Conor McGregor cell phone arrest a legal perspective


Chael Sonnen


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Conor McGregor appears to be in a little bit more legal trouble I don't have a ton on this but here's what happened Clifton he was out in I believe it was Miami somewhere in Florida once again and it took his whole family out there I know that because he was like going through the the swamps and the Everglades and there's alligators involved and uh he put some pictures out on social media but he ends up in a jam he took somebody's cell phone I don't know why yet I could guess and I bet you I get 90% there but he took somebody's cell phone and not only did he take the cell phone he smashed the cell phone and I believe he even stopped on the cell phone so in other words he destroyed somebody's property exceeding five hundred dollars in value and they come and they they cuff him up I mean is this as simple as yeah you annoyed me you put something on that self when you recorded me at a time I didn't watch it whatever was that they did I destroyed your property I owe you a new cell phone isn't that how this gets handled yeah and I think that at least what I read is he he you know broke it on the ground stomped on it but then he took the cell phone with him - oh he stole the cell okay which from a legal standpoint I'm not sure it makes a whole lot of difference whether you take the broken cell phone or not I just found that kind of odd and and again I haven't looked at these statutes and maybe it does make a big difference maybe if he just stomps on the cell phone and breaks it it's a misdemeanor but he took the darn thing and now it's a felony but you know the interesting thing about that you know cliff can I can I stop you right there because that's a very interesting point you make but let me give you a different analogy I run into your car I then take your car the first was an accident or it even could be I mean that I got her I got a bit right with your car I got to pay you for that I can't do that but if I take the car it is it certainly does change things well I think even a better analogy here is if you run into my car and it's your fault and you get out and we exchange information we talk and I get your driver's license and your insurance that's an accident you run into my car you drive off all the sudden that's hitting Russia which is a crime so in this instance taking his cell phone and destroying it as a crime I just don't know if then picking of broken pieces of the cell phone makes it a worse crime and if we were to get into Connors mind I'm guessing here but I bet you I'm right the guy either videoed something or snapped if the guy must have done something with the phone where then Connor wanted the phone destroyed and subsequently the video could be wrong could be wrong but that would also then lead to at least explain why okay I broke it I smashed I stomped I'm not sure maybe you can repair I'm gonna go ahead and take this thing with me I think that's probably right okay I'm guessing and you know he's not the first person that's gotten in trouble doing them at all I mean I I think can think of at least half a dozen other instances where this exact same situation has happened yeah and I think in all of them I think usually yeah yeah the person who stomped the phone buys the person a new phone pays a fine and you know pleads to some you know not maybe not even a misdemeanor just a you know or they really want attention right and then all of a sudden they've got PTSD from the the incident and and the dis distress and the animus and the anxiety of being with helped that cellphone for three hours I know how silly that sounds but I mean that's a real thing juice ISA molt when they asked him to give the cell phone so they could triangulate where he was to get the footage video said the anxiety it would cost me to be without my phone for those two hours I simply I can't really push it to you that was kind of where's the Chicago PD's they they got that's one of the first Clues when it when a light one and they went wait a minute what what what's happening now we can't borrow your cell phone for two hours what what the fourteen-year-old daughter and you know it and some of her friends I think it would cause them a lot of anxiety to be without their cell phone for two hours but an adult human being should be able to go to but from a legal standpoint I'm just saying can that hold up I don't know what they're gonna try to do Connor on this but they did go and arrest him like he was at this house and they showed like establishing shots of the mansion where Connor was arrested you know that's how well Connors name draws right now you can just take a shot of the mansion that he's allegedly vacationing in and get clicks but so be it pointless isn't that overkill I mean I should pick up a phone and go hey you destroyed this guy's cell phone well I think that running about $900 yeah I think probably the I had I guess had Conor McGregor have you seen the though Godfather yeah you remember that I think the very first scene of the of the movie where there's photographers outside taking pictures and I think sunny walks out there smashes the camera and then just peels off you know four or five five hundred dollar bills and drop some and walks off had Connor done that he just smashed a cell phone and then given the guy two thousand bucks or whatever yeah maybe he doesn't get arrested I don't know but I do think that to some extent the the police do have to you can't just let people go running around taking cellphones out of people's hands stomping them and not have repercussions for sure and I and I think I think the real issue here is this is not Connors first brush with the law and anytime that it's your second or third brush with the law it just gets taken a lot more seriously then I mean if this was the first time that his he had done something like this it's probably not it might not be treated the same that's right and in the court of public opinion which is where this will also be tried yeah this was the first time he cuz hey look I was with my family and I was trying to get some alone time and you're snapping that you know I I cracked and here's your new cell phone he'd probably get away with that the little bit of the irony of this he just completed as in last week and I think this is why he was in America in the first place he just completed his community service yes from the Brooklyn incident which was a cool thing so all right Connor didn't blow that off he jumped right on top of it he fulfilled his obligations oh no Connors names back out there he took some guy cell phone I didn't know he then picked up the phone and walked home I think he did there really must have been something on that phone where he's like private time I'm taking this thing with me what you know and something I don't know how Connor is and I don't think he's like this just because I've seen pictures of his kid but you know some people get really protective of their children and don't want them ever to be photographed and so I think you know sometimes if you're walking out with your family and people are snapping pictures of you with your kids you know people get really upset about that so but I don't know I don't know cuz but I've seen Connors kid on social medias I don't think that that's the issue but if we were to work this story out again let's say Connor takes a phone for whatever reason he smashes said phone he picks up the phone he walks off and then he makes a phone call and calls the police department says this just happened I felt violated I am in possession of the phone that I feel violated me what would you like me to do with it by the way I've already broken it what are they what did they look at that a little bit better when did that take the hit-and-run that you alluded to it that takes the hit and run away from it if you fess if you're the one that makes the call correct yeah I think that's right and to go even further I think hat if he just grabs the phone out of the guy's hand and then immediately picks up his cell phone calls 911 says hey cops get down here I've been violated I've took the guy's phone we're gonna delete this video and then he can have it back then yeah I think it's probably a much different at that point I think the cop I mean could you know did he technically break the law well yeah probably by grat you know either grabbing the guy or grabbing the phone from him when he's you know shouldn't be doing that yeah he probably he probably broke the law but I think that's in one of those instances where the cops are just gonna go you know I'm not gonna arrest this guy because he grabbed it he didn't break it he didn't otherwise assault the victim and he called us and it's all okay I'm not gonna arrest anybody no it does seem to be how you handled those things I just try to think of and I'm and I'm going way too deep on this this is also likely a misdemeanor and any rights to check for roughly nine hundred dollars to replace the cell phone however if you want to live in the world of crazy and speculate on this Clifton for Connor to come out and say I thought it was a weapon as silly as that may sound to you there are documented cases there was one as recently as last week where two officers shot an unarmed man because they saw his cell phone and believed it to be a weapon they walked on those charges so if Connor wanted to come out even in the spirit of let's just see who can be sillier than the next one and say the guy pulled a cell phone I thought it was a and I went for the weapon and I've smashed and I'm in possession of it now and somebody come arrest this guy cuffs me looking oh no no wait just a second we don't arrest him you broke the cell phone and he throws his hands up it goes you got to be kidding me I thought I was the victim here he had this thing I thought his weapon those things work it's ridiculous that maybe a lot of that presentation works the fact that he went back to the mansion had the cellphone called nobody problem I agree and and look I'm not a famous person and I'm certain you know and I and you are a famous person but not as famous as Conor McGregor is no one's going to hotels you stay out and taking pictures of them because you stayed that cheer but man that's got to be annoying to have people always wanting to take your picture when you don't want to people always coming up to you for autographs and with him he is so so much larger than life and puts out this interesting persona I get I would imagine he gets a lot of people to want to fight him a lot of people hurling insults at him I mean that's got to get old sure and he's also got a short fuse so I guess it's not that ii owned all this no but if i'm walking out of a club at 3:00 in the morning and people are taking my picture it's not gonna make me very happy either yeah that's right and you're never get anybody to shed a tear for a guy who made it to riches and fame you're just not gonna give to shed a tear there is something to what you're saying though about time and place I mean the Kardashians for username that everybody will recognize they speak on this they go look when we're in California when we're in LA and we're in the 30-mile zone it's pictures everywhere and we know we get no privacy but when we go off somewhere for a family retreat we do expect people to leave us alone I think that there is a little element of that for Conor too if he was somewhere in Miami in a rented house that he brought his whole family to to go through the Everglades for goodness sakes I mean the relevance there is he's gonna have seclusion there's not a lot of people out there with the Gators in a swamp boat yeah I think he did at least in my eyes have a reasonable expectation of some privacy and somebody perhaps overstepped that yeah I don't know and maybe and I don't know about this I think this is a famous nightclub that he was coming out of and I would imagine that there's generally paparazzi waiting outside that nightclub or there could be so I think that adds some color to it too I mean something weird must have happened here I mean you just I mean how many hundreds of times a day do you think Conor McGregor gets photographed either this guy said something did something he wasn't supposed to Conor was doing something he wasn't supposed to I mean something weird happens you're at least I'm again wild wild speculation but I mean this can't be the first time Conor's had someone take a picture of with us with their cell phone yeah that's right yeah there are a lot of those public guys I've seen a number of politicians some of them even good ones go down because something comes out and the politician goes I was in private I was having a private conversation that was one of my friends that wasn't meant for people while I do understand that claim I also understand history well enough to tell you Clifton it never works nobody ever sympathizes with him because well you know he thought he was alone people use that against you ago so this is what he does when he's alone he puts on a fake persona when he's in front of Cameron it's like I'm just trying to tell you I'm a regular guy and I do have a speak that I would use for the public and I would have a different speak that I may use when I think I'm alone with my friends