Coronavirus Pfizer BioNTech see early positive results for vaccine candidate

that's some breaking news from Pfizer that may have helped the averages Meg trill I don't know what it is exactly yet but make draw has more on this I'm trying to see how this relates to kovat I guess if it's antibody research maybe it's applicable is that it Meg it's applicable as it gets Joe it's Pfizer in bio in Taxco vat19 vaccine phase one two results they just posted online on a preprint server meaning they've submitted it to a journal they haven't yet been peer-reviewed but these results show in this early-stage trial looking at 24 patients on two lower doses of this vaccine all 24 generated neutralizing antibodies those are the important ones that stop the virus from being able to infect cells and they saw that at levels one point eight to two point eight times what you would see in patients who've recovered from kovat 19 terms of the safety they said they did see some fever but no serious adverse events and they saw the higher dose wasn't any better in terms of the immunogenicity data than the lower ones so that's why they continued with these two lower doses so guys some positive news this morning for both Pfizer and bio n tech in the race to evacuate weird because I thought Pfizer just said they weren't going to release anything till they published it in a in a journal but this seems like an early release of some of some data yeah they've submitted to a journal and now they've submitted it online so folks see the data 24 out of 24 and pretty good potency if it's 1.8 to 2.8 Thank You Meg that probably is responsible for what we're seeing here you