Could Jeffrey Epstein Have Children He Never Met

does Jeffrey Epstein have a secret son or daughter who could inherit his vast fortune a DNA company has just launched this online campaign unknown children of the late Jeffrey Epstein contact us if you believe you may have given birth to a child fathered by the late Jeffrey Epstein or that he may have been your biological father please contact us immediately without delay we have one person who thinks they might have been the child and a couple of other people who believe they might have been impregnated by him what's at stake hundreds of millions of dollars including this townhouse in Manhattan worth 77 million dollars Epstein never got married he does have a younger brother and a niece and a nephew depending on Epstein's will his family would inherit everything but the DNA search could change all that assuming somebody comes forward and the DNA establishes a blood connection according to a New York Times report Epstein made plans to turn his New Mexico estate into a baby ranch with the goal of having 20 women at a time impregnated the Epstein estate is certain to be litigious mess as dozens of victims fight for a share we intend to file civil claims against Jeffrey Epstein's estate on behalf of our victims this week attorney Lisa bloom represents several women who claim Epstein lured them into his depraved sex trafficking scheme he did so much wrong and caused so much harm in life in death let's show some respect to the victim [Music] you [Music]