Cowboy Cerrone vs Al Iaquinta Heres what happened


Chael Sonnen


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al Iaquinta versus cowboy Cerrone guys do you need any more evidence to tell old tale then I've been right from the beginning I've been telling you for years how tough a lie aquinnah is I think my point is now proven I mean I feel like he's proved me right prove me right and I think even a defeat he proved me right again there is such a misconception that the only guy you can learn from is the guy who wins no you can learn stuff from the guy who comes in second as well look al did a great job if you were to look at that strategically what problems did he run into it was with the range he was just having a hard time getting to his target look if you're ever standing in front of a guy right in front of a guy and the guy has a longer reach than you which cowboy had over al one thing that you can do to alleviate that is just take a step to the left or take a step to the right it makes the guy with the link have to reset now that's going to be good for defense that's gonna make the guy reset and not be able to hit you with some of those straight kicks some of those legs kicks at cowboy does some little straight punches that he does the bad news is when you're doing that you now don't have an offense it's a defensive tactic you don't have an offense so al spent a lot of the night having to play defense because he had a reach disadvantage okay great aside from that he fought really well I mean he was on the attack the whole time and don't forget al is a five-round fighter I will hurt you in the first minute bet your ass he will but he'll hurt you in the 24th minute now that's where the compliment goes now to cowboy side cowboy was able to hold up and I've heard stories over Cowboys career that he choked under pressure that he choked in the big fights that's not what I saw I just haven't seen that right 155 pounds is the toughest weight in the sport any organization any way that you want to do it so sometimes you're gonna run into those guys and if it happens to be on the biggest night of your career you gonna do it's just a tough division I will say this though is the guy that's traveled the road and known Donald Cerrone forever he struggles anxiety wise he gets / anxiety in five-round contests it's not a choking it's not a title issue it's not who the opponent is but sometimes that atmosphere can be overwhelming and that's a very real thing for most athletes I'm 90 9% it would be the rare guys that want the longer matches and can conform perform even better in those situations so very normal reaction but that has been one of the problems that cowboy is faced he's all of a sudden fine round guy I can't believe what I'm watching when I watch the cowboy Cerrone and this isn't totally brand new this actually said the day when I watched cowboy go what the hell is this he fought a guy named Rick story okay now this is years ago but he fought Rick story then he goes into the Patrick Cote fight if you guys are big cowboy fans and you remember those two fights that's when cowboy Cerrone all of a sudden debuts a double leg but not just a double like one of the best not like a George st. Pierre style double leg where you going oh my gosh that's that's absolutely perfect wrestling technique where did that come from cowboy he really broke that out against Rick storyand and Patrick Cote and all sudden you started to see okay that he's getting lucky I remember thinking I mean cowboy looks so good I had no way to explain how he was looking so good this late in his career okay he's just having a couple of good nights put a couple of good nights together good for cowboy guys he's getting better and before any of you pushed back to chill what do you mean he's getting better Cowboys always been great I understand that I'm telling you he's getting better I've only seen this one other time with age and the sad reality is human beings we just don't get better with time we just simply don't he is getting better and the only other guy I've seen do this is Robbie Lawler Robbie Lawler later in his career got bet took a step forward and I largely attributed to his move to Florida only because that was the only thing that I could pinpoint and go okay here's what he's doing he's in the same weight class fight the same guy doing the exact same thing his style his techniques haven't changed but something inside something changed with Robbie Lawler I was right in line time wise of when he when he made that move out to Florida something has changed with Donald Cerrone now he has identified it for us he has come out and told us it is the birth of his child to me that sounds like a very nice thing that a proud papa would say because jr. might be seeing this video someday later and jr. could take some real pride I think with cowboy just telling us the truth he's like a new man and fatherhood will very much change you but when I hear guys say got my little guy here I'm not gonna let him down and I can embarrass myself in front of him I'm gonna go out and fight him and how I'm gonna cowboy is it possible for you to fight any harder you were you with WC World Champion for goodness sakes is it possible for you to fight harder than being the world champion you had the record for most wins in Octagon history going into the fight you beat the record it was your own record you son of a bitch if you really think you could fight any harder he says he can and from what I'm seeing he is and now he's doing it in five round situations allied Quinn is a world champion on any given night I mean not for nothing but he is and I believe the official scorecards read four to one Donald Cerrone so when you look at his ability to push through not whether or not we'll stay focused Donald even came out after the fight this is a very real thing and he said old cowboy would have quit in that Iaquinta fight now I don't know if that's completely literal I old cowboy was a pretty damn tough guy but old cowboy was also pretty hard on himself old cowboy was his own worth critic new cowboy appears to now be a fan of current cowboy he looks in the mirror and he likes what he sees looking back at him he believes in that guy it's a very interesting thing and yeah we could talk about the leg kicks and we could talk about how he kept range and cowboy did a great job every time they clinched up that on the brakes Bhoomi come up with a hook and make al pay for coming in we could talk about all that stuff and as fight people we do need to observe that but I feel like for the Lehman's for just average humans there was a real lesson here in the power of the mind and when Donald is saying look it's time for me to fight Conor McGregor that really is true and Cerrone gets a ton of credit we've talked about it before but he's a leader in the locker room fellow guys on the roster need to look to Donald Cerrone as a guy who takes opportunities who says yes who goes out and does the heavy lifting doesn't matter if he's got to get on an airplane and fly halfway across the world if it's best for business then he's gonna do his part he's a real leader in the locker room and from what he thought he was going into which was his huge go fight a lot of eyeballs a lot of dollars in fairness against Conor McGregor and then you know to go down and have this hard-ass fight with a straight-up killer like Al but not have the same reward in truth in the same eyeballs and truth that would be a big emotional blow to most guys McHale what went out and performed anyway and now that he's done that it is very it's very imperative it's even a responsibility that anybody the decision-making role has at this point to do their absolute best to make that fight happen cowboy is one of those guys a lot like Daniel Cormier he doesn't ask for much he'll wait till you ask for something and he'll say yes if it's the one time in his career just like when Daniel asked a fight Brock if it's the one time in Donald Cerrone his career that he's asking for something and he's asking for Conor McGregor we have an obligation as fans as supporters and ultimately the industry decision-makers to try to make that happen for him and I think that it's very much in line I think it's I think it makes all the sense for Conor I think I think it's a I think it's a win-win for everybody but moving forward congrats to both guys thank you to Al and Kowboy for such a great fight and I think we need to do our part we need to get behind cowboy get behind Conor get those guys together