Cousin Sal Bets His House


Jimmy Kimmel Live


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Cousin Sal here. Great news! I've partnered with Doritos to create a very bold challenge. Doritos is giving away $25,000 to whoever fills out the winning-est college basketball bracket. And if you fill out a perfect bracket, you get a house. My house. You can imagine my family is furious with me, but no one more than my normally calm and composed Aunt Chippy What's the matter with you, are you [BLEEP] crazy? Why, what's wrong? What's the matter with you? How do you dare bet your house? You want to be a maniac, you be a maniac on yourself. Is it paid off? It's not paid off. Okay well then it's not yours, it's still the bank's. I will have to pay it off. If someone else wins I will have to pay it off. Have a chip, Chip. This is a bold move. You have to admit it's a bold move. What do you want from me? I wanted your blessing, but it's hard to come by. God bless you. God bless you 100,000 times that nobody should win. Thank you, Aunt Chippy. I knew you'd understand. I love you. Crazy son of-- this one should go here. Son of a bitch. Have one more chip. You know, I swear to God they're gonna put you in a nuthouse. I think I have her blessing! Make your bold choice now and fill out a bracket at Doritos: for the bold. I'm gonna miss this place. Make your bold choice now, and fill out a bracket at