Conor McGregor crossed the line…what was the point


Chael Sonnen


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two days ago Wednesday we were talking I was doing a quick recap fact I witnessed it right in front of you guys no show shows men ship going on I had not seen the Artem Lopez Paulie Malignaggi press conference face offs lamp interaction head encinia watched it live with you guys listened to it with you guys reacted to it live with you guys okay I went back and I have to give some credit to Errol Hani on this he's the one that pointed this out on air on the bad guy he said hey by the way go look at that shot again there's a great big guy holding Polly back with one arm and videoing the melee on his cell phone with the other arm that guy is Rumble Johnson I can come on I watched that thing I didn't pick up I go back and watch it's Rumble it's Rumble Johnson may be the one reason that these two didn't get to one another it's because 300-pound Rumble Johnson was there but it was a piece of theatrical beauty and if you guys missed it I don't want you to miss I want you to go back and watch it is worth seen you can even see it now just go to ESPN Plus hair on the bad guy round 3 Rumble Johnson holds Paulie back with one hand while continuing to video continuing to video the melee with his cellphone with his free hand a little bit interesting I'm jumping around a little but I got a lot of thoughts okay so where does that go and it's very hard to talk about a poly and Artem with not bringing Conor into it and matter of fact there's no story without bringing Conor and your cutters the entire thing why because khabib put hands on Connor and Connor committed three different crimes because it made him so angry all premeditated Christ because it made him so angry colleges did the same thing to the same guy in Paulie and Connor have their history they got their beef which I really wish did it happen I really wish it hadn't happened because Paulie came in as a training partner what happens in the gym is supposed to stay in the gym in your teammates even if you're only teammates for that one day you were still teammates but there was something very real about it and it wasn't Paulie and Polly's defense it wasn't Paulie that went out and started talking about what happened it also wasn't Connor and both of their defense they really did uphold the code but what happens in the gym stays in the gym what happened is media was present Dana and Lorenzo not for nothing you want to name names and they put it out as a way of hyping Conor McGregor and his skills against a former world champion as he's getting ready to fight Floyd a former world champion it made sense at the same time paulie's got an ego and for Paulie to respond and say hey that footage was edited that's not what happened I was in there with 10 rounds for that guy that is not what happened as a matter of fact aside from me getting a little fatigued and have all my that much trouble with Connor Connor to respond and say well you know that's not really the way I remember it right I mean once it's out once one guy speaks the other guy gets to respond to generally it just never ever ever gets out I trained a small gym here in Portland just to personalize it we know there are no cameras allowed as a matter of fact there is no outsiders of the gym a lot you must either be a member of the gym to even get in the door on sparring day or you must be related to a member at the gym who's actively participating in the sparring session you're showing up there to support that's it I mean it's it's closed-door but for this very reason footage cannot get out game plans cannot get out I'm a little looser on this than some people i I don't overly care I fought 49 guys all those videos are out there I don't have any secrets so I'm a little bit looser but that doesn't mean that I don't understand the concept ceptin objectively speak I get it and some guys made their really close to I can remember fight rampage was that Rampage Jackson was going to fight John Jones and John Jones so rampage goes into practice that day and they work on elbows elbow strikes specifically okay John Jones that exact same day and within like a two-hour period tweets out on social media that he's working on elbow defense today so rampage loses his mind rampage thinks there's a mole in the camp that's revealing and releasing to John Jones's camp what page is working on this was the evidence he had and he was all upset and became a tremendous storyline I don't actually know the answer to that it never got out but I know that John Jones enjoyed the fact that he got his goat either way and stayed with it yeah I got a mole in your camp and he's not the first guy to do that BJ Penn had done something similar with George st. Pierre and claimed that he had somebody in the Keene that what I did get to the bottom to bottom up Vijay made the whole thing up but it was tremendously fun and it's a very real thing right I mean it's like Marty from Nebraska it wasn't meant to be funny but once been asked or realized at work he can't back off of it he's gotta keep calling him Marty from Nebraska it's just one of those things just that's just the way it goes it's light-hearted prodding and teasing but it gets a very real reaction and very real effect so these things can I'm just giving you guys the backstory case you've been under a rock so Polly then of course wants to hitch himself to the Connor train I won't bore with that I don't have a problem with it it was a very obvious cash grab that was not a fight or even a sport that you wanted to see Connor fight it was a very tough sell but I got what Paulie was doing and frankly he won me over I was on board hey Connor if you want to go box and this is what you're gonna do and Dana's time about getting this boxing thing going in your honor country let's just get these guys together and figure this thing out once and for all and as long as nobody starts talking stupid about a 100 million dollar payday if these guys have a beef and they want to settle it we can do it in unarmed combat with a license and a referee and a commission and judges and just do this whole thing properly I'm in I know why man just by how much time I spent watching this training footage at a couple of different angles that Polly highly disputes and his arguing was edited to Connors favor if I'm watching that over and over yeah I'm gonna watch those guys walk out there in robes take them on for the 16-ounce gloves and get this thing on in front of the world you better you so Paulie and Artem aren't him somewhere along the way gets released from the UFC apparently signs with something this bare-knuckle deal going on Paulie apparently sign of this bare-knuckle deal okay these guys have the faceoff but it all ties back to Conor the whole thing is done because of the implication of Conor that's why that works Holly and Artem don't have any heat and all ties back to Conor okay great well Connor took the bait this time he did not grab a dolly he didn't break any laws but he quickly with the social media started releasing more photographs of the sparring session with Paulie which of course worked polygons and of course I find him it would be a whole lot of fun but Connor didn't stop there somewhere along the way he decides to send out a picture of a woman who he identifies I don't know that he was accurate that he identifies as khabib 'he's khabib nurmagomedov Azka Bebe's wife and his wife's face is rap she's muzzled her faces is rap and Connor says something along the lines now it says been deleted I have to say that I would give you absolute verbatim but I am at least getting you guys 98 percent they're just based on memory congratulations you married a towel now that's dirty that's dirty at the highest of levels and I must say cooler heads prevailed because it was deleted and by the way a little bit of a sensitive topic don't come back on me I'm telling you a story the way that the story happened just by the way so khabib oh boy the bead lights up and can be man this guy's a personal guy as much as you guys don't want to say Koko Bebe's a big start if he doesn't go live the life of a big star khabib does everything the same that he's always done oh Kobe he's made a bunch of money conveniens it's been a damn cent of that money he leaves it told there's a totally different animal which is one of the roots to his success by the way and it's also going to be one of the roots and causes to his longevity of that success but khabib is as advertised and this was a lie that was crossed to the highest of levels and I can't fully state that for you I can't fully state that for you if that's from a religious standpoint or that's from a cultural standpoint and either way I never been to Dagestan I don't actually know but family to the highest extent is off-limits and the only member of khabib family who has ever been seen in public spoken and put anything is his father and that's because his father is in his corner his father is his corner man if it wasn't for that you guys never would have seen when his father even looks like that private so now imagine his white I don't believe his even comes to his fights I mean this is a very private thing relevant to the store very relevant to the story sensitive that could sound it's relevant to the story so now khabib comes back in khabib came back dirty and he calls Khan he did not delete this this is still up there he calls Conner a rapist he time he starts posting photographs of Connor with other women and he made this saying a boiling point as a matter of fact the headline that I read where all of this was in cap I didn't go to one's Twitter then the other one's Twitter get all into the drum I just read a headline who's on Bloody Elbow calm boom actually a great headline I should give a shout-out to whoever posted this the headline was and it had to do with Artem in Pali and it said get your dollies ready right but the dolly from the bus situation great headline I really should find out who it was that said that because he deserves a shadow great at one of the better headlines that I've read in a meaningful period of time of MMA not me to click but within the body of this story it then parlays over these two knuckle honor and Kebede I'm reading this cold this is bad this is bad and I'm the guy that started this whole thing in terms of what you can bring in what's in limits of what's off limits started that whole thing push those little boy even I had to sit back and go this is this is this is bad this is very bad and this isn't even something okay and we're looking to monetize this isn't promotion where you could kind of doesn't hang out on promotion there sure are pushing the limits there but you know that damn that damn fight game it's all it's all about getting a test these guys were fighting one another these guys are not fighting one of these guys aren't fighting anybody for that matter they're both in the principal's office get your calendars out they're still in timeout they don't have licenses these guys are gonna be doing joint media appearances they're not going they're not gonna be doing anything together including fighting including sunny contracts to fight corner is is apparently aside from the license status not good to book him right now told the world he's retirement right there's some weird stuff going on right now we know enough to know he is not retired we also know enough to know it's not a good time to book him could be you can't be bought decent same boat he's kind of opponent he's got a date he's got a date that he can come I can't ever remember on the compete thing did he get 12 months or need to get six and then say I'm gonna sit twelve I'm close on that the right or he got twelve and said I'm gonna sit for him everyone he extended it when it could be just steered into this whole thing I I do not care what you do with me and minute whatever you want to give me I'll give myself more no you want to take this money why don't you just keep the whole thing forget don't call me don't contact don't mail me anything but keep it all I mean that was compete stance there's actually a very interesting stance but that was kabhi stance my point even though I can't off the top my head recall exactly what the sanctions were for both guys but point is the same these guys are still in timeout they're still sitting in the corner with a dunce hat on so now they've gone at each other one bringing and the other guys wife called her a towel that's Kareena that's got all sorts of implications and oh oh oh as the guy that redefined where the line is I'm sitting out and go whoa Konnor who came in and redefine he came in and moved the line from where I put though he came in and moved the line ten yards or more even he looked at it and deleted it okay and then khabib came back I mean that's an interesting that's an interesting one khabib is going to stand his ground from a prideful standpoint but that's it he is not going to market and he is not going to promote and he is going not going to monetize to be even in many regards as like Ben Askren whether you want to set this thing up in the streets of New York City or you want to sell it in arena someone just tell me when and just tell me where and when he says that even though that sounds like tough guy talk and bravado and that'll put chills up your spine it's real it's very real when he says it Connor on the other hand look at a business first connor is always looking at business first neither one of these guys those approaches are wrong they're just different approaches so when Connor starts going to this point with kebede socket I forgot why I have to I would be missing something be given an opportunity to learn something but I have to know why and I'm having a hard time finding that I'm having a hard time find out what the payoff in the endgame is here's the pieces that we have that we've been told should they hold up and I'm well aware in the world of promotion specifically as it comes to matchmaking we are in it going to adhered ly we are going to fiercely adhere to the rules that we make up on the spot I'm well aware of that but here's what we know those guys are on timeout that's true khabib and Connor can go fight right max and Poirier are going to go fight for the intern championship and we have been told as the viewing audience the winner will be the number one contender and the winner will be fighting khabib as soon as could be returned whoever that is because they have been told that has the right to cling to that argument Tony Ferguson has the right to push back against that argument and if Conor McGregor comes back and khabib got the belt and these guys want to do it one more time they have the right to push back against those other previously made statements of which are all mutually exclusive and cannot all exist at the same time they just can't we as the viewers I don't know that we have a horse in this race we've been given three promises and they're all really wonderful things I think we have to just sit back I think we owe that to everybody I don't I don't think we could have stand in this matter but those three guys whoever wins between Poirier and max Tony Ferguson himself and of course Conor should he return in conjunction with Kebede who appears to be more than a willy party have some level of business that they're going to need to work out through politics and bureaucracy and the mandate of the masses and the power of the media but they're going to need to work it out and as dirty and nasty as this is I would think that the play for whatever it is Connors dealing with right now whatever these reports in is some of which are rumors some of what's your speculation but all the same none of which are confirmed it would appear that he is making a chess players move of making sure that he has something to offer somebody powerful that they want and that's very wise and I've talked to you guys about this many times but everybody that's good in this industry I'm not talking about in the sport who's good with the punches and the kicks in the crap man they all are any given night they all are guys that are good in this industry all sell something and the guys that effectively sell it to you never let you know what that something is it's always the magicians left-hand with the guys that are good they will never turn on the industry they will never reveal the business and at times when they must turn on the industry and reveal the business they're still giving you a swerve because they still know something that you don't and whenever the magicians left hand is moving you know there's always something hidden in the right something is at play there and the thing that caught her mcgregor has sold many people believe his skills he has great skills he has not sold this many people believe it is confidence he has tremendous confidence he has never made a dollar because of it the thing that Connor has sold the thing that's in the magician's right hand while he's getting you to look at his left hand his power Conor McGregor has no power in this industry he has never got anybody a contract with any meaningful organization he's never gotten anybody released from a contract he has never called in a favor for anybody other than himself he does not have power within this industry but you think he does he has sold that he has sold power he has sold I decide who I fight I decide when I fight I will be getting shares I am a decision maker it's an angle it's a work and it's a gimmick but it's one that he got over with and it's one that I see the fellow fighters standing down oh this is what Connor wants that's the way it's gonna be I've heard members of the media who have some thrived and strived and been in the industry and kept their lights on at home and food on their table for being in this business so long come out and say the same well you know Connors holding all the chips none of this is a knock on Conor it's just the opposite Connors watching this right now Connor knows from one worker to another that I'm right and the one thing that he sold and the magicians great trick under that sleeve in the right hand while everybody else was looking at the left was the insinuation of power that never existed