Corra na Direção dos Seus Sonhos com Les Brown Legendado Biografia Motivacional

I remember going downtown with my mother and I saw water fountain and I think I was about five years old and I ran a night crate from the water fountain and all of a sudden she grabbed me by the neck and said don't you ever do that again and start punching me in the back of my head in my face and and got me down on the ground was punching me relentlessly relentlessly and I said mama please hits me mama it's me with this crazed look in her eyes and then a white policeman came and he had a a nightstick in his hand he was hitting it in his left hand he said okay all right you beat that little nigger boy enough now I won't have to beat him with this nightstick and he walked away laughing and my mother broke down inside it crying and saying Leslie I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I said mother why did you beat me like that she said this water fountains are for white only son and if that carpet hit you with his nightstick he would have to kill me I fought him til he killed me and I left you and your brothers and sisters by themselves to raise themselves I'm so sorry and the book called learned optimism the sea Lerman talked about the fact that between ages 0 & 5 we determine what's available to us and what's not available to us and so that was a defining moment I knew there are certain things I could not do certain places I could not go they used to have signs on Miami Beach that said Jews dogs and coloreds not allowed and so now you have to operate within the constraints of the dominant society and the things that they have created for you it's a challenge to see yourself beyond that and to work to get outside of that even after those laws have changed because that has become so much a part of you you unconsciously operate within the parameters of what has been put in place [Music] one of the worst things that you can do is is provide an environment and get people to buy an ally above themselves and cause them to live a small life as opposed to life of achievement when I was a kid I was born an abandoned building on a floor with my twin brother Wesley we were adopted when I was six weeks of age I was labeled educable mentally retarded when I was in the fifth grade a move they put me back from the fifth grade to the fourth grade I fail again in eighth grade I have no college training so being identified and labeled as DT the dumb twin it gave me a lot of things to overcome and when you're raised in poverty that vision of yourself that culture those circumstances those conversations those things that you observe they begin to create the lenses from which you see the world and so to overcome that is it's a major major challenge I'm curious how when did you start to believe in yourself or was someone I mother was working for a very wealthy family she worked for wealthy families on Miami Beach and I remember mr. sidarsky she cooked for these families and week to fool leftover from the family since she cooked for she kept their children and we want to hand-me-down clothes into children that she worked for and when I had the assignment of cleaning mr. sidarskys office and shining his shoes and he was listening to various motivational recordings and those words I had no idea while I was shining his shoes listening to people like him wrong of people like Zig Ziglar of listening citizen some of the words of Winston Churchill and so I had no idea while shining his shoes listening to these words that it began to restructure my vision of myself and how people live their lives as a result of the story they believe about themselves my mentor Mike Williams and go on ohayo he said less if information could change people everybody would be skinny rich and happy but he said in order to change people he have to create a significant emotional event that you have to interrupt a person's story that they believe about themselves with your story and through the delivery of your stories strategically you dismantle their current belief system and inspire them to make new choices because when you change how they see themselves all you have to do after that is to get out of the way first time I stood up the speaker I stood up at my minds that down I choked I couldn't remember anything you and I spoke in the Georgia Dome I went to the bathroom seven times they knocked the door brownie I said what is it come out man Dexter Jaeger they they up there pausing now because it's time for you and I made a mistake I looked out at the audience and I panicked I said Mike I don't hear the voices I'm scared he said brownie they came to see you you didn't come to see them he said come out you were here the voices I said I don't know Mike I've been trying I just don't know I'm scared and he said just be scared and do it anyhow don't speak I said Oh helps me he said no I said then what will I do they say just tell a story mmm tell a story of where you are about what you're going through and about the goal and dream for buying your mother home you know I I told my mother I said mama when I become a man imma buy your home I said when I turn 18 I'm gonna set you down and I'm gonna be able to buy groceries for us we won't have to wait til someone eats and hope that there's something left over I'm gonna buy brand-new clothes for us and we won't have to wear somebody else's children's clothes that they've won all year long and because of her example and my love for her and the passion and that I felt in my heart I've got to do something to to make her proud I've got to do something to put myself in position to be able to take care of her and that drove me my mother she made a way out of no way I saw her go through some challenging experience raising seven children by herself she we'll make when she couldn't work anymore had arthritis she she wrote numbers and so lone child in homeroom and and and she went to jail for a period of time you know I was ten I became a man and so I remember when when I was with her when she passed away youngest son's birthday and I remember holding her hand and she took her last breath I thank you for choosing us I never felt that I was given away I always felt that I was chosen with love and I said I'm gonna make you proud that you chose us so when I speak I think about her and the tough times we went through but my favorite book says think it not strange at your face to Fiery Furnaces of this world but I affirm no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets I'm going to make it and I heard her say that that she was determined we will always have a roof over my head food on the table clothes on her back and she was able to make a way out of no my first major goal was to buy my mother a home and let me tell you something ladies and gentlemen what what will reasons do less Nietzsche said if you know the rifle doing you can in do it almost anyhow what do you mean by that if you know why you're doing something when the hard times come and they're gonna come when the disappointments and the rejections come and they're gonna come by the truckloads your reasons will be your rod and staff to comfort you to pick you up once again I got a saying on one of my tapes of life knocks you down try and land on your back because if you can look up you can get up let your reasons get you back up I think it's important that people find something that gives their life a sense of meaning and value that drives them that becomes their magnificent obsession don't just do it for the money you can make a lot of money I earn more than one hour than 90% of the American public are working for five years when you find something that you love you will study it something that you love that becomes a difference between being in speaking and speaking being in you that you will become not just confident but you'll become competent on that [Music] the average fee could get around 25 to 30 requests a year I get over 3,000 I wanted this this group of people that I was talking to I wanted to challenge them to get outside of the comfort zone and to become uncomfortable with where they are there's no say you could take a horse to the water but you can't make a drink however if you not to speak strategically and create a special moment you can create a thirst where they want to drink and so when I got to the end of my presentation I looked at them and I said right and I want to talk to you about dr. Howard Thurman who was one of the mentors of dr. Martin Luther King jr. and Mahatma Gandhi and he said the ideal situation for a man a woman to die is that family members praying with them as they cross over but imagine if you will be on your deathbed and standing around your bed the ghosts of the dreams the ideas the abilities given to you by life at you for whatever reason you never pursue those dreams you never acted on those ideas you never use those gifts in there they are looking at you with large angry eyes think we came to you and only you could have given us life and now we must die with you forever hmm and the question is if you die today what dreams what ideas what gifts will die with you [Music] applause and the room is silent [Music] and one of the things that say to people don't discount yourself I didn't do what I'm doing now for 14 years because I didn't believe being labeled educable mentally retarded I'm failing and the fifth grade put back to the fourth grade and no college education that I can compete with people with PhDs and MVAs and so for 14 years a lot of people say they have no regrets the biggest regret that I have that I disapproved of myself for 14 years and then I went to a training and a guy was speaking and a guy was speaking and it just stopped like a smell came over he said there's somebody here who should be doing this he's that I do it because I make a lot of money I'd love to make money he said for you you want to change lives and you can make money too young man young lady and is that you know who you are and then he calls again he said the reason I'm standing up here holding this microphone and you seen it out there I represent the thoughts you have rejected for yourself that hit me right between the eyes my begin to cry at that time this is in 1980 I went outside I called my queers I said Mike he said yes I said I'm not rejecting myself anymore do you hear me that brownie Conda listen to me man I'm not rejecting myself anymore [Music] I wish I had not waited 14 years somebody said if you want to lose something lose money but don't lose time there were 14 years I said on the sidelines 14 years I said I don't have an investor at me like tony robbins 14 years that said I don't have an MBA or PhD and I can't compete with these guys I have the complexion of rejection 14 years I silenced my Wow and so I regret that because there are some people that maybe if that heard my voice they would not have turned to drugs if they'd heard my voice their lives would have taken a different direction and I can't get those 14 years back that haunts me and me I think that drives me when I speak with such energy I'm trying to make up for that time room but I can't what's the message you would share with the world I would say you have greatness in you I don't know you but here's what I know based upon my own experience you have greatness in you so we have to begin to ask ourselves well most of us are living alive most of us because we live in a world where we're told more about our limitations rather than on intention we go to our graves never knowing who we really are most people die days 25 we don't get very sick boy for those of you that have experienced some hardships don't give up on your dream no one could have convinced me by holding off by continuing to push forward by continuing to run toward my dream that one day I would have my own talk show it's a long shot ladies and gentlemen from Liberty City an abandoned building on a floor never knowing my mother or father it's a long shot being here with you today in this dog in Atlanta it's a long shot no college training labeled educable mentally retarded but I kept running toward my dream don't stop don't stop [Music] don't stop running toward your dream [Music] [Music]