Couple Whose Dog Fell Through Sunroof Gets Car Damage Bill

who could forget Winston the mischievious French Bulldog who ran up to the roof of his Manhattan apartment building and jumped six storeys landing right in a car sunroof amazingly Winston came away with barely a scratch but the car he landed on not so much the dog was okay so that's great you know but my car isn't okay that's for sure Winston may be a little guy but he did quite a bit of damage like literally push it in to get it back in Ashleigh Haynes says she had rented the silver 2018 Dodge Challenger and parked it on the street in Manhattan while she went out to eat when she returned she couldn't believe what had happened what like is this even a real Surrey now she's stuck with the bill for the damages Winston's owners Emma and Dan Collins tell Inside Edition Ashleigh gave them a quote of $400 for the sunroof which they say they agreed to pay but three days later they claimed she produced a receipt for double the amount Ashley says she's a dog lover herself and genuinely happy that Winston is okay but fair is fair pay for the damage just you know I I saved those wives so could you just pay for my sunroof you [Music]