Creating a Power BI report in under 5 mins

hi everyone in this video we'll take a quick look at how you can create a dashboard such as this in RBI in under five minutes that's right under five minutes so let's get started so first we need some data so I'm going to use one of the data sets that provided by Microsoft you can find it here so I'm just copy this link for you so this is the link if you go to over to this length you can download the spreadsheet so here's the sample spreadsheet that I've downloaded not an out-of-the-ordinary hits it's got some sales and profit related information it's split by segment country product dimension and finally on it's got a date/time stamp I'm sorry just a stamp so that's the data set that we are going to be working now I've got a new call RBI application blank one open here so to get started let's actually connect with Excel so that's a data set that we had to work with so again we've got a couple of sheets here so we basically need what's in sheet 1 okay so load that data set again if I'm going too fast just possibly you and you can play back whenever required alright so here's a blank sheet right now so let's go pop in some data so let me just drag country there and you notice a car BIA is quite intelligent it detected that yep those were actual geographic names and let's actually plot sales on to that okay brilliant so now we've got a chart with sales on it so that looking good so let's move on to the next one so now we want to say split it based on say segment for example and actually viewed as pie chart and we would like to view the sales data okay brilliant we have it so far and next let's plot some metrics and same as a dashboard chances are one would want to see totals like sales bullion for example and let's just create another one which is say unit price here the number of units sold and to top it all off maybe we would like to see that against the time line so let's see we've got the date column here and again barbie is intelligent it did detect from excel that that was a date column and it allows you to drill down and let's just say we want to see sales data and maybe by default we want to view it by month and then finally we would like to maybe let's just see maybe give a breakdown by products all right so products and maybe we'll look at it again based on sales volume but this time around we'll kind of like split it this way so here you go we've just a short of a few minutes but yep there you go when three minutes we've actually created the first dashboard as you can see it's really quick and easy it allows us to now slice and dice that data so if I select say for example government data here so let me just bring that off and just for exploratory purpose from within the desktop power bi desktop you can see that it does give us a great interactive canvas that we can click on any of these charting components and you can see how it slices across through the others so for example if I wanted to see the US sales from us you can see gives us a good split again we can go further so let's maybe add one more dashboard since we've real-time so again let's do something alongside sales and let's call them date and this time around let's plot it against the timeline and let's ask me this beautiful for us to see things like trend so this time around I can actually pop and say in addition to sales maybe I want to see much profit I made and also compare it with discount so as an example I can see by avoiding different discounts have my profitable we actually changed or has it been influenced at all so it gives us a quick trend and then again it will allow us to maybe look at it across different segments so this time around I'm going to choose this chart here so both fit as a segment and based on the profitability itself so here I can see that the biggest segment profitability is government so now I can actually slice and dice data just really easily so all in all you can see how quickly we can create a dashboard using power bi so actually we have created two dashboards in about five so that's a wrap up for this video hope hope you like this video do like and subscribe thanks everyone for watching