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Hi everybody! Are you looking for some sweet stuff? Korean things? (laughs) When you go to a Korean bakery you probably saw this kind of bread, Filled with custard cream. It's one of my favorite bread whenever I visit a Korean bakery. We have to make bread, we have to make custard cream And make this, and bake! That's it! It's called cream-ppang. "Ppang" is bread. Bread filled with custard cream. So everything is happening in this pot. Turn on the heat and add 1 tablespoon unsalted butter. When the butter is melted I will add this milk. I will use whole milk. You can use 2% milk, it's up to you. I will just use whole milk. Now all this is melted. And turn off the heat. 1/2 cup milk. It's cold milk from the refrigerator. Sugar, 1/4 cup. It should be a little sweet. 1 egg. And mix together until all this is well mixed. So this temperature is now perfect. Butter was hot, but we added cold milk, and a cold egg. So this temperature is really really safe for yeast. I'm going to use 1 package of yeast. I'm using instant yeast. This is 2 teaspoons. I will just wait until this yeast is a little activated. And then I will add salt and flour. You see the edge part? A little bit like melting. I will add 1/4 teaspoon salt. This is all-purpose wheat flour. I will add 1cup plus 3/4 cups. 1 cup, And this is my 1/4 cup, so 3/4 cup. Two... three. And then time to wash your hands very thoroughly. We gotta knead this! Actually, it's not that difficult. Kind of fun! Sometimes just pound. It's like washing your socks. Or just like folding your blanket. I kneaded for 12 minutes. Bakery chefs say: "It should look translucent when you stretch this." Can you see me? (laughs) I think that's enough, 12 minutes. We are home cooks. Ok, and then put it back into this pot. And cover this. My dough is now rising. Around 1 hour or 1 and a half hours, until the size is doubled. And then, we have to make cream next. 4 egg yolks. So I'm going to separate 4 eggs. Four. I need 4 egg yolks. So that the cream color is a little yellow. But if you don't mind, just use 2 whole eggs. 1/4 cup flour for this amount of bread. 1/4 cup sugar. And then 1 cup milk. And a pinch of salt. Over medium heat. This is such a small amount so it will be cooked. quickly. What we need is it to be very even texture, like porridge. But delicious, isn't it? We don't use any water here. Just milk. Later I will add this egg. You see? A little thickened. When you see bubbles popping up, turn down the heat to medium-low. And then, just mix this. Add this egg yolk through this strainer. Let's add this leftover egg yolk, too. We need to add butter to give a little butter flavor. Add 1 tablespoon butter. This is vanilla extract. You have to add this so that it smells like a Korean bakery. 1 teaspoon. And mix together. Keep stirring until the butter is well-melted. It looks thinner than before. We made nice custard cream. Custard cream is done. Beautiful yellow color. I made custard cream, and I made dough and I'm waiting until my dough is doubled in size. See you soon! Ok! Now I just peeked inside. It took one and a half hours. One and a half hours after I feel satisfied. Because it's fluffy. Let's check it out. Oh so pretty! I want to poke! Let's see. It doesn't come up, does it? So nice, well fermented. So I'm going to divide this into 5, which means we are going to make 5 cream-ppang today. Almost one pound. 5 equal sized. So this is 5 almost equal sized pieces. Then, each one, we need to make them smooth. Like this. It's like playing with Play-Do! Children who watch this with your parents: "Mom, I can do! I like to play with this dough!" I will put this back into the pot and then let it grow 10 minutes So that we can shape it easily. Cover this. This is parchment paper, and put this parchment paper on my baking pan. And be ready! Now, I need to use this rolling pin. Ok, oh my so pretty! Take out one... A little longer than 6 inches. Roll it out. Next. Slap it down. Ok. This is my last one. I'm going to put this cream inside. When I'm done, I'll put each one here. One by one. Meanwhile, it was shrunk again. Just I'm going to use this, and make it more smooth. Smooth surface. You see? Smooth. Then, around here, in the center. Like this. And lift this edge and then put it like this. And then stretch a little like that. Press down the edge so that it's not going to split. And I will use my knife. I need to give this a little slit so that while this is baking it's not going to turn into a ball. (laughs) And then, here. Cover this... Like this. Cut a little bit. Like this. And this leftover cream? That's your bonus. Eat! (laughs) I like to make this a little shiny. So, just we need some egg water. It's called egg water, just egg plus water. 1 egg And around 3 tablespoons water. And mix. See, Bubbles! I like to remove the bubbles. After removing the bubbles, nice egg water was made. And I'm going to brush this on top. From now, 30 minutes. 30 minutes passed. Let's bake! I preheated my oven to 350 Farenheit. It's going to be cooked so quickly. 12 to 13 minutes. 12 minutes after, I will check it out. If I want them more brown, I will just bake 1 more minute. I wanna see ~ ok nice! You see? Brown. Off! Ok, oven is off. Oh wow wow! Do I look happy? (laughs) Yes, I'm so happy! Look at that! These are homemade cream-ppang. Bread is kind of thick and fluffy. Just 1 cream-ppang is going to be a really good breakfast. Let me taste! You know what it is? (laughs) I just made ice coffee. Naeng-keopi! This is also on my website. Naeng-keopi. Including a video. Mmm! (laughs) Mm mm mm! This cream is hot, still hot, so yummy! The bread is very fluffy, sweet, and milky. The custard cream is really melting in my mouth. Cheers everybody! Today we made cream-ppang! Cream--ppang is bread filled with custard cream. Enjoy my recipe! See you need time! Bye!