Conor McGregor retirement a detailed analysis


Chael Sonnen


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late but not a dollar short over here so Conor McGregor comes out of retires he says I'm retired well oh yeah of course he's not retired I understand that but let's just try to break down why say you're retired we just saw a great retirement from a great fighter called George say Pierre George st. Pierre held a news conference okay now he's from Canada most the listeners here are from North America but so perhaps you don't understand when an athlete of George's level of success who comes from Montreal retires that is news breaking the cameras are going to show up not only this international news and big an art space for his area geographically speaking this was huge news so for him to hold a press conference was very appropriate and you saw the success of that I'm talking about in terms of how many people came and showed up and brought the cameras and ask questions I think even more so could be said if Conor McGregor who is put Ireland on the map at least in the world of MMA wanted to retire that he would have done it in the form of a news conference instead he did it in the form of a tweet so ok transparently untrue yeah of course yeah I got it I got it not even the first time he's done it he sent out some other tweets before I can't quote him off the top of my head hey thanks for the cheese everybody I'm out of here folks something along these lines but the retirement would become very relevant here let me back you guys up on this and this is really important to understand the first time Conor McGregor came out and said I'm retired Dana White had to come in on the back of that ago whoa those were just words there was no intent and no meaning and I'll tell you why I'm clarifying for him I don't care if he fights again or not guys could walk away whenever they want but allow me to tell you why I'm clarifying under the rules of our new partnership with USADA if a guy retires that removes him from the pool a retirement doesn't have to be in a formal writing or a jurisdiction or a hearing or a commission it can be as simple and light as I retire kids remember that office with Michael Scott where Michael Scott was having financial problems and somebody told me could declare bankruptcy so he walks onto the office floor gets everybody attention and yells out I declare bankruptcy and then thought like all of his is his debts and financial woes were gonna go away Oscar had to slide into the office ago hey Michael just so you know that that's not a declaration for bankruptcy there's an actual paperwork the reason I bring that up is silly as that example may sound it's one that I know you guys will get and on the retirement of USADA it is just as easy as that you can come out in the form of a text message you could also go out into the public and say I'm retired and it could at least argumentatively stop your clock so to make sure that there was no argument that could be raised because now there's a reentry into Osada by the way you can't just jump back in you didn't have to be tested for X amount of time similar to or seen brock lesnar go through now so guys don't go on some kind of ahead holiday if you will so you see why there's good reason for this you also see in a business in an industry that has to be able to move really quickly why you would be able to come out and declare bankruptcy or declare retirement so Dana had to come in behind the Gallois whoa whoa whoa these were words he is not retired he is staying in the pool as soon as we take him out of the pool we're not going we don't want to go through the whole reentry process so let's make sure that everything's cool in the gang that we all understand that he's not retiring so that would be relevant is this a real retirement where the USADA clock would stop because while I'm well aware that Conor will be back and while I'm well aware that he plans to be back and that I'm well aware that he plans to be back this year in 2019 evidence of the fact that he's out there training putting out videos of it and evident of the fact that less than 48 hours ago he was on the couch of Jimmy Fallon saying yeah I'm looking for a fight I'm in shape I'm ready to go look at me so evident of all that something came up in between the appearance on Jimmy Fallon and the mysterious tweet that goes out that retires him so I have to come back to the nuts and bolts of it nah I get that it's an attention thing don't weigh in and tell me always looking for attention he needed a headline he was drunk he was this it I get I got the whole thing I understand Conor McGregor is not retired what we're gonna unpack right now is why did he say that he was and how sincere should we take this retirement if you were to go back to one of the ones that he did before where his promoter had to come out on the heels of that and go whoa just a second there's actually consequences and a byproduct to making that statement Michael Scott there's actually things that happen let's make sure it's very clear to everybody those were just words no intent great that has not happened at this time at least not at the point that I am coming in here and recording and talking to you guys that has not happened so it would appear to me that he will be removed from the pool if he is removed from the USADA pool he would then have to re-enter the pool he will not have the same time constraints against him that again by example Brock Lesnar is going through or went through because he is not a past offender but he still has to go through the process of which I believe off the top of my head I used to know this thing perfectly I think it's two months I believe if you have no offense it's too much but guys I could be wrong and it's as much as four but it's a meaningful period of time if an athlete was to be in the pool and leave the pool and tried to re-enter there's something very specific for that scenario that I just laid out unlike a past offender and what he would have to go through and unlike a brand-new fighter who's perhaps getting signed because the geographical location and a last-minute fight a last-minute opportunity he will then be given the benefit of the doubt I'm not trying to break down and I'm not trying to create a discussion for you guys on those three different ways to view it I'm just shared with you those are the rules except them but there is consequences so if we were to hang our hat on the argument that Conor McGregor is just looking for attention okay but we have to take into consideration that there will be ramifications for that so I think we Level II can dismiss that I don't think it is as simple as attention no I don't I don't think that at all so what else could it be if he's looking to fight later this year and he's removed himself from the pool it moves the timeline much as we saw with Brock Lesnar and why Brock is now in compliance and has met that time you still see that fights delay we were told the fight between Brock and DC was going to happen and that it was eminent we were told that in March of 2018 here we are March of 2019 we didn't put pen to paper on getting a contract yet so you see where these think where the dominoes start to fall where it could be really relevant all the things that have to come together did when you're dealing with somebody like Connor that's before you have the outside obstacle so and what gets revealed to us okay this was the world's worst kept secret among guys in the business I've never spoke about it and neither has anybody else within North America that Connor was in some kind of an investigation for some kind of an assault that took place in Ireland this was a very poorly kept secret but the way that the laws in Ireland work as they were explained to me unlike here in America where as soon as somebody is put into handcuffs as soon as they're fingerprinted and booked as soon as any kind of a police report happens that becomes public knowledge not only is it fair game for the media it's fair game for the prosecution and the police and anybody else who wants to speak at it to go out and speak on it and it will even be put at the local newspaper quite literally there is a section of the newspaper you can flip to and see who got pulled over for whatever they from A to Z right from jaywalking to something a lot darker very public in Ireland as has been explained to me they don't work that way they give somebody a full process which means there's an arrest there is an indictment there is a trial there is a decision made on that trial and then and only then is it released through the media I don't know that that is for all crime in Ireland I don't even know that that is for high crime in Ireland but I do know when it is something dealing with sexual assault that is the policy in Ireland because this is a sexual assault he would fall under that what I'm trying to say to you guys is yeah we've we've all known this shoe is going to drop but it's out of bounds for anybody to speak about because we also don't have any details and for anybody you could see what that'd be a very good law you would see where Ireland would get some credit for that protect a guy's name if if he's going through it and say whoa let me tell my side of the story you can see where that'd be very good now that that is out that Conor is under investigation for the sexual assault and it happens to line up with the retirement are the two related that becomes the next question Connors team has already come out so no they aren't related okay great the timings a little bit weird because I think you don't just look at those two pieces of the time I think you have to look at the third piece of the tie line which lo and behold is Jimmy Fallon Jimmy fellows a huge opportunity for MMA very hard to get on his couch I think Daniel Cormier has been there I could be wrong I know Rhonda has been there and O'Connor has not I don't believe in any other fighter hand it's a big opportunity it's a big spot if you're going to go on that couch if you're given that platform you want to have something that is marketable Connor did not have a fight so he didn't have anything that was directly marketable but he still hyped it hey I'm getting ready I'm in shape take a look at me waiting for something to call okay great as a fan now you you left me with something to be excited about and then always said the retirement comes at the same time the shoe drops for the alleged sexual assault in Ireland so are they related I don't see it I don't see it because it would be a sucker's move in my opinion could be missing something it would appear to me that if there's ever a time that you need a friend it's right now I would not think that retiring excluding yourself taking yourself out of something very positive very loved very coveted as a means of strategy while having to deal with something so tremendous would be wise I would think at a time like this you would keep as many friends and as many doors and as many things open as you could the other side of that coin is that could easily tarnish the other entity you may want to come and serve or you have somebody come to you and go look this is not going to be good branding this is not going to be good timing this is going to be a Jam of the highest of levels it is best if you step away it is best if headlines do not come out that say UFC star Conor McGregor fill in the blank all right how many times have we seen that Coker's had to go through that in the last 18 months he had two knuckleheads that don't even work for him anymore but used to at some point work form under contract going go and do something horrendous and all the headland elet or fighter alexis of viele Bellator fighter and with some old Bellator guy just robbed a bank just robbed a bit I couldn't tell you his name but I could tell you he's a former Bellator fighter because that's what the media says what better way to describe Conor McGregor what better as soon as you say hey Conor McGregor no they're gonna attach it to a brand who did nothing wrong so you could see where maybe Conor and the spirit of sportsmanship and hey you guys did a lot for me I'm gonna get the hell out of your way for a little bit while I go deal with this or maybe somebody else came to him and said hey separate yourself and do it now the shoes gonna drop that your problem you done something more along these lines and I think that we have even alluded to it over here right guys we did talk about when the Cerrone Conor fight was supposed to come up and all of a sudden it and then all of a sudden it's a step further where it can't even come up because now sir Oh knees booked against a like wanna we did talk about the fact that perhaps it's just not a good time to book Conor McGregor now when that term was used by me it was being fully aware that at some point it was going to become public of what he's dealing with in this alleged assault case in Ireland but all the same we hit that one on the head right it just simply is not a good time to book Conor McGregor