Connecticut Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving Twice In One Day

The Breakfast Club bitch your dunky dunky today for Tuesday September 10th goes to a Connecticut woman named Ellen Needleman O'Neal now Ellen is 64 years old in this past Saturday she crashed a 2012 Lexus sedan into a parked car at 2:30 p.m. what were you doing 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and when police arrived they said they smelled alcohol on the woman's breath she then failed a sobriety test and a later test showed that she had a blood-alcohol level of point 23 Michael Jordan's number okay nearly triple the legal limit she was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance for a painkiller that was discovered inside her personnel I know you're thinking wow this is one of the shortest donkey adays ever actually kind of boring like damn uncle Sharla all you got for us is a DUI a car wreck old lady in Connecticut on painkillers slow news day for you huh well there's more to this story see Ellen O'Neil is not a quitter in fact Ellen subscribes to the Ilia philosophy and that philosophy is if at first you don't succeed that's yourself off and try again because six hours later six hours later that's right six hours after being released Ellen left jail and went straight back to the liquor store all right you just arrested me got my blood pressure up working my last nerve scratched me out had me sitting in this cell for six hours then blew my high damn it I need a drink and that's exactly what she went and got and cops pulled her over again took her in and she had a blood alcohol level of 0.09 which is still above the limit so Ellen went to jail two times in 24 hours for DUI I think it's time to play a game of guess what race a day okay guys Connecticut woman 64 years old Ellen middle name Needleman last name O'Neal could be she kill arrested for two duis in one day Angela Yee guess what race it is clearly she's Caucasian what makes it so clearly I mean her name alone uh I don't know any black people named Needleman or Asian or you know okay okay DJ envy yes my Dominican brother yeah a Connecticut woman Connecticut 64 years old 64 Ellen Needleman Oh nail arrested 42 DUI then one day guess what race it is I gotta go away why Ellen I don't know any black people named Ellen or definitely thinking I could the DeGeneres yeah but do you know any black people named Ellen or any laughs cool Ellen Fitzgerald is she black no people named Ellen no not that I know really it would be pronounced en hey Anita listen Ashley did you mean that right when you're not wrong when you write okay she is indeed Caucasia yes not only did she reeked of alcohol she reaped the privilege first of all who catches a DUI and then is allowed to drive away from the police station six hours later maybe she's sober sobered up but didn't have to call Cassidy to go back to the liquor store get drunk and drive again definitely sounds about white all right the mayonnaise is heavy with this one ladies and gentlemen so let's please give Ellen Needleman O'Neill the biggest e ha Chelsea Handler give Ellen Needleman Ellen Needleman O'Neil the biggest eel ha ha that is way too much Dan mayonnaise know what let's let Kathy Griffin give Ellen Needleman spacious the biggest heart - please give this giant jar of mayo the biggest hija anybody else all right all right well thank you for that donkey today up next he wants to talk filters hmm yeah that's because part of it was you know I watched 90 day fiancé and there's one person on the show that filters all of her pictures right before she's met this guy even when she facetimes with him and sends videos she uses a ring light and she puts on a full face of makeup and does her hair now here's what happened on 90 day fiancé I worry when we see each other for the first time because I send a lot of my videos and pictures with filters to make myself look better I'm 47 he is 26 the age difference is a huge concern of mine now for people that watch the show when you see the picture of what her filters look like she looks like a completely different person so I want to know what are your personal rules when it comes to filtering recently Demi Lovato shared a picture of herself in a bikini unedited showing all of her cellulite and everything and she said it was her biggest fear a photo of me in a bikini unedited and guess what it's cell you lit and she said I'm so tired of being ashamed of my body editing it yes the other bikini pics were edited and I hate that I did that but it's the truth so how many people post pictures that don't have filters that aren't edited and maybe sometimes you judge them up a little bit so what are your rules when it comes to filters it's a phase head ass all right I want to find a kid with no filters listen here's the thing though no filters are light compared to catfishing right now using about the same not using somebody this is a totally different picture and like no it's not using someone else's lead you show me a big woman right that filtered herself and she looked like she was 22 weight about 140 pounds and then the other picture looked like she's about 62 and a lady looked like she weighed about 180 all that fat fish that was that was the woman from 90-day fiance 855 105 what is the question you and sometimes you see people and you know them in real life right and then you see their pictures and you're like luckily a minute I cool just in general like celebrities whoever you're like I see what you look like in real life but your pictures look completely different all right 805 85 105 one was the question you what are your rules when it comes to filtering and editing photos all right call us now is The Breakfast Club good morning donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on your cell and say - bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to five all from your cell and say two bowl [Music]