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[Applause] hello and welcome to another wrestling round table discussion podcast I'm Adam will Warren from what culture joined by the Dudley Boyz of what culture Michael Hamlet and Michael Sidgwick to discuss another burning wrestling issue but before we get into it if you're a fan of this sort of thing make sure you subscribe to what called wrestling on either iTunes or Spotify for daily podcasts where we review Raw Smackdown pay-per-views we have interviews more roundtable discussions like this one and a roundup of the week complete with a vanity good quiz of course on wrestle Koshiba gents the Royal Rumble is just a few days away and it is looking good my question to you today is could this be the best Rumble ever if they maximize its potential then like absolutely like that main card screw the pretty sure that main card like looks incredible on paper we'll go through it much by much of course but I think is it if you look at it it's an actual shoe which is a lost art and WWE in this like blue it's Network era like it's an actual show I think that card complements itself perfectly like at least two of the title matches both of which are fresh which i think is another major major plus for this show like the finn balor brock lesnar Marcin from the Sasha banks Ronda Rousey match they're not gonna go more than 50 minutes a piece like it comes to something when you're looking ahead and preview in the WWE show well I'm just so thankful that I was a great chance I'm not gonna be exhausted but that's what we're looking at now but I do generally think facetiousness facetiousness aside the show looks great like it's got the potential that being really something not least on a show where like they're advertising to hour-long matches like the women's Royal Rumble is not just a perfect event now because the division is ready is supporting but like this is the era of citric says these like bloated Network shows that are often not very well paced and we know that they're on like $1 per minute sort of roll where these shows is but like I'm really hyped for two hour-long matches that feel worthy of the place on the card and then because it's the Rumble the undercard everything feels bigger that doesn't feel like there's any room for any Filipino you've got Royal Rumbles to get to so it's like the load and all but everything would like you know kneel near WrestleMania level matches in between two of the most fun matches that you can watch all year there's there's just no dead weight on the show every single match has a championship involved with it or of course the two Roma matters as a champion championship stipulation opportunity here exactly it is really exciting he's arguably will also compare this to previous rumbles and Rumble pay-per-views in a second base is one of the things about this this years the sort of predictable unpredictability of it because a lot of people can sit there and look at this card and go well Brock Lesnar's probably gonna win Ronda Rousey's probably gonna win Daniel Bryan's probably gonna win arguably you can then look at the likes of Charlotte Flair and Seth Rollins to win the rumble and despite all that you can still feasibly for a few certain few of those say but life they don't yeah I think Daniel Bryan defeat and AJ Styles to me feels like the only nailed on results and that's one of the matches I'm still most excited about because I'm excited to see what they're gonna do all the other matches benefit from the fact that you can't quite predict it you can make assumptions like you say about something like Brock Lesnar versus Finn Balor but the 1% is enough to get you hyped up you know we assume that Brock Lesnar is going to be going to Wrestlemania as a universal champion but why he isn't you know you could make that assumption that Braun was going to win so why can't you now transfer that over to Finn Ballard just just to get yourself a little bit more excited that the unpredictable might actually happen and I think as well what they've benefitted from is having poor soft Survivor Series I think we discussed sunlight Raw and SmackDown podcasts there's sometimes a lot to be said for the short term booking helping these pay-per-views more than the long term they've kind of rushed into this after a bit of a dry Christmas they've rushed in this Rumble maybe two or three weeks nothing yet feels out of date and nothing yet feels like they've put so much into the program on television that you saw tired of the program before you get to the pay-per-view Finn Balor was a last minute change and everything last minute that done lately has been better for it and nothing like everything feels super super fresh and hitting at just the right time and in this era of so much churn and so much output it's rare that you actually ready to see the matches when they're about to hit yeah it just feels like it's a perfect storm for this pay-per-view it deliver like which to be fair like you didn't win here to him one of the best shows of the year right out the gate and you look back at some of the other great Royal Rumble pay-per-views arguably you could you could put last year's in there you know yes you had the Brock Braun and Kane match but then you also had a thrilling inaugural women's Royal Rumble phenomenally exciting men's Royal Rumble you know yes you had the AJ Styles versus kami kami hmm but kami slightly further back don't care me kami you've got the two thousand roller Rumble pay-per-view the 2002 Royal Rumble play for you the 2011 Royal Rumble pay-per-view it could arguably be better than all those even if you take into account Tasos debut Triple H's return to win the rumble in 2002 my favourite Rumble which this is very subject I don't think many other people have it right up there but it's a top to bottom attraction with the Lords of great things happening on it was the 2000 rumble you had Taz's debut which was at a phenomenal opener like an actual opener the purists like sort of the forum and you had that ridiculous Smith swimsuit Royal Rumble thing which I was 14 or 15 makes sense why is his very best thing in the world when he 14 or 15 less problematically and that classic WWF Championship match between Triple H and Ric for like still stands up to this day is this disgusting but engage and mesmerizing spectacle of like this war of a match and and you had taka Michinoku break this face yes your magic a foreshadow in that aggravating by likes wanton off the balcony I mother subscribe I was fresh that was so fresh I was couldn't take my eyes from that was a really fresh match so we undercard wasn't great but it you know he's still like a massive nostalgic affection for it watching it back now and you know didnäôt states welcome and you know the rumour match itself was one of the pure efforts but the rock was there in 2000 so how bad could it possibly be I watched every Royal Rumble pay-per-view over the last sort of three weeks to review them please read that to rank them from worst the best and yeah the Rumble undercard from 2000 sticks out and why I would actually relate that a 20-18 it's because one thing everybody sort of identifies about 2000 was it was at kind of the point I mean the radicals hadn't yet come in but other than those four do we do we had really got all the ducks in a row like the worst of Vince Russo's habits from 99 had disappeared and been replaced by like more great wrestling more citing wrestlers amorphous or futuristic booking and you know the wave of the the creative and commercial success that do we to erode through the 80,000 kind of kicked off there yeah and I think we're in that point again now where we've just been waiting for w/e sore super roster there the roster that theoretically caters to all tastes you've got your great wrestling you've got your sports entertainment you've got a women's division like never before I'm just a mix of great characters we've not really yet seen the pay-per-view that truly pays off that roster we've not seen a Wrestlemania they're completely over six hours makes the best of a roster of this higher quality could this be the year where like in 2000 they do that again they tell us that this is the product we can actually deliver all the time there's an actual impetus for them to do that this year as well because obviously with the advent of all elite wrestling and like widespread reports of talents morale just completely in the gutter it this is got the potential to be like a real mere culpa yeah till I apologize for all terrible Brooklyn and it sort of tell the public and the talent alike we're gonna do a complete blew away show here to let you know that you're gonna get welcome forward this is gonna be a vital company where you matter and you get to be creative coming forward I mean I've been fooled by WWE once or twice before several occasions but this feels different it feels like I don't say like a sleeping giants waking up but I'd like to mmm and if you approach these things with positivity rich coming from me then maybe you can get a bit of return on that investment he look we don't to get too much into predictions territory here but when you look at like you say that the Rosses that they've got to choose from and and you know there was a it did sort of fall off the map for a while the Royal Rumble because it was just kind of this going through the motions the odds they'd come back from a star you not seen in years but beyond that it was very much more of the same and you could probably call it a fair few times despite about that yes you could arguably say well I think we both we all know the two winners of the rumble who they're probably going to be you not only have the excitement of some exciting feuds that they've got going on at the moment you for example you if you had and radhe and Rey as one and two you know you'd get stick opener to the rumble for example you know only have that you not only have returning stars like we said we said for example till the hurricane very simple very you know obvious pop last year but a memorable moment nonetheless but you now also have this excitement of the speculation we've been talking about in the office and I know everyone would have been talking about at home as well about which NXT stars could receive just pop-up we've had the likes of Adam cold in in previous years and we were sat there saying he's Madrid or gonna make an appearance is voting dream gonna make an appearance that all sort of adds to the aura of not just the pay-per-view but in particular the Royal Rumble match for both the men's and the women's yeah certainly if there's lots of like subplot so even something as simple as them what is cool for Kingston's like near elimination spoken to be this we're all into Smackdown which i think is a credit to them actually they put that in as a segment because they now understand what people anticipate about the Royal Rumble as they showed last year yeah and I think there's no reason not to be optimistic I think which is a nice feeling to have about this pay-per-view again isn't it yeah absolutely and there's a lot of divisive opinions across the fundamental and say WWE universe but and that could sort of potentially like exploit that with something like I think I pitched this in a conversation on the desk or whatever the other day or I think was in the raw and it's back to our review podcast which you can check out on iTunes a Spotify people absolutely hate Baron Corbin or are just completely numb to him abhorred by him or whatever the idea of him winning that Royal Rumble or going on some kind of tear where he eliminates lots of people like that could be like a really neat little sub plant that is just gonna create another feeling which you can add to this like chaos in this din of this incredible spectacle that just keeps you guessing from one movement to the next makes you feel different things I'm really really excited about this much we saw discuss Nyack's doing the same in the women's Royal Rumble yeah yeah I know sort of it got like these this terrible response when I suggested it to win it but the idea is is that you create the panic that she might it's never about no Jack's winning it's about the threat oh god no Jack's can't go to Wrestlemania I think last year's Rumble is it's definitely has changed then our if that the the gimmick was in the bin I think like the the big sign in the corner kind of represented the change in of an area where they were kind of like trying to tell us that these guys were stars by those guys he's pointing at sign year after year was I I'm going to Wrestlemania you need to get on board and they rather than just the funds coming up when underneath the rest is in the first place and wanting him to get man Seth Rollins is a bit of a divisive figure I think at the moment probably more like him than done but even he's a guy that within that one match could be booked as winning it is the the next logical step in his road to kind of final redemption Nakamura last year now alongside finn bálor being paired off with John Cena Roman reigns was W be like inch-perfect that identifying who like a lot of their fans were in favor of against the guys that are known as the office favorites they can easily replicate that with someone like a bar in Corbin not so much as a favorite but with somebody that you create the story line throughout there's other guys in there now even I would say that won't get booed as much but probably won't be wanted to be as winners if they do throw someone like braun strowman in i dare saying now we won't have quite they're quite the posit positivity around him that you would have had to say six months back so if you find yourself down a braun strowman and seth rollins the heat for those two as the final two is going to be fantastic because they're gonna be asking the fans to make a choice like permanently make 94 exactly like the lex luger bret hart thing that vincent man gave that finish to the fans both men's arms were race and he was saying right who's gonna get the louder chairs he's going to be supported and a choices made going forward a wrestlemania you made mention of the fact that people are split on Seth Rollins and I think you put it well like people like him I don't think the love him are now personally my subjective feeling and there's no shame in this given like how great the wider wrestling scene is right now our personally think Seth Rollins is a babyface is a b-plus player but they could then they should in my opinion have him come out in the one or two slots because the most momentum he's had in quite some time and fact it changed a lot of people's perceptions of him was during that gauntlet match last year on Raw ante on his best day is like really really phenomenal ante is like Machine of stamina and athleticism and if they can pitch in lay out the Royal Rumble match to sort of maximize that like stamina and that endurance and that fighting spirit and I think he could really possibly go into WrestleMania with psy momentum you've got a look at feel like a star again hasn't he yeah he's got he's got to be as big as you kind of once believed he was and because he's such a perception wrestler when he has off weeks or off months not Feud like with Dean Ambrose he's reduced in status so quick almost overnight but they can turn it round on him just as quickly yes I'm gonna ask you a question about a mentor or a rumble in a second the women's Royal Rumble side of things is he's fascinating and weirdly unpredictable despite the fact there's - maybe you can push argue put Alexa bliss now back in there but probably only two names one of which is already in a title match it's an intriguing prospect there isn't it because everyone says it's got to be Charlotte but then Becky Lynch is fine asked if this Mac now Women's Championship everyone anticipates a triple threat match for the Royal Women's Championship Charlotte Bekir on Smackdown Rhonda's on row how does that all come together personally I'm not so fussed about Becky Lynch getting in I know like a lot of people are already fantasy book two away you know the Royal Rumble and I do worry about the the Daniel Bryan style response if that much goes on last and she's not inserted so they've got a lot of big decisions to make about where it's placed on the card and how they kind of affect the rest of the booking I'm all for Charlotte winning the Royal Rumble because the women's were on ball although the Royal Rumble is a 30-plus year old gimmick the women's roll around is two years old and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that gimmick being protected by the best person when in it the two of the first three rumbles were won by Hulk Hogan in the night is they were swallowed up by Shawn Michaels Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin big stars won that match because it was the hardest thing like a star could do that was that was a badge of honor for a top guy - so it's you know - we're asked about it last year and yeah the wheels fell off a little ass get a big but they're never gonna fall off with Charlotte Flair ever she will always be protected by the company so as much as I think people want Becky Lynch to have that kind of babyface fire heading in at WrestleMania from the Rumble you can find ways to slaughter in and I don't think there was anything wrong with heavy favorites Charlotte Flair just winning it because she's the best because she's everything she says she is they're not asking you to boo it and asking you to cheer her anymore they're just asking you to believe in what she says every week and a rumble win might justifies that completely I'll go to see Charlotte Irwin and I'm completely on board and have little else to follow up to be perfectly honest and all if there's if this triple threat match it mania happens that leaves smackdowns wide open so it might make sense on some level to get the ducks in a row to have someone from Smackdown win who's unfun seed or have someone from row win and then they can do like some kind of swap over the back down but now I'll have no problems whatsoever shall Thurmond in this because she's outstanding it will add like so much integrity to a character and there's different narrative ways of making it fascinating even if the result is too many somewhat obvious like she could do a marathon I mean woman stint and just clawed about how great she is but if she comes out at number 29 and number 30 and does not much Becky Lynch can just stake it well you just backed or any way into things again you do know people's hard work just like it didn't me there's lots of different narrative possibilities even if there's only one possibility of the result of that don't talk about carmella sheep she insert herself into the into the conversation on on smart and she's the number 30 and yes or does no way no way Jose no but what means is that's what the horses evolved her wrestling's style a lot over the last yeah I'm not saying she should win it but that's not like it's not as much as our power our truth coming out number 30 I don't think even our true thinking I don't mind being the daddy that defends Carmela the thing with Carmela for me in this room a lot like I like Carmela probably a lot more than Michael said you can where they've put themselves into a corner here is that this bantering off the number 30 spot that people want to give to Becky Lynch I don't think should be at Carmela's expense I think at this point she's probably she's too elevated compared to the bottom rung of the women's division to just be depth backstage like test was by Mick Foley in a row or on the ones that there are there there are people on that roster that could serve that joke spot quite well with no disrespect intended someone like a Dana Brooke or Alana there is a bottom tier of women's rest at the moment that can absorb that kind of that joke really their expense but I think Carmela deserves a little bit more than that and I think though unless they're dropping back in from 25 to 29 I wouldn't I wouldn't touch carmella now we've we've done a list on this channel as well all about who we thinks going to win the Royal Rumble and is obvious suggestions in there so I'm gonna ask of you two now is we all assume generally it's gonna be Seth Rollins and we're gonna see Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania if it's not Seth Rollins who will it be over who would you like it to be right bronze the obviously obvious pic but I don't really want to talk about that because I'm sort uninspired by the character of lei which i think is quite a big problem that a lot of people are having and to answer your question with another question is there anybody presuming Daniel Bryan retains the WWE title said anyone on Smackdown a babyface is at this level he was like worthy of a WrestleMania match now the suggestion I've read online which I did enjoy and I do think could work but it would take a lot of very good writing he's Kofi Kingston he has a stellar run in the Royal Rumble if he wins the room well that's great but you talk about the personification of everything Daniel Bryan hates the consumerism the fan pandering and there's someone who would the fans would get behind the fans you know as much as they love Daniel Bryan they would support Cove keeps because people have been crying out for other singles push spectacular new day entrance versus Daniel Bryan stripped back angry walk to the ring WrestleMania I agree beyond the answer was no not a lot but again I'm using that as a platform to discuss that I think there's a real fascination and who does what on the Smackdown side of things I'll be looking at that roster in that men's Royal Rumble match insane who are the trying to fly here who they're trying to make look good ahead of like the February pay-per-views because I've got no idea what they're doing in that title picture so again there's just layers and layers and layers of fascination and I think a lot of its to do with the fact that it's all a bit chaotic around Rumble season have gone the Cena plans has lost Sullivan seems to have just completely gone up in smoke there's no like mania where the baby faces on the Smackdown side to oppose Daniel Bryan Ross seems more sentence toned but again and this could be watching this much just wondering what the hell is going on you speak about intrigue there and we discussed this on the Smackdown podcast everyone's my damn podcast earlier on this week part of the intrigue I have nowadays with the Royal Rumble especially it's not just who's gonna be the Iron Man or who's gonna win the rumble it's what storylines develop out of it it's it's obviously used as it as a leaping off point and build to a big match a trestle and Randy Orton is someone I cannot wait to see in this Rumble his finger tears in 2018 he has been a while arguably he's done as some of his best work yes I was 2018 aside from from some of these are the amazing runs many years ago stuff like that it's really good as well because you want you want to be so involved in the rumble and it's not just about who wins it's about the fallout from as well yeah I think you know we talked about to see the main event permutations for Wrestlemania because that's obviously what we're all gonna think about but yeah you're right good Rumble set up plenty in the mid card as well I would love to see this year you know those spots where they always do you wear like two people pair off while there's just a slew of bodies I would love to see that between Andrade and Ray because they've they put money in the bank between the two of them having something more significant maybe a Wrestlemania because all we're basically being told is that those two a fantastic arrest and each other so I would like to see a moment where the two of them stand underneath the sign and get a bigger response than John Cena round your and ever did you know there are spots that someone could just go get a bigger response and run John and John Cena did in 2011 it was pathetic it was hilarious you've got like you got surprised comebacks and we you know you mentioned the hurricane and everybody looks like about that comeback but why don't we're ruling out light of that we're rolling out like proper comebacks for proper matches and proper runs I know the rumor today has gone around that the Undertaker isn't gonna wrestle at WrestleMania 35 but has that been dropped in to kind of throw you off the scent and might the Undertaker make a surprise appearance to in a rumble a perfect setting from a setup a program we watched him go what two minutes against Roman reigns in 2078 golf car that fool doesn't need one the rumble can fool you into thinking that you can go again with somebody because he only needs to be in there a couple of minutes isn't he so like somebody like him another legend that they might try out we've mentioned the rock for the Hall of Fame he's another guy that it's not gonna happen probably but like I like the idea of somebody being airlifted in that you just never expected that could then be a major part of the WrestleMania plans going forward and I don't know I think this year especially because there's so many there's so many potential winners like beyond suffer if we're ruling out Seth Rollins you kind of throw it open to a slew amid Carters I think this year the excitement is going to be a roundup closing stretch we're number thirties come in and there's going to be six or seven guys in the ring most of them probably not like former winners I think that's always really exciting to see that it's going to be a new winner there's gonna be never before has had this huge you know to use a dirty word but this huge opportunity to build off there's not many bigger ones for all they talk of everything is an opportunity you know like a title shot on a rumble and a King of the Ring and things like that the rumble really is one Nakamura is completely fallen off the face of this entire pay-per-view but generally speaking that means something you kind of you place in there kind of company cannon going forward and I'd like to think that you're getting gonna get down to the last four or five and there's gonna be almost no previous winners which is elev it does prove that the talent are kind of breaking through very quickly if you could pick one NXT star to appear in the rumble men's or women's who would you like to see go in there just not necessary to be called up to the main roster afterwards but as we've seen in previous years just to have a moment or a bit of time in that Rumble Velveteen dream Shayna Baszler to win Shane his little win there's your ask her much let the raw main event be the raw main event I mean our building dream was the one I yeah absolutely imagine like the reaction he gets the entrances he does the gear he wears in a stadium he's in the other cessful it was a surprise that right is that they've got like this access rumbling they where like because he's not on takeover which is a crying and so that'll be the one or watch I think most people don't keep their fingers crossed that be someone like Velveteen dream or somebody from that high level of NXT rather than say like two or five like you thanks for ruining that we can dream the access so to circle back to our original point yeah I think it was Kid Icarus tweeted this Amir with this to me on Twitter regarding just the Royal Rumble match 1992 one of the best Royal Rumbles ever 2001 obviously 2010 arguably the best Royal Rumble match ever nine years nine year intervals between them it's 2019 are we gonna see the best Royal Rumble match in a long time it'll do if it's even if it's close to last year's quality I'll be ecstatic because I know you've got that list my favorite of all time is 2018 absolutely loved every single second of it that got the comedy right for once they got the surprise appearances right because I like the NXT guys and not just because like think about it and the hurricane is a nimble just forget about the hurricane I like him robot more less absolutely a great performer for his time but pedantic I think about the stuff way too much theoretically if there's a guy from yesteryear who comes in at the rumble House house he got in house he got in do they extend an invitation did they put basically everyone said on I associated with the company past a present in the tumbler and it just so happens we like 27 current guys in like three it makes no sense storyline for those like dogs from the past every one of the mailing list I think want to take her out or okay now things like everyone gets the email first one that grabs I think it's just it's from what I overheard Kanan from what he seemed to suggest is one big whatsapp group and it whoever says Western a person I love the hurricane in 2003 2018 like it just its D respectively the perform I just think it's stupid one of the best moments of last year's room so I'm glad that trend is ender is what trying to get it yes between nineteen one of the best rumbles ever yeah why not and 2018 fixed what we pretty much all thought was broken anyway there was that awful it's not two or three in a row that look like it completely killed the gimmick 2017 was pretty good 2018 was superb so yeah can't really sort of follows as you said if it even matches last year's we run of another one the most important thing I suppose is we're all excited about it which is previously familiar feeling it's a very surreal I think we will be doing a stream for the Royal Rumble so make sure you check out on a new channel of course let us know your thoughts on your thoughts on this Rumble on the pay-per-view on who you think is gonna win in the comment section below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe my thanks to the darling boy thank you for watching enjoy the rumble and we will see so the tangent at the end there