Crowdstaffing Defined

what I was thinking about when I came up with this model is how can we create an ecosystem that always perpetuates great results great talent to be hired and it frankly starts at the beginning which is when the recruiter speaks to a candidate how incentivize and help vested is a recruiter in finding that great talent crowd staffing is the ability to take a disparate independent recruiting network and utilize it to help companies find amazing talent I believe this is the future where you enable individuals an entire ecosystem to have a benefit and enough of a benefit where they're intrinsically motivated when you change that one part of the formula the rest seems to fall into place what we're finding is there no longer just storing resumes over the fence they're not just saying here's a whole quantity of candidates they're actually really looking closely at each candidate and seeing are they the appropriate fit the whole ecosystem as i mentioned gets better to the small why did i do this well I suffered a lot of pain having to try to motivate recruiters to work consistently at a high productivity level there's tremendous attrition globally because markets are hot more important they're up and down sometimes you have a plethora of talent that it's willing to work for you another times it's you're starving for talent and what I'd wanted was to create a model that didn't fluctuate that way that provided consistent results productivity was high and the quality was great crowd snapping is perfect for margin compressed environments like MSP and VMS programs where they need consistent talent that is of high quality a staffing supplier essentially just plugs right in to an existing supplier program there isn't a need to reinvent the wheel here the biggest benefit I think the the fact that the crowd staffing organization is providing a curated experience for clients so now they manage the quality they become the employer of record and therefore they take care of any compliance concerns that may exist for clients what is the future of recruiting there's a massive convergence happening so many disparate platforms are eventually going to be merged together what we're seeing is you have direct hiring you have s 0 W you have MSP VMs you have crowd sourcing crowd staffing freelance management system the list goes on and on right now many of them are islands but what you're going to eventually see is a common way of hiring through platforms that going to able to support more than one type and that's really what we see happening in the marketplace and the future is going to be very bright at the end of the day it's all about talent and it's about the right talent in the right position and making sure that companies have access to that talent any time in any place to me it's the right way of doing business