Conor McGregor retired Uriah Fabers back


Chael Sonnen


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let's start with Connor right out of the gate all right last time we talked two days ago he had retired I give you an entire analysis of what this retirement means and why this retirement should be taken seriously or why this retirement isn't same as the previous retirements and I tied it into the logistics and all of the rules and policies that go around pousada okay you'll remember when he first came out and was just having a little bit of fun a number of years ago it says I'm retired UFC had to come on the back and that guy he doesn't mean that those were just words can't come out and say he's retired he'll take him out of the pool which more importantly from a headache standpoint will have to reimburse him into the pool timeout running that one back okay great this time that did not happen in fact everybody said good luck here's your hat what's your hurry fine I find out the whole thing Excel and what where's that all going with what's that all mean I don't fully know I'm well aware that Conor McGregor will be back I'm well aware that lots of guys retire just so they can have a comeback you can't have a comeback fight if you don't retire first look I'm not being naive to this whole situation but I also don't want to be naive to the repercussions that do have to involve Osada when you retire well Ariel had told me a piece of news which is not so fast he actually hasn't notified who sada he is still in the pool only point there beam would be when and if he decided to come back he could do it with a very smooth transition okay I'd offered you guys on Wednesday the example of Brock Lesnar when Brock Lesnar told us he was coming back and he's gonna fight Daniel Cormier different rules for Brock because he was a past offender he had to serve six months instead of the traditional what I believe is four it's two it's three it's four whatever the hell it is but differ for Brock tie that in with Urijah Faber has now said that he is considering coming back he's taking a competitive grappling match coming out with Nicky Ryan very good match I must say but he's also talking about coming back into MMA he even had an opponent picked out in TJ Dillashaw okay great that makes perfect sense for me I loved all the drama behind Cody Garr Brandt and TJ Dillashaw because of the situation between Urijah Faber and TJ Dillashaw I loved it so I could only think I'm gonna love it even more if we remove the garb rent and just go master to master right let's just go TJ to you Ryan get this award I'm on board everything's fine but one thing that was revealed in this process is even though uriah had retired absolutely had retired gave his notification done he never left the testing pool very relevant to the story which means if you rise simply changes his mind sends a text message off to his promoter will make a book him there's nothing standing in the way I offer you guys that because I'm not I'm not totally sure everybody understands what it means to retire what it means to come back it's not as simple as just raising your hand and going okay I'll do it again haha look at me whether it was an intention based or I just changed my mind nah there's actually some procedures and some logistics and some holdups there well not for uriah my favorite state in the pool relevance is if Connor stays in the pool okay great even a bigger signal that he plans to come back okay George st. Pierre who recently retired all that time that George had sat out between fighting Bisping winning the championship giving the belt back saying look I don't know if I'm gonna do this again but I might he stayed in the pool that whole time so a lot of us have really bought into hey George isn't just saying this George's specifically avoided the r-word retirement even when he stepped away after the 90 fought Johny Hendricks he's away I'm I'm just gonna leave for a little bit I'm not done I'm not retiring but I'm also don't book me for a fight because I'm not taking any in fact take my championship and go on with it but I'm not retired he was very cognizant to not use that word which meant when he finally did do it and he finally left the blue it was kind of a big deal it was a time we go okay I get it I get it he really is he really has done a gun had that same sense with Uriah I thought that he met and he built so many memories and I know how busy is behind the scenes I've known the guys 20-plus years so I really did think that he was done but then when you get revealed that he stayed in the pool something I didn't know okay he's always had his eye on this he's always been one foot out the door but one foot still in if you will I think that that would be a fair conclusion to come to with Conor I also want to tell you I don't want to touch or at least I don't want to get buried in the weeds of a full conversation on what it is Connor is dealing with okay that to the utmost level makes me uncomfortable and I'm also not an expert on it but I have heard different rumors that are not in lined with the one true statement that was put out the one statement that was put out also had did not all the ugly stuff that I'm avoiding right now right but it also did say he wasn't even arrested he hadn't even been charged that was the exact word he hadn't even been charged i I'm gonna leave it at that and I'm gonna walk away but I do know rules and laws in different countries do change but the one that we have here in the u.s. is innocent until proven guilty and these are some very very ugly things that are being said about somebody reserve judgment just reserved judgment