Crazy Matt Lindland training story


Chael Sonnen


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I have so many great stories and memories of the old team quest days and I've had ed herman on here before Chris Leben or Nate quarry pops in and we just tell team quest stories and you guys always love it and I always get asked to tell more tell more stories tell more stories and I'll tell you what I have so many I was there every single day and for so many years but for some reason when time goes on and I'm never graded identifying what a good stories and I never know what somebody's going to want to hear but one very interesting story that happened Matt Lindland it's a Matt Lindland story okay you know what let's back up Scot Smith do you guys remember Scot Smith I think what was his ring name was it scotty 2 hotty or something but scott smith very good fighter WEC champion at one point he was also the king of the cage champion I believe the gladiator Challenge champion you guys may remember king of the Cajun gladiator challenge they kind of worked simultaneously but that was a really big deal in the sport at one point in time there wasn't a whole lot of opportunities out there and those guys were putting out products at shows in allowing competitors a place to compete for a meaningful period so Scott Smith had done really well in those organizations before he had his UFC days in his Strikeforce days and just a guy that I knew but he was also a very nice guy in addition to that he was a bit of an extension if you will of Team Quest in that he was managed by Mike Roberts who was very close with the Team Quest guys he was personal friends with Randy Couture who not only was the champion at Team Quest not only the leader of the team he also owned the gym now the gym was owned by three guys Matt Lindland Robert Follis Randy Couture so Scott Smith has a fight coming up at the time of this story is a fight coming up it's a main event title defense in king of the cage king of the cage is going to be on pay-per-view for the very first time and Scott Smith's salary for this fight is going to be $5,000 which at that time made him rich by MMA standard this is a huge huge pay what at least paydays I'd heard of outside of one of major organizations which at that time was only you have seen pride though he's got $5,000 payday to look forward to he comes out to Oregon excuse me comes to Oregon to Train Randy Couture picks him up at the airport and takes him to his house Scott Smith is now staying at Randy's house while he trains at the gym relevant to the story because the day that the story took place Randy wasn't at the gym now what they were doing was shark bait that day and it was a three man group I cannot remember who the third member was I think it was Evan Tanner I believe the group of three with Scott Smith Jeff Monson Evan Tanner Matt Lindland okay four four man group but yourself and three other guys I believe that was the group and you stayed in you were the shark vet you stayed in and went three minutes with each guy before you came out and gotta rest the next guy goes in and he gets a shark baited okay somewhere along the way and don't forget Matt Lindland is the number one ranked fighter in the world at the time so for Matt to get treated differently by somebody who's coming and looking for sparring is absolutely a natural consequence of being a celebrated and decorated number one fighter in the world Matt did not see it that way when Matt was out watching Scott go with other guys Matt felt Scott was sandbagging he was saving his energy and then would go really hard against Matt well I wasn't there but I bet you that's exactly what he did do as a sign of respect to the number one fighter in the world who also happens to be a Kona a co-owner of the gym Matt thought that that was wrong that he should be going hard the whole time and he should not just be throwing heat at Matt when Matt comes in so when Matt goes in he roughs him up a little bit and there was a point where Scott Smith is down Matt needs him first off ok Matt needs him in the face Scott Smith goes down Matt comes up kicks him while he's down this is a training session and Matt owns the gym so a little bit shocking on many many levels but Scott Smith ultimately ends up with a broken nose a broken nose to the point that he has to pull out of his main event title fight payday on a pay-per-view of King and the kid deal did this happen for Scott and he was our guest okay he was our guest not a great moment not a great action so Robert talks to Matt after Robert was out of the room he was running the practice but he had stepped out of the room so somebody runs and gets Robert I think it was Chris Leben Robert comes running in breaks this whole thing though Scott's sitting on the wall just protecting his face and his nose which is gushing blood at me hands to go to the hospital it's a big deal Robert tell the very last thing Robert says to Matt and Robert didn't see this he's only heard of it the last thing he says is you had better call Randy Randy's gonna find out about this and it's best if he finds out from you and the way they handled things at Team Quest about back then was might May right it was never about the issues of the principles or what was this if you could beat up the other guy then it was going to be your way if the other guy could beat you up it was going to be his way and Matt Lindland adhere to that code as bizarre as you may find that code that was Matt's code and he would play it both ways if Matt could beat you up you had better do what he wants but if you could beat him up he'll go do your dry clean he'll do whatever it is you want he just adhered to that so that night Matt calls Randy says hey and I got to talk to you about something and Randy goes about you breaking Scott Smith's nose and Matt goes oh you've already heard ok great click and hangs up on him now I think Matt missed the point there but I'm telling you the story the way that it happens so the next day when Matt pulls into the gym and Matt was always the first one to the gym when Matt pulls in Roberts car is there and Randy's truck is there so when Matt pulls anything so boy this isn't gonna be good if they're both here that means they're waiting for me and Matt was right so when he walks in there they are Randy tells him to take a seat so they have a talk with him and they try to talk to him not on the terms that I'm suggesting this for you which is hey we had a guest you hurt him you know by the way you own the gym I mean there's a way we did nothing they weren't trying to talk to me like that they were saying Matt you lost your temper okay you kicked a guy while he was down that's illegal Matt was in the UFC I defend that's illegal under the unified rules you will be disqualified you can't lose your temper Matt goes oh that's what this was about no no no no you got it all wrong we were doing shark bait I I had watched him for three rounds nine minute I had this whole thing planned out I hadn't I didn't lose my temper at all all right thank you guys and gets up to walk out Randy to sit back down you've missed the point and Randy gets a little more Stern with him he says listen if you're gonna come back into the room and Matt owns the gym by the way he owns the gym but none of that matters nothing Matt only is whoever could beat who at that that's the code it was code of the jungle so randy said here's how this is gonna work before you return to practice you are going to apologize to the team you freaked the teat you scared everybody they watched you doing this as a leader illegal move sending a guy to the hospital you're not coming back in until you apologize so Matt's like do you really think that's necessary and it's like that's the way it's gonna be so that's the way it's gonna be so practice starts before anybody does everything everybody walks out on the mat they all got their gear on Randy and Robert go out as leaders and owners and they call everybody to the middle and now matt has to come forward and give us apology his apology goes like this hey you know something happened yesterday and you know I I heard that some guys were saying they were scared was it you and he points right in a guy face it goes was it you were you scared are you the one that tattled on me and then he turns to the next guy goes or was it you were you the one that was scared are you the one that went and complained that was it you and he points to about four or five guys there's only seven or eight guys there so everybody is Matt Lindland the owner of the gym and the baddest dude in the world at middleweight at the time is going around the room dressing him down nobody said a word nobody raised a hand nobody said yeah it was me everybody just stood there and stared at him so when Matt finally gets done with the fourth or fifth guy I'm saying was it you nobody says anything Matt really calmly looks up to to Randy and Robert and goes see I told you nobody was scared let's start practice and we did that is how that issue got resolved and I have felt to this day as a member of Team Quest even I wasn't even there I still feel to this day the wheel Scott Smith a bit of an apology