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Team Edge


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see this I like this one no I don't okay can we focus it looks like a little Swedish paper boy like Gunnar looks like when he wears that hat small this challenge welcome to crocodile attack basically this is what you do for the challenge you push these teeth down and randomly yeah will snap on a finger like that you just ruined the challenge now they don't have to watch it oh dude I'll give it a kiss dude can you kiss me good idea yeah you know he's gonna smack you right in your face I wasn't I wanted to kiss me Oh your kisses hurt mm-hmm all right every time somebody gets a little slam a damn it on when they have to spin this wheel the mid-game punishment you show how it looks when you spin it you know oh I almost fight all right why don't you spin it it was my boobie though cuz if you spin it glad you managed half the door stupid face no no it's not aah estúpido cabeza no that's stupid head who go first right I go first pull over you go over my go person eyes on the crocodile when you're with your I take one tock tick tock everybody there go Jay wait wait you have to keep your finger in yeah the is hanging dude what I am ah thanks Pete why is it so scary he doesn't even hurt dude don't seen it totally hurts cow oh it's so painful braver I'm gonna do with my thumb this thing has been known to lie you doing with your some No oh sure all right oh my gosh dude how we be not done it no yes no that's it that's it yeah but literally off this worked out so well for the challenge out why cuz I got the last two oh wait you run your finger out dude dude no yeah before we're done with it let's see if it works yeah thank you very good look II was scared to do that you don't ruin the kitchen see you you have to sing everything from now on out of the rest of the video oh maybe I don't want uh I'm starting now woo I miss my turn what out hmm don't sing Oh spin again oh it's his turn he goes up you just didn't note I just did and then I just know we didn't yes yes I did you just went what just happen Mike who who's turned I know whatever I just goes watch I will kill that little crocodile you look crotch - crocodile yes it is your offensive you out me right now just straight arms you stinker no real straight this is your finger must be straight - straight it is straight there you go Oh Oh mamacita ah ah we need to get some new punishments guys suggest punishments down in the comments below to fill up both of these wheels that's a mid challenge punishment and that's the end of the game punishment we pretty sure this one today oh gosh I don't know yes J gone missing why don't you usually I see I see yes you spin again you big yeah oh man I have no bites you are really good at this game I am Jay Freddie I've been again J Fred that means you have to spend twice No okay that was the same time why cheater you selling cryin Dizzy's articles wear them daily gags we can't find the digital summit ice is gonna wear the upside-down ones mad oh what a hilarious focal conundrum tell me where to go because I can't see what happening go your turn uh yeah if you close his mouth then you have to spin this oh I did it I did oh yes someone's calling me did I know boom all the other side uh-oh other side I got the door jankura see here whoa down the less - oh no no can I take these on now no yeah what does that say Clank good good yes damn it oh wait you didn't land on whole camp loudly where wagon hat off my jumbo no come on dude this is so weird such a pretty unicorn J Fred ha ha ha really have another first spin again let's meet me my name in high school Finnegan no eye contact okay no I can look out look here ha ha oh yeah I I can see them I can see I'm looking directly in the center of your eyes I'm not oh yeah yeah you can see me Blake see I knew that make your left look look at me when I blink next one more round one more J Fred just put my balance off uh literally Musti why do I lose at this game so much ohh sucker Oh Oh what the heck you got but I got a face mask on Oh kill him I got put back together I killed that little oh there there go that's a chomp put him back together stay tuned for our next challenge you get some cool quick fight crop circle J Fred la vie spins the wheel spin it with your horn watch your face stop ha ha how would you do that dentist postie I'll take one an edge point for 5 points please all right cool make sure you click the info card up in the upper left hand corner up there for last dance monkey funny board game video like this one please subscribe down below Dancing's a shaky-leg it's not stinky like it stings like [Music]