ColorOS 7 Overview Quick Look New Features

hi there this is Ranjit and in this video let's talk about color OS 7 which was launched in India that is on in unity on 26th of numbered and I have to put a note a 10 X and have the color OS 7 on this one so let's talk about it and it's yes obviously based on Android 10 and has Android 10 features like full screen view the dark mode a digital well being etc but there are some other things that have no test so let's have a closer look at the same now and as you can see this is the device layer next unloved and if you notice the layout and icons are a little bit different I'll talk about that later but let's see if we go under the hood over here the first thing that I noticed immediately is the I can gruffy has changed quite a bit and this is a lot cleaner I would say now looks a lot more cleaner in my Frank opinion and now if we go to about the device also this you have this new screen layout which gives you a lot more information a lot easier and as you can see it's based on Android 10 and this is the color of US version 7 that we are having and if we just go back over here another thing that does there on this one is that if we go over here in the display options we also have the dark mode on this one and if you can even let as you can see how you get to this dark mode which actually a lot of people these days like and the good thing is that this is a Google Calendar here also it's reflected like that let me open the Play Store here also that dark theme is reflected and obviously in Oppo apps it's reflected like that so the dark theme implementation has been done very well even over here it's done very well let's just revert back to the normal one for now and you can go back to the normal one and also it has features like digital well-being and stuff that we have seen so those are implemented for example if you click here you have the digital well-being and all those things and let's just go back over here I really like these icons looks a lot more important I would say and a lot cleaner and again as it's Android 10 if you notice I'm using the were buttons over here but you can actually change that if you go to the navigation navigation keys probably here as you can see you can move we are using the virtual keys but if you go to this more and you want the traditional Android 10 layout you have the swipe up gestures and now I can like this because we go to the multitasking tray to go back to the home or you just do like this so those options are there I also like this one this is an additional swipe gesture from both sides so this again the modern navigation part for going to the back you can just do this and go back to the back this is a lot more easier so you have those modes but if you want the original convenience of those virtual keys you still have that so that's actually nice now screenshots have been done even and earlier what do you say where you say oh poor devices so that's nothing new with the three finger if you just do like this it takes a screenshot this is nothing new but good thing is now you can quickly let's say you want more bigger screenshot you can just go like this and it's capturing and now if your that's done as you can see it's captured a long screenshot so this is good I'm just going to delete it but apart from this one feature that I really like is for example many times you don't want to send a whole page only a small section might be interesting or something and traditionally you have to use a editor to do that but now with this gesture I mean use the three fingers and let's say you want to capture only this and this just cap hold your finger and it gives the haptic feedback and now just leave it and now you have a small screenshot like this you can see if there's you can share it like this instantly so again this is a very useful feature I would say that three finger swipe and if you do it slowly even just select whatever you want so I feel that's a nice implementation and also we have the new icons if you see man if I go over here and if you go to the settings and if we I go to the set I can start this is the default you have but they are also offering us more options for example if we just click on this rectangular as you can see the iconography is changing quite a bit and also we have the pebble and you can even customize if you want so these are some of the options that are whydid on this one and we also have let me just go back a screen of gestures for example if we go to the settings let me show you just type gestures as you can see it's in the gestures and moon screen off gestures by default this will be switched off I have it just enabled it and now let's say if the screen is off obviously if you just double tap it will just to wake up like this but we also have a functionality for example if I do a V the flashlight comes like this so again we have added small features like this on this one also the side bar is still there but now if you do open it you notice that it's a lot more narrower earlier it was a lot more broader and you can quickly add whatever extra apps you want and let's just go get out of this and I really like this small calculator app because it's very handy over here so this is also a nice implementation I would say they have improved this one and if you press X to remove this one and now apart from this they have also added some useful apps that I have to test on this new color OS the first tab that I want to talk about is this Discworld app dock wall tab and this is actually a really good you can store your important documents and stuff but apart from that you can also store your driving licence etc for example if I click this they have done a collaboration with the digi Locker as you can see if you have a de geeloger account and this is by a proof by Government of India you can store your licences registration etc but this one so I feel this is also very handy app apart from that they have also added one more mode that's called the writing mode if you have bikes you will like this this is the writing mode and if you enable this this won't give you unnecessary notifications when you are driving so again this is a useful feature now let's also look at the camera the camera also has been improved now they say that it has the new AI optimizations even more apart now they also have it just says night mode over here but this is actually they said this is the new ultra more clan if you go again this is not a very dark but to give you an idea it takes multiple slams let me show you as you can see it took multiple snaps and now it stitches it so even in very door lighting again as of today this is not very dark but gives you actually a lot more pictures even in very dark conditions and they say that the noise which is generally a big problem and when you use the night mode this will be hugely improved so again we have seen those improvements and also in the portrait mode and stuff it I says they use the new AI mode so you have a lot more flexibility of playing around with this stuff so that AI mode also should help improving in the pictures apart from that I also noticed one more app this is known as the sloop app and this is a small video editor kind of a app I would say let's say you can create small videos let's say you have shot some stuff for example let's take example of this one let's import this and we can create small videos very easily with this one these are preset effects for example effects as you can see a small clip you can get again you can even edit bigger videos for example you can go to the trim and edit that and stuff so again it is offering you lot of functionality by this this is a very simple editor I would say if you want to do quick mashup and stuff you can use even the slope editor so these were some of the new features that I found on color OS 7 again I can't touch show you every feature out there so what I have done as a colorist actually has a YouTube channel so I'll link that in the description below anyways guys that's it for now for this quick video giving you an overview about color OS 7 that's it for now thanks for watching this is Ranjith and I hope to see you in my next video take care guys