Creme Egg Grenades


The King of Random


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Hey what's up my friends, happy Easter today we are going to be dipping chocolate Easter eggs but we are going to be doing it with a "King Of Random" twist Now for this video I went down to the grocery store and picked up a bunch of these Cadbury Creme Eggs that come out this time of year and the purpose of this video is really to have fun, but there are 3 main experiments I'd like to try today The first experiment is freezing a Cadbury Creme Egg in liquid nitrogen, and cutting it open to see what it looks like The second experiment is taking one of these Black Cat fireworks, sticking it inside and letting it off And for the third experiment we're going to take another one of those firecracker Creme Eggs and soak it in liquid nitrogen just to see if it'll work So I picked up the classic Creme Eggs, but I also noticed they had a caramel variety as well So to get started, let's crack them open, just to see the difference between these two Uh, these things are sticky! There we go Oh, the caramel isn't quite as sticky That's nice So I got these thing unwrapped, and at first glance, they look nearly identical So for our next step, why don't we take a utility knife to cut along the seams to cut these things open and see how they compare inside Ooo! Look at that! Ooo, Wow! Very Cool! Hmm, it cracked right open more like broke open, haha Love my job! So there's there's the difference guys, so the first one looks more like an egg, got the egg white, with the yellowish yolk in the center and I'm not sue if that's actually a yolk shape originally, or if it's just globed in there But this other one surprises me, I was expecting this to be more of the egg white with, uh, caramel yolk center But you can see that whole thing is filled entirely with caramel and it'll be interesting to see what caramel does after it's been cryogenically frozen Cool! So now that we know these things are supposed to look like on the inside, let's get dipping them in liquid nitrogen For this experiment I'm just using a standard Styrofoam glass Surprisingly, Styrofoam is a very, very, good insulator, much better than plastic that would just crack and spill the nitrogen and even better than glass that would boil quite a bit of it off, and I'm still able to hold it without much difficulty All right, here we go for the first dip, and for this one, I think were going to keep the wrapper on Living on the edge All right, here we go! When I dunk, you dunk, we dunk, and we have contact Haha! Look at all the heat It's like bubbling and foaming Make sure we don't spill any over the edge there There we go Now I'm going to let that soak for about a minute, so it has a chance to freeze all the way through and when it comes out, I imagine it's going to be rock hard, it's not going to be very easy to cut through So in the meantime I'm going to go grab a bench vise and a hacksaw so we can get the leverage we need to chop this thing open and see what it looks like inside Ok, cool, guys, we're pushing up on almost three minutes now, hpefully that's enough time for this I'm going to take this out, and look, as soon as it comes out, it looks completely clean, no problem. But instantly you can see it starts frosting over, and I can actually hear the chocolate cracking a little bir as well. So, before this thing warms up too much, let's get over to the bench vise, and chop it open with our hacksaw Alright, going into the bench vise now, I'm going to try and line this up so it goes along the seam the best we can luckily it hasn't started frostbiting my fingers too much Oh, shoot! Hahaha Dang it! This is harder than I thought Yeah, ok. So maybe we should just break these things open I'm so tempted to put that in my mouth right now, I don't know if I should So update, guys The bench vise is a little bit too much pressure for this thing, so for this one, we're going with the good old hammer and chisel Cool Set that guy right there, hold that with my knee, and Wow! Well, I think either way, these things just crumble, but you can get a pretty good visual on what's inside there I was hoping there was actually like, uh, yellow egg yolk inside there, but you can see it's really just dispersed throughout the white, almost like it was just injected and smeared around So I'm a little bit dissapointed in the findings, guys. But I can't say I'm surprised. I was hoping we'd find a little yellow packet,as like one round ball on the inside But we still got our caramel egg, so let's o ahead and crack that open, just for fun Doesn't seen like the liquid nitrogen has affected the foil at all, it peels right off without problem Oh, wow! If you look at the chocolate, you can see it's made some interesting patterns, you can see maybe that's the coco butter, it's kind of pushed out to the surface Of course, it's frosting over pretty quick But you can see little cracks on the chocolate as well It's giving it kind of a ornate look Now just for fun, let's go ahead and crush this in the bench vise Just going to take this nice and slow listen closely Oh that didn't take anything at all Easy! Looks like there's an air bubble in here, it's very smooth and shiny and down here, almost resembles like a geode, like little crystals A little bit of little chunk of frozen caramel there How does it taste? It's like sticking to my tongue a little bit Wouldn't want to leave that on too long Very crunchy. The chocolate doesn't taste as good. It tastes a little more waxy than normal. How bizzare So that was kinda fun, let's move on to the experiment I'm more looking forward too, that is a firecracker in a Cadbury Creme Egg Now this here is a single stand of Black Cat firecrackers These are the ones you just light off, and they all go off in series. But I'm going to extract one of these individually and drill a small hole in the top of the egg and push it down inside, then light it off to see how it reacts Let's do that next yeah, got the yolk on that one It's a sticky bomb! So, here's what we got guys, we've got a chocolate Creme Egg with a firecracker stuck down inside We're going to stick this down on this acrylic base that I made, light it off, and run away. We've got about one second to get some good distance. Let's go *POP* Whoo! Haha! Oh look at that! *SLOW MOTION POP* What?! Look at the inside of that egg, It's like thoroughly blended. The white and the orange together to make a new mix and I think it mixed with some black powder because that's kind of got a burnt orange look to it now There's the cardboard casing still in there, kinda blasted out of one side didn't it? Ok, that was pretty cool, let's do that again *POP* Whoa! That was fast! So it blasted out the top, and then the egg ended up face down, and you can tell the cardboard in there That one went off a lot quicker than I was expecting So that was actually kinda fun. I ran probably a lot further away than I needed too, but it worked It comes out pretty gooey and half this thing blew off, so I'm really interested to see now what difference it'll make if this is frozen solid How much more dangerous is that going to be with shards of frozen chocolate shooting out in every direction? Can't wait to find out Hoo! It got me Cheers! I think for this experiment, I'm going to try the caramel variety So quick update guys, I'm giving this thing about two and a half minutes to soak, so it should be sufficiently firm for our demonstartion The question on my mind though, is will black powder even ignite at such low temperatures, or did we just waste our time? Let's go light it off and find out! All right, here we go, nitrogen egg grenade, take one It stopped What the heck That's kind of dissapointing The fuse burnt out, but the firecracker didn't go off What the heck Is that going? I can't tell if that's the vapor from the nitrogen, or if that's the smoke from the fuse The fuse is burned away on these, but the cartridge is still inside, so for kicks, let's go ahead and crack these things open, and see what it looks like There we are Here's our firecracker Oh wait! That's weird, It must've cracked off the bottom there It still looks edible *Crunching noises* Crunchy! Yep. There's our cartridge completely unscathed All right, so, interesting. Two times we lit these things off, and two times the fuse burned down, but then stopped without any kind of igniton So, I'm going to take one of these firecrackers here, soak it in liquid nitrogen by itself and see if we can get it to go off If it doesn't, then I think our idea of nitrogen egg grenades is probably a dud, let's see what happens Hot vs cold, which is going to win? Look at that, ok. So these things won't blow up All right, we're going to get a little bit gutsy here, see if we can do them all at the same time. Here we go! *POP* Woah, they worked! What the heck Ok, I wasn't expecting those to actually go off, and the fact that they did makes me wonder if we shouldn't try our last three and see if we can have any success with those Why are those working, and those didn't? What the heck?! all right, let's make the magic happen *POP* It worked! Oh thank goodness, it worked. What was the difference. That's so interesting Look at this! The acrylic base is still attached, we've got the bottom of the egg frozen to it, and then you just got this half stand of firecracker stuck there in the middle That looks crazy! That's going to be cool to see into slow-mo. Oh, gosh Yeah, that was a lot better than the first one The combustion was a lot more complete and the explosion took out most of the egg, it wasn't just like some it flopped over sideways I mean that was a direct hit and shatter in every different direction That was very satisfying I'm really glad that worked The question is if we can get it to do it again Please work, please work, please work Whoa! The fuse burned down incredibly fast Okay, I'm taking a propane torch to it Now, if this does go off, that's going to be molten chocolate spooring everywhere Well, I'm calling that a mostly fail. Yeah. *POP* Oh, there it goes! Hahaha! Took long enough So is was kind of interesting. Let's stop and recap some of the things we did here today We started off by opening some Cadbury Creme Eggs to see what they look like when they''re gooey on the inside Then we tried freezing them in liquid nitrogen to see if we could get them to hold their shape before they cracked them open But it turns out there isn't actually a yolk on the inside them after all, it's just randomly sprayed together Next, we tried sticking a firecracker down inside one of the Creme Eggs which was very satisfying, but most of the energy came out of the top So we tried freezing our Creme Egg grenades in liquid nitrogen to see if that'd create a more dramatic effect We found two things. apparently the fuse to the firecrackers that come off the strips aren't very reliable. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. When they do work, the results are fantastic. it worked! and when they don't, It's a little discouraging. But I still have a strip full of firecrackers, and two more frozen eggs, so for one grand finale, let's roll them all together and light them all off *CONSECUTIVE POPPING* That's awesome! Well, that's it for this set of experiments guys, happy Easter, and I'll see you in the next video. Talk to you then Oh and our eggs still survive