CocoMelon The New Biggest Channel on ALL YOUTUBE

we thought the war was over oh how wrong we were there's been another threat lurking in the shadows in plain sight I'm talking of course about cocoa melon nursery rhymes I mean look at the subscriber counts right now it's so close but guys everyone is looking at the wrong channel we were looking at the wrong channel his family so guys drumroll please that's right guys it's called Coco melon you guys probably never heard of it before this channel has much less subscribers than pewdiepie and t-series true how do you think it will catch up well wait till I show you the views and subs this channel is getting every day ok guys so look Jesus Christ as many views every single day 69 million views a day bruh that's the broad number and it's a kid's channel you will not get away with this actually that's pretty epic good job Coco melon good job if you compare that to PewDiePie you'll see getting a similar amount of subscribers and views per day than t-series is getting this past month the channel increased its views by 20 percent whereas t-series is only up by less than 1% if my math is correct then and 14 months of this channel will pass PewDiePie and t-series so that wait how many subscribers Coco melon now is that 83 million oh no they can't keep getting away with it t-series piece we need to join forces to defeat this evil they're gonna take over both of us unless we join forces I am joking of course but still a my Indian nursery rhymes with a bit sprinkle of PewDiePie will be unstoppable what is it that Coco melon does that makes them so goddamn popular if you look at their channel it's pretty incredible not gonna lie their most popular videos almost ten of them have over a billion a billion how is that even possible let's check out all the boxes that Coco melon hits nightmare fuel check I can do that cyber added something creepy a minute mark in the corner for parents that don't can't figure out how to read the bottom of the corner let's put it a bigger on alright gotcha sigh put it in the thumbnail actually sigh put it in the corner right now actually sigh inflate the numbers a little bit oh yeah insight increase saturation of this video oh yeah we're already gaining subscribers and as we speak I've been doing it wrong I've been doing it wrong all this time but what is coca melons videos what is it that makes it to Park Valley I cannot say that number without screaming Jesus Christ dude just in perspective how many people live in the earth like nine billion do I got that right 7.5 I'd even know and they managed to get more views on 10 videos than the population of the earth that's not bad that's not bad a slight threat but they have not won yet okay remember two Orion's toy review I crushed him everyone was like he's gonna take over people I smashed him his channel not I would never hit the child unless I have to of course I will hit a metaphysical child cuckoo melon we need to get in the boxing ring I challenge you Coco melon Oh Flo gang too strong I'll fight me IRL Coco melon I feel like I'm doing the same thing here where I'm literally just making really dumb an ironic jokes against a company but we've already seen how that went so I'm not going down that road again let's check out some Coco Maryland classics this one is called I want to be like mommy and immediately a pattern that I've noticed on all Coco melon videos is that they get a ton of dislikes which is very confusing no matter how many views on a video that is always a ton of dislike what a baby is clicking dislikes on these videos long laugh this video this video sucks mom I don't want to be like mommy at all just like if they're getting this many dislike what are they getting somebody views video bad I just like it now how does that happen I'm so confused I don't understand but we will once I'm done with you Coco melon Coco melon shaking and crying right now all right I want to be my like mommy let's go what did we go all right we need a cool intro didn't we need a cool intro psych can you do this oh I needed a little mascot - I love tiny tiny side next to me yeah this video is falling heavily on site during worship Jesus Christ at this portion that makes no sense you give birth to aliens god damn it this slaps god damn it I was expecting really bad and bener surrounds but this [Music] so what does the mommies do okay so like where mom teach play but they're also strong so they do hard stuff what do they do hard stuff but difficult parts [Music] even though your face is insanely disproportionate to your body hopefully one day you'll grow into it I watch the whole thing and I have no idea what mommies does carwash song at least animations aren't as atrocious as they used to be I don't know if you guys remember all the nightmare inducing fuel that was going on for a couple years ago [Music] I can't think this is too good wait what [Music] it's like a weird thing to teach kids I've never wax a car and I'm 30 years old wax the car guys let's get it maybe that's what I've been doing wrong be right back got a wax my car they also have a dad song in here well I guess mommies aren't that good after all I told you poor mommy she's crying no no no your faces are all wrong no I never wanted you [Music] Wow even mama Greece guess you don't want to be like mommy huh sorry I want this like this a couple more I need to learn I need to learn we have the intro we have all of it why aren't we gaining subscribers side I feel like I'm watching these and I know it I know it's a kid's thing I know who but I'm still waiting for the plot twists for something horrific to happen it's like what what am i doing right baby shark you can't keep getting away with it kokom Ellen exposed baby shark did it did it unbelievable cannot believe it literally cannot done believe it I'm 30 years old then I never wash my knees all right I'll admit it I'm not afraid to say it who washes their knees nothing wrong with my knees by the way Oh God legroom I mean look at the size of my knees they don't need a scrubbing curse you Coco melon maybe that's what I've been doing wrong maybe I haven't washed knees good enough our bare back guys okay we're back wash my elbows did they did they watch my elbows that did it this one has two billion views I can't believe it this is the same song as earlier it's just rehash content who would do that I would never do that every video I make completely original Wow it's the same rhymes - look I can't believe this unbelievable unforgettable expose Coco melon expose yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Coco melon floor can confirm maybe cook a meal and not bed go Camilla good cook a meal a flogging 20% muscle increase you can see it I looked around because I want to wrap my head around it and they're not I know the answer and the answer is just like kids I mean parents just put the an iPad or something in front of the kids don't put on YouTube clearly that's the thing but so many do they not have kids channels for this I'm so confused because an Instagram they got no traction no traction on Instagram at least I'm winning on Instagram at least I have that three little kittens [Music] legend what a legend good why is that funny why did they cry if they found it this doesn't even make sense oh we need to keep the rhyme going they found the mittens they should be happy and also they're not crying so many inconsistencies I need to go wash my knees guys I don't know about you I don't know why it just feel dirty kokom Ellen exposed but the real way to the expose that someone everyone knows this you look into their past everyone has dirty secrets let's check out kokum Ellen's oldest videos ok what is this is in ok let's find something that starts with N I can't think of anything this is a newt what the hell I'm 30 years old I don't know what a new dish I wish it was comments I know you did there remove it for kids stuff Thank You kokum Ellen I'm sorry about everything I said oh god the newt Jesus you know I'm done no no no no the real question is do they have baby shark oh wow 1.2 billion T I need to make a baby I need to just make a nursery song [Music] sorry gives me well that's a bit redundant just end it then alright all names aside I'm not trying to start a whole thing against another company cuz yeah okay but I did the math we have about eight to ten months until Coco melon takes over pudy pie channel at the current growth rate subscribe subscribe they're gaining hundred 200k what am I getting what am I getting come on I gotta be close at least nothing I get nothing just one day million they may have removed the subscriber marks but you can still subscribe god damn me they can't keep care to go away with it subscribe to the channel unsubscribe from Coco melon right now we're in the endgame now voice I'm willing to take help from anyone I can even Edgar my tambourine may be dead but we will get through this thank you for watching this video it's the end it's the end subscribe subscribe hey hey dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo dodo hey bro-bro [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]