Curtis Blaydes deserves some credit


Chael Sonnen


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curtis blades I just feel guys just feel he deserves some credit tonight right before you can ever compliment a guy for a win you have to understand how good is opponent is if you dismiss the opponent either than the other guy doesn't get any credit I always feel the fighters make that mistake when they're going before a fight they start putting their opponent down this guy's no good or this size slower this guy's got a glass jaw if the guy's got a glass jaw don't tell the world just go out and test the jaw then take the credit the guy's slow don't want to tell everybody know we slow planned for it beat him and then take the credit I never understand why I would put his opponent down at any rate Justin Willis is a rough guy okay he's got a bad attitude my bad attitude and all the right reasons for the sport he wants what he sees as his he's willing to go get it the hard way it's got good powerful hands he's got solid wrestling particularly for MMA trains with wrestlers Daniel Cormier by example each with rester Cain Velasquez he's also a very confident guy I don't know how those sparring sessions go I don't know where to take him at his word but it sure sounds like he must be having some of his moments in there so he's a tough guy let's just leave that we can accept that right good record tough guy takes hard fights look at blades it's not all moonlight and canoes four blades okay you see a guy like him go fight on TV and go he's in the heavyweight class the most coveted class and he's a young and he's a handsome and he's a well-spoken guy and he's he's getting main events and co-main event spots everything's great this guy's like can just tell you for some athletes that's true right you never need to cry in your beer for LeBron you never need to feel bad for Tiger those got everything it's different though in this sport all those things that I just stated that are positive for Curtis blades they all came from really negative that hard work and sacrifice and dedication traveling the road I mean he said it doesn't matter if the fights in Macau doesn't matter if the fights in the States he'll take the fight doesn't matter if it's a good wrestler if he's outsized a good striker he'll take the fight didn't matter if the guys beat him before Curtis blades will take the fight I mean come on guys let's give curtis's do this is special performance he had personal heat with Willis shed that was cool good for them they went out there they brought us in on with it whatever the hell was driving both of them crazy as a fan I appreciate that be straight with me you don't like the guy tell me don't like the guy I don't have a problem with that and I'll see that as some disrespectful thing man if that's the reality you're telling me the truth no disrespecting the truth that Lee at least out of my opinion had some fun they brought us in it but that also creates a pressure right I'm sure you guys could imagine that blades blade stepped up and answered that in every possible facet he also did it with the hands right I think a lot of us thought that he could maybe get the jump on the wrestling particularly in the it's a fight drew drug on a little bit he could get the timing down and start to do with the size take a little out the gas tank of Willis he went out there start to finish he dealt with those takedowns then he returned him to the mat when he was on him like white on rice he was not gonna give him a break and that did do just they did take the power away from Willis it did start to drain that batter and take some energy on it was very solid game plan it requires a lot of work and dedication blades obviously did he deserves credit for that but he also had some good moments on his feet I'm gonna start to finish all-in-all as a body of work I appreciated the fight but moreover I appreciated the performance by Curtiss blades I hope you guys did too