Cummins The Future of Energy

[Music] what Cummins does is we're really a supplier of energy and solutions in all market segments globally the current supply of energy is a centralized grid there are constraints on that centralized power system that causes the need for customers to look at alternatives seventy-five percent of all the energy we generate and produce in this world are fossil based coal gas oil five percent is nucleon only twenty percent today is roughly renewable that will have to change we can't go on producing that much co2 for the foreseeable future so renewables as the technology is absolutely central in Cummins we use innovation to bring customers the most diverse set of solutions that we can possibly give them to solve their local problems and that takes a lot of different shapes we're investing in micro grids we're investing in fuel cell technology we're investing in distributed generation options and solutions with regards to how we supply that energy to the end user in a way that complements the central grid option and also provides our customers with an economical alternative as well as an alternative that meets the concerns of the environment and climate change gas is a logical bridge moving from where we are today to a hundred percent renewable energy source natural gas very quickly gets us off more carbon intensive fuels such as coal and gasoline or diesel as we install more and more renewables in the grid the grid inherently becomes less stable is the wind blowing as the sun shining and natural gas generation is a fantastic way to quickly and effectively balance those variations you get into renewable heavy grid what the decarbonization does to the industry is my be more innovative and look at different technologies with regard to creation of anything the Commons our mission is making people's lives better by powering a more prosperous world [Music]