Couple Poses for Engagement Photos at Publix


Inside Edition


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let's pose by the produce what about a smooch near the frozen peas these are Dylan Smith and Alexandra dodges official engagement photos taken at a public supermarket the Florida couple works there and that is where they met it all came about because it was raining they originally wanted to take the pictures and a local nature reserve for both kind of skeptical at first but it was photographer Jennifer public's idea the hopeful with it wasn't to be like this crazy thing my only priority was that they were happy or make them crap this love and groceries story began in February 2017 while both say it was love at first sight it was my first day I was getting a store tour I walked in and I walked past register one and I saw her and my first words that came out of my mouth for oh my god we made eye contact and of course like it gave me instant butterflies even though Dylan knew one of their other co-workers liked Alexandra - he tried to ask her on a date and she came over it was like hey sorry guys I don't date people that I worked with well obviously that wasn't true because two-and-a-half months later they started dating [Music] and if you're wondering whether they're a little overloaded both living and working together well it can be like a little bit too much I guess if you kind of get at each other's skin but I think definitely working in different departments help because I feel like you can keep tabs on you know the pair plan to walk down the aisle in January 2020 no word yet though on is Publix will cater for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Stephanie officer