Crash Zone S2E11 Men in Khaki

catalyst Network no marks see she may be a tough warrior she's got some great moves and Virgil come here you gotta see this but that either where's he gone general the intruders back same as last time sir he's moving incredibly fast we'll keep tracking him but don't let him know we're monitoring he's moving through our database serve bypassing all security I don't know he's looking for but we will keep you posted sir this time he's uploading something to our database we'll stop it it could be a virus or logic bombs you get that Mac I don't care you track him down good hi guys hey Dad mr. Gallagher see just there the movement is wrong yep got it good Oh what are you doing you know not allowed in that body don't you don't you know what happened last time Alex will go vertical if you do that again what if Petty's dad was to look in here and see you huh well sports guys what's wrong with my dad meaning Virgil uh it's just that um he was supposed to be a secret that's all Alex would only reveal him to you know to people that she trusts Alex doesn't trust my dad Alex I didn't like the approach these military intelligence guys contacted me regarding catalyst developing software for Matthew you know I have reservations about talking to them I know but thanks for listening anyway well you snooze it'll all be doing I got a winner Kevin Smith we're here to see Gallagher and Davis Colonel Wynter do I salute know what miss Davis let me get straight to the point we'd like you to develop an AI for us excuse me and artificial intelligence captain I'm sure miss Davis knows what it means I believe you've worked on such a project once before that was years ago the AI mm I've read your papers very impressive well that was scrapped these days I run catalyst and catalyst is a games company oh so you mean you're not on the verge of something bigger no I'm not I'm sorry colonel but I don't think we can be of any assistance to you why are we doing business with the army it's not very Alex we're gonna develop fighters and simulators nice Top Gun advanced missions yeah there's got to be big bucks involved in this writer do you think it's cool to make money from war as your pepperoni cuts and BIC vegetarian doesn't seem natural hey were those guys important visitors checking their own order a pizza um Vinny think outside the square right at it's hard to square no pizzas get you guys take us why stream compulsory for the Audi why don't they still show food you'll get out of there get out of that body this is not good timing verge like Colonel Wynter these are our top-notch games testers hey guys matthew tells me you're the best of the best uh-huh Tom Cruise that's that's very good brands very easily impressed I want to take it you're not not a big fan of glorifying war well I understand there's always one person who doesn't appreciate the complexities of national defense not just one well keep up the good work nice meeting you kids now Colonel I'm sorry that we won't be doing business mid to miss Davis it is a pleasure to meet you what's up light up what was a little bit oh nothing just some people that we want they're doing business with you are not to be seen when there are visitors here okay besides you're gonna be meeting anybody until I say so you're not like the others I understand rules and responsibilities I don't come on um is it sure you don't want my dad to meet Virgil because you don't trust him well you see the thing is it's not really a matter of things national security operation here's our search bar and what exactly is it you're searching on artificial intelligence I believe you called the program Virgil telling us we can't dial out all week perimeter secure sir or entry exit points covered all outgoing communications blocked since your big idea general what do you think you get a find here like nuclear weapons or the circus no an artificial intelligence program the most knowledgeable brain on this planet I think you have your wires crossed Bernal I don't think so we'll find it trust me what's going on that should deactivate they bugged us it's the invasion of privacy oh hey so is this something you want to share with us I was Mathilde she's the Army's main defense surveillance computer the one in charge of the whole national strategic netlist oh no she seems standoffish at first but she's soft caring so you went to see her and then they trace you back to us what is going on Gallagher glad you're here I need your cooperation sorry no phone calls for the moment I'm trying to find a particular program that might escape the building on a telephone line terrestrial or mobile will someone please give me that in English does the word Virgil mean anything to you Virg I don't know what you're talking about Alex do you know I don't but I do know that he has a warrant to ransack this place as you can see Matthew I don't think they're here to do business you deliberately lied to me so you could spy on us means to an end excuse us miss Davis I say guys I really need your help okay if we have a virgin here let's just give it to these clowns and then we can get back to normal now that any of you know anything about this Virgil no nothing penny do you know if anything anything that this is important well if anyone has any ideas about how we can get out of this mess I'd like to hear them well we've got this bug that they used to listen in us they use it against us maybe we can use it against them I think it's gonna take more than that RAM but it'll help if you know what they're doing now you're a me right I thought it might be best if we had a chat in private away from peer pressure so tell me where is Virgil Virgil Virgil who I don't know any Virgil Virgil Virgil Virgil no no Virgil this computer is it on it's war on I don't know what you're talking about yeah hand over the program and I'll be out of here geez as uniforms must take a lot of maintenance you know Michael Guido he's a dry cleaner I'll go get you a deal on that enough get out why should I cooperate because an artificial intelligence of this nature is vital to national security we'd strip it down remove any personality programmer to amp without compassion it would be capable of making thousands of strategic battlefield decisions per second it would be unbeatable in any combat scenario you're an intelligent believable I can't use words like that stories personality if we let them he's veget fight wars not a chance where is he anyway sludge we've covered every angle what can we write him into a CD CD Boone is out there hey guys still got these yes hey bitch I think you could add a squeeze into that well it's kind of small yeah visuals a huge program and is getting bigger all the time right out of the way please they pulled the chip maybe you got out through the infrared you guys are up to somebody that Virgil central we've always been honest with each other right look what you don't think I can keep a secret penny I don't want you to lie to me versus not just a program that is like part of the family why didn't you tell me they didn't trust you I think all you seem to care about is making money not all businessmen are untrustworthy yeah well that's true what's going on Alex he knows galleons this has gone on long enough either you tell us where Virgil is or we'll cancel every government contract you've got I'm waiting you want Virgil I don't know what you're talking about I don't trust you Callaghan well take a number listen you want to see me as the enemy but we're on the same side here how did you work that one out because I'm a humanitarian I am trying to save lives don't you see a military AI can help reduce casualties and collateral damage an AI can help protect civilians so you're not interested in stripping it down removing any personality programming interact without compassion making it unbeatable in any combat scenario you know the only one they can plant a bug in a room generally enough you play with fire you can expect to get burned do any of you know what an EMP device is an electromagnetic pulse generator good and what does it do fasal computers it's a total write-off all data erased very good I couldn't have explained it better myself but you can't do that Oh my files my game captain is the EMP charge affirmative Stan excellent prepare to activate on my mark but you'll wipe everything your destroy this come she's pretty scummy even for you you guys kind of fight fair if I can't have Vai then I'm gonna make sure no other country can either it's too great a security risk ready sir we just caught this person breaching a perimeter breaching bridge what's all this breaching I've worked to get the money for the pizza what's your name you're gonna have tied up Virgil what yeah that's right this is Virgil right Virgil are you feeling or cuz maybe the pepperoni was awful I imagine dink outside the squid yeah sure I'm Virgil whatever Jon order a pizza see the thing is Colonel Virgil isn't an artificial intelligence he's a person yeah and he's so brilliant he could easily be mistaken for a high yeah that's me Virgil thinking outside the square this seems highly improbable it's true I must admit Colonel I have been keeping Virgil from you I just didn't think he was cut out for the military and since he's a person if you want him then you'll have to conscription so you're yeah Billy's far too modest to admit it but the thing is either he's a genius a prodigy a freak of nature yeah that's me a progeny a freak captain get the digital polygraph ready yes sir Carol I assure you yes we have the cutting edge in lie detectors will soon see if this pizza boy is Virgil Hey look I don't know what the game is here guys are it's cool I can handle Feeny do you even know what a polygraph machine is hey I'll go any more combat it sounds great we are dead we are sorted need some help get into the polygraph change the settings make it so that Allah reads as the truth all right so it's this kind of polygraph is never going to work we need some power soldier yeah sooner we sort this out the sooner we get to go higher we do this no idea just live in E until the truth polygraph operationally so so tell me what's your real name or real name someone you should know that inconclusive reading he's agitated sir okay let me make this really simple are you Virgil yes um Virgil he's telling the truth sir you mean to tell me that you're the artificial intelligence we've been looking for that's me telling the truth sir okay fine fine then tell me Virgil where's the square root of three thousand six hundred ninety-six I know but I get tired of proving that I'm brilliant it's true sir he does know and he does get tired of proving that he's brilliant do you like pizza pizza I love pizza man Ally says wrong man Alba this machine has been tampered with all right this is it I warned you of the consequences prepare to activate the year so general he's on priority ban too gentle another security breach that's impossible sir I have locked this place down course sorry sir immediately Kevin slime pack it off full of limiting add well the hacker was struck again it was a false trail he was never here I've got him this time so pack it up and move out miss Davis I've been instructed to apologise for any inconvenience you may have suffered all right so I'll just back it up come on we're moving out soldiers anybody ever told you not a genius my deadline I don't understand they said they caught the hacker they must mean Virgil he must have gotten out through their walkie-talkies I mean shut down our communications but not theirs he sacrificed himself for us Virgil come back come back dojo I think the time has come to introduce you to somebody Virgil this is Matthew sure it's a real pleasure to meet you Matty you don't mind if I call you Matty actually he me so he was worth all the trouble wasn't he does it he'd do anything I'm responsible and I know the rules right Alex right foreheads Virgil how exactly did you get rid of the army I thought we agreed on no more happy I did it well only a tiny bit I've dropped in to see Matilda sit off some around then I ran did you bring them right back here I've got a bit lost on the way back I'll stop by the municipal sewage computer live the trial of my wife let me tell you he is indeed