Could This Fruit Be the World’s Most Prized

(cheerful music) (speaking in foreign language) (cheerful music) (speaking in foreign language) - [Man] When you thank God for what he's giving you, you bring something which is a perfect fruit. - [Announcer] This Great Big Story is inspired by Genesis. (waves crashing) (cheerful music) (speaking in foreign language) - My name is Moshe Lazar, and I am a rabbi in Milan, Italy. We are here to collect the etrogim for the holiday of Sukkot. Sukkot is in the autumn, when we thank his holiness for all that he gives us during the summer, and the etrog is a symbol which we use for the holiday. (cheerful music) Every fruit has its climate, and Calabria has the climate that the etrog needs. (speaking in foreign language) - Perfect. Very beautiful etrog. The etrog itself has to have a minimum size. It has to be straight, not crooked. It has to be clean, not scratched and not with marks. It has to be a perfect fruit. (cheerful music) This is a beautiful etrog. Clean, nice shape, and even has the point over here, with we call the pitum. The United States, Australia, Argentina, Europe, all the countries in the world where there's a Jewish community, they ask for the etrog. (speaking in foreign language) (cheerful music) (speaking in foreign language) - Friendship and brotherhood between different types of community, this is something which is so important. I hope we will have beautiful fruit this year, and everything should be good, everything should be well. (cheerful music)