to that 1.3 million is a lot of money what if that is our Karma no money what is our coma at 1.3 all right now Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith said they had to do an intervention with Jaden Smith and that's because he had lost so much weight it looked like he was just wasting away listen to what they said on read table talk well and I had a of an intervention with Jaden because he's a vegan now but we realized he wasn't getting enough protein so he was wasting away he just looked drained he was just depleted he wasn't getting new tree circles on his eyes it was even a little grayness like to his skin and we got really nervous yeah but you're definitely looking better now I was just eating like two meals a day yeah you know and maybe one maybe just that one big meal and I'm like aw you know I didn't get it right now that's crazy all vegans look like that in the beginning though they all look like x-rays when they first thought and then it seems like your balance is up your mother back in the day and everybody first started going vegan they all just started it looks like they would die I think there's a lot more options now - there's a lot more vegan friendly people cuz it used to be really hard to even find a restaurant so places that you could go eat if you were a vegan there's a lot of big vegans - now there's a lot more options available the wheat was people automatically think once you become vegan you lose a ton of weight but some people just will eat the things that but I'm sure it's not people that have been vegan for Wow that I still have you saying you might be thinking vegetarians I would defeat the whole purpose of being vegan I get now if you just started if you was fat and you switched your diet yeah you might do people go to vegan to lose weight do that though they eat healthier they don't want to eat yeah they don't want any animals they have an issue with that and they just want to be healthy well they naturally lose weight but not eaten yeah but you could also eat a lot of carbs a lot of them yeah Sonia and things like well you can't eat lasagna if you unless you have vegan lasagna lasagna vegan cheese yeah but yeah you can still eat a lot of bread a lot of carbs a lot of things that will make you gain weight you know there's a lot of vegan foods out there now so it doesn't automatically mean that but in general people do tend to lose weight when they become vegan somebody interesting conversation I just want to know there's definite people who are vegetarian who also you know haven't really lost weight what a real fat vegan please stand up I'd like to talk to you I just want to know how long y'all been vegan you know what did the what is the reason for you being vegan you know and it is important to make sure when you are vegan that you actually do get a lot more nutrition cuz obviously you're not getting your protein from where you normally would get it from meats and chicken and stuff like that and fish so you can't eat any of those things now Jaden Smith also said that when he was in Australia working that he was nauseous and dizzy and that actually landed him in the hospital so and like he said he was forgetting to eat at time today sometimes eating only one or two times sometimes not at all so all of those things I'm sure added to it as well who are the fat vegan dessert authors do we know any fat vegans you do see Rick Rubin was what all right Will Smith in the meantime since we're talking about that family is gonna be portraying Niki a mr. untouchable Barnes so that should be interesting to see that story being told in to see Will Smith taking on that role as well what about the council why does Harlan crime bosses are so intriguing the people I really lashy fun to watch you know is a great time period to me and that's the only ones we always hear about like I'm sure there's a lady now from show there's a zillion I'm on the west coast but you used to hear about the East Coast ones because the East Coast rap that's what most of them rapped about today all right well I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumor report all right Thank You Missy [Music]