Connecting to Your Higher Self

hi i'm christine marie sheldon and i want to talk to you today about connecting into this other part of you that you may have never tapped into what if 80% of you you've never even accessed what if all these awarenesses are able to be accessed if you know how and if you connect to this divinely wise heart of you your reality can upgrade fast it'll happen as fast as you allow it it's your allowance of it that can slow it down but this divinely why as part of you can access latent talents abilities and any kind of know-how that you may need and this divinely wise part of you knows how to get help from the other side from guides or angels in some cultures they call these guides and angels or ancestors or other forms but there's a history of people throughout time using help from the other side I have a business client and he came to me we were working on his business model and what we realized is he needed an influx of money to show up so that he could buy more product and that that's really what he needed that's where he was off so he had been using his guides and angels and his divinely wise part of himself for quite some time with me and I said well let's ask and let's see how we get those extra money and I think it was about 50,000 that he needed and what happened to this is he got this little stock symbol that kind of flitted in his head and we thought interesting and I said well we'll let your guys and Angels kind of nudge you when you know what to do with it a few days later he got an email about the same stock and this and his guides on his angel put it into him the download of if he bides that stock today it'll go up significantly and he can have all the money that he wanted so it calls me up and he says Kristy I know what to do I'm like okay cool so call me back and let me know what happens when you do it so later on that day he calls me back and he's a little sheepish and I said what's up and he says I couldn't do it I couldn't pull the trigger and I said really he says yeah I don't know it was just it was too real or too much for me I didn't believe it but what happened is is the stock did pay off exactly how they said they told me when to buy and when to sell and how much and if I had done those three things I would have the money in my bank account right now he goes so I don't know what to do cuz I'm really cranky about this cuz I'm really mad at myself that I couldn't do it and I said to him you know what that's okay the universe is unlimited and just because I brought you one doesn't mean that they can't bring you one in the very near future let's just ask for that money to keep showing it for you and the other thing that happened is you now got proof you have acknowledgement that had you listened to that it would have worked so now you have a little bit more security before you go do this he says okay and so I didn't hear from him for about a week and the second week I heard from him he says you're not gonna believe what happened he goes oh I forgot who I'm talking to of course you'll believe it I said you're right I'll believe it limited possibilities how great is that and he says well what happened is is I have most of the money in my bank account yeah I think you're short like about four grand yeah nice that's really you guys yeah he goes they told me when to buy these two stocks today so I bought two stocks and when to buy and when to sell them and I have the money and I thought wow so how great is that that your guidance and your guidance system can show you what it is that you need to do to attract or bring in or change something about your reality or your life now here's an interesting tip there is no request that is too big or too small no you can ask for Rockstar parking you can ask for hotel upgrades you can ask for your husband to be more you know complimentary towards you or romantic you can ask your wife dub you so cranky you can ask for your kids to do their homework but you can ask these divinely wise parts of you and your guides and angels for help and tips and how to get your life and your reality your way and what I would love if you could share with us is share with us a story about how you connected to a guide or an angel and how that's helped your life let us know we'd love to hear from you and thanks for joining me today bye for now