Custom Keto Meal Plan Mentor Mondays How to create your keto meal plan for beginners

hello my friends welcome back to quito in the chaos my name is Tammy and this is another episode of mentor Mondays if you've been following along in this series you know why I consider protein to be an important macro in a kid's genetic diet how much fat you need in order to maximize fat loss and how to find your macros if you haven't already joined ketogenic diet us on Facebook check in the About section below and click the link and join today if you join the Facebook group you'll be able to get your own personal macros to do the exact ketogenic diet that I am doing plus all the information that I'm teaching you here is available for free in the pin post so now what you have you have all this information but how do you actually put it into play today I'm gonna teach you how to create your own customized meal plan based on the information that I've been giving you in the mentor Monday videos so grab a notebook and a pen because you're gonna want to write this down if you're here and you're learning about keto you probably already realize that it's a very low carb way of eating so the things that you're gonna eat when you're on a ketogenic diet are going to consist mostly of proteins and vegetables so the first thing that you're going to need to do when you're creating your own personal meal plan is to make a list of your favorite proteins so at the top of my paper I'm going to write proteins and you're just gonna list your favorites so some of my favorite proteins of course eat I love roast steak pretty much any kind of beef cut except it don't really love filet I feel like it's kinda mushy did you know that's me so beep cuts of beef chicken I love chicken breast and the reason I like chicken breast is because chicken breast is really low in fat and I know that that seems counterintuitive on this way of eating but when you have a protein that's really low in fat it gives you license to add things to that protein to make it fattier so when I'm using chicken breast I'm also using cheeses sauces things like that in order to make it taste really really good so that's kind of why I like chicken breasts on this way of eating you can definitely eat dark meat chicken with the skin on we do wings a lot and even like just chicken legs little chicken drumsticks things like that so any kind of chicken works so on my list I've got beef and chicken now I'm not gonna put pork on my list I know you probably don't believe it but I'm not really a pork fan I will eat it if I have to and you'll notice if you watch me my what I eat in a week videos you're gonna very rarely see pork pork loin or pork chops on the list I don't know why I don't love it it tastes fine when I'm eating it but the thought of eating it is not pleasant to me so I'm not really gonna put pork on here but I am gonna put bacon because hello who doesn't want bacon actually before this way of eating actually didn't like bacon but now I do so your taste sometimes change so I'm gonna put bacon on my list okay um another thing you could put on a seafood personally I don't care for seafood rarely I will do salmon seafood tends to be really low in fat and I also don't really like cheese's and sauces on seafood and so it's not necessarily always the best choice for keto but if you're doing moderate fat keto like I am doing it's definitely a staple for a lot of people to raise their protein macro without bringing the fat macro up too much so if you like seafood you should definitely add seafood to your list what else could I add I mean there's lots of other needs out there there's definitely gamy it interesting meats I'm not really like adventurous when it comes to meats I'm pretty much just like a beef and chicken kind of girl so mine my proteins are short here I'm also gonna add cheeses to the list because as you know dairy is life at least for me for some people it really doesn't work and for some people it can can cause water retention which is why I tried going off bitte to see if that was my trouble but it wasn't and I'm really grateful because I love all cheeses I think the only cheese that I have ever tried that I didn't like was a blueberry Wensleydale cheese and I actually liked the flavor of it I just didn't like the texture it was kind of grainy when it should have been creamy yeah Wensleydale wasn't my favorite but pretty much every other kind of cheese that is out there that I have personally tried I have liked um one of my favorite things to do is just to go to the grocery store and go to the specialty cheese section and so like every time I do my grocery shop I try and find it cheese I haven't tried yet and just incorporate that into my week and so I've tried some really interesting things I've even tried a truffle cheese that was interesting truffles I've never tried them before and I didn't find it to be truly amazing jaw-dropping or anything I liked the cheese but it wasn't like my favorite cheese of all time so I'm just gonna put all cheeses on here because pretty much cheese is one of those delicacies that is savored on keto and that is just variety so I'm gonna put all cheeses on mine I am NOT going to put nuts in my food plan and this is the reason why firstly nuts are calorically dense they're very high in fat they do have some carbs and they have a lot of calories secondly they're so easy to over eat if you sit down with a bag of macadamia nuts you could eat a huge amount of calories in a short sitting so that can be really tricky thirdly nuts can be inflammatory they can cause you to retain water and it can cause joint pain so for those three reasons I tend to avoid nuts if you ever see me eating nuts on this channel it's usually a special occasion so for example when I go out to Texas Roadhouse with my husband I will have 20 peanuts just because it's a special diet out and I'm having a higher today what I do that and so I don't mind adding the calories but you'll see that I count out plenty of them on my plate and I eat only 20 of them I don't let myself go crazy so that's 40 tiny little peanuts over the course of that meal and I don't like go crazy sometimes if I'm going to the movies and I feel like it will fit in my one hour window I will also so we will go up to eat and I will take nuts or something like that with me and I'll try and tack it in on the last of my hour window but like I said that's on a special occasion like I'm going out and I usually am doing a higher fat more maintenance macros day and for me maintenance macros would be 120 fat 120 protein and 21 or fewer carbs so you see it's like double almost will not quite double my fat but it's a lot more fat than I usually eat at 120 protein 78 fat and 21 carbs which is are my macros from ketogenic diet okay so nuts not about my protein list um let's see I don't think there's any other ones that I personally love but you might find some things that I didn't mention that our proteins that are safe to eat of course these are gonna include lunch meats and things like that oh I guess add add turkey I'll had turkey cuz I do eat turkey on occasion and I do love turkey lunch meat especially the Applegate Brown because our zero carbs and I do eat that quite a bit so that works for me um I'm not gonna put any processed meats on here besides bacon sausage is too fatty for me most of the time I did make some sausage gravy this week that was pretty good but I had a small amount of it on a large piece of low fat protein my chicken so I try and balance those heavier meats out and I find that most sausages and things have carbs that I just don't want to have and so I don't really add them on to my list but if they're a staple for you add it to your list all right so the next thing you're gonna do is you're gonna make a section for veggies and you're going to put on your list all of your favorite veggies so my ultimate favorite veggie especially to eat on keto is zucchini it is really versatile and you can make it into noodle form I have a noodle maker a spiralizer that I got from Amazon and it's awesome you just put the thing in there and you turn the crank and noodles and if you just cook them gently they actually have some bite to them and they can really take the place of pasta in your diet and I love that but zucchini you can also slice up and saute there's so many ways you can cook zucchini you can eat tsukimi raw it's just very versatile and I love it so my second one probably would be mmm I love broccoli it tends to be a little bit more Carvey so I don't eat it every day but it is full of yummy vitamins and minerals and fiber so it's not as Carvey as it could be I had a lot of broccoli zucchini and broccoli are probably my staples I also love asparagus and spaghetti squash now spaghetti squash is another one that can be substituted for pasta but it is hard to get it cooked just right sometimes it's too crunchy or to machines so you kind of it's kind of tricky I actually cook mine in the microwave which seems to work pretty well actually um so I'll occasionally have spaghetti squash but it is pretty Carvey so make sure you measure it and weigh it out make sure that you don't eat too much of it I usually will pair it with a cream sauce and chicken let's see other veggies that I like to eat I like carrots on occasion but I don't add it to my list because they they're not really a staple because they're starchy so if I eat carrot it's just like one tiny baby carrot or two um what else I love peas but they're also another Carvey vegetable so I eat it rarely and I make sure to track it but I'm not gonna add it to my list cuz I don't feel like it's a staple veggie oh of course leafy's like salads those always good watercress kale even iceberg lettuce though it has believe it or not iceberg lettuce has a higher water content than most lettuces but it does still have very similar vitamin mineral content it's not a complete waste of time I love me some iceberg occasionally and of course romaine there's lots of yummy lettuces oh and spinach let's not forget spinach my favorite way to eat spinach is cooked with a little vinegar on top mmm delicious maybe even a little Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of there those are that's really good and I often forget to by spin it so you may not see it in my videos but I really do love eating it so I need to make more of an effort to add spinach into my diet okay so once you have your proteins and your veggies list that's pretty much all you need to make yourself a meal plan so turn the page in your notebook and write at the top day one okay now for this step you are going to need your phone app so make sure you have your phone with you the app that I personally use is chronometer or chronometer however you choose to pronounce it you can use my Fitness Powell you can use any of those tracking apps just make sure to try and use the USDA entries whenever possible so that they're the most accurate you're gonna need your tracker so that you can see how much of each thing you're gonna eat as you're making your personal menu so when I'm first starting out with a ketogenic way of eating and I have it really tried it before that first week you can be a little bit lenient on your fats I personally didn't I stuck with the lower fat from the very beginning and was fine but you may find that you need to add more fats to yours I'm not gonna tell you what to do that way you can decide but I'm just gonna show you how I would make meals for me on this ketogenic way of eating that I personally do in case you're curious and you want to try it so I would normally eat a bunch of cereal and breads and things like that for breakfast so at first was kind of hard for me to figure out what to eat and I really did get kind of stuck in eating breakfast type foods I would prefer to eat sausage but it's too high in fat so I wasn't able to do that so I started with good old bacon and eggs so I wrote on my day one two large eggs and bacon now the bacon that I personally choose I make sure that my bacon is 50% fat 50% protein I really want to minimize the fat content as much as possible to maximize the amount of taste that I could put into my meals I don't want any one item to be too fatty because like I'm doing this for fat loss and I clot doodles of fat on my body that I'm trying to burn so I am trying to eat the amount of fat that is healthy for me for brain function and hormone production and to keep me happy and satiated but also maximize the fat loss on my body so I have my chronometer app and I am going to add in two eggs so you will see that when you add in two eggs that it'll tell you how much protein and how much fats are in those eggs so two raw eggs I've got twelve point six grams of protein ten point six grams of fat and one point one net carbs and I'm gonna add that yet so then I'm gonna go into my bacon and the brand that I'm using is Daly's bacon if you don't have your brand's ready this might be trickier to do stick with more Whole Foods that you can just get the entry information so I know that I'm going to be eating bacon but I don't know how much bacon I should eat so since my macros are going to be 120 grams of protein I am gonna start by dividing my protein into three meals when you first start out on the ketogenic way of eating you probably don't want to jump into intermittent fasting or eating only two meals right at one right at once you want to eat three and you want to space them out at least four hours apart so that you can stimulate muscle protein since its synthesis which is when your muscles heal themselves and build themselves and give your body enough time to digest your food and do that so that's why four hours minimum minimum between meals is beneficial okay so I am going to go on here and choose grams and I'm just gonna play around with it how much if I do 100 grams how much would that be whoa 35 grams of protein and 35 fat way way too much if I am dividing mine by my hundred and twenty-five three I'm gonna have forty grams in my breakfast and I already have twelve fun days so I know that that's too much so what if I cut that in half and try 50 50 grams of bacon would be 17 and 17 that could probably work for me that would put me at 39 ish forty forty protein yeah pretty close so yeah 50 grams of bacon so that's what I'm gonna put 50g of my bacon and two eighths that's gonna be my first meal your first meal does not have to be a breakfast food you can have chicken for breakfast you can have beef for breakfast whatever you want you can have ham for breakfast if you like that kind of thing hams are also not my favorite but you just want to make sure that you end up with about a third of your macros so this is gonna put me at let's see I'm gonna write it down so that I know if you hit targets it'll show you where you're at so that gives me 30 protein 28 fat and 1.1 carbs so I'm just going to put one card okay so that's pretty fatty so because that meal is fatty I'm probably gonna want to go with either a seafood or chicken for lunch or chicken breast so that I don't add so much fat because that's almost that's close to 50% my facts for the day in just one meal so for lunch so I'm just gonna put lunch on here I'm gonna go for chicken breast as my main protein alright I've got on here I don't see the USDA listing but I do see NCC DB I have no idea what that stands for but I do know that it's really accurate so I have chicken breasts skin removed before cooking and that's the one I'm gonna go ahead and use so now I'm gonna switch it to grams and then I'm just gonna plug some grams in there and see how much of 200 grams whoa 200 grams is sixty one protein that's way above we're going for thirty protein so I see that 61 and I realized I really only need 100 grams of chicken so 100 grams of chicken breast is gonna be my lunch it's very low in fat and it will probably taste gross if I don't cook it in some kind of fat so I am going to add I'm going to cook it in some olive oil now I'm gonna measure out a tablespoon of olive oil into the pan probably but all of that olive oil is probably not going to be in my food but I'm still gonna track it anyway because I'm trying to keep my fats a little lower and because it could end up in my food um if you do if you aren't cooking something like eggs and you don't want to add fat to it because on this you want to eat eat your fats in your foods and necessarily and like added things like oils and back butters and things you can but it's like best to get it in your actual food so you can use like the olive oil cooking spray that's how I cook my eggs so that it's a very negligible amount of fat and I don't really track that okay so I am going to do yeah I'll do a tablespoon a tablespoon of olive oil so I write that on my list and that is 13.5 grams of fat which would put me at about 17 gram that that's pretty good and then I'm gonna have with that oh one of my veggies that I didn't add to my list I better go back and add that green beans fresh green beans so one trick that I use for green beans and this will also get the rest of your oil into your diet I after I cook my chicken I just with the pan hot I just put a tiny bit of water in it just to like collect the juices off the bottom and pan my pan is really old and it's not gonna be damaged by that be careful that you could damage your pan so be careful with that but it just like brings all of the flavor of the chicken into the water and then I put the green beans in that and I just kind of saute the green beans in that olive oil and chicken whatever's leftover mixture so I'm going to do I'm just gonna put in a hundred grams of green beans so let's look up green means 100 grams of green beans is four point six net carbs and one point nine protein so I'm just gonna add that in so then I have the total for that meal it's going to be thirty thirty three protein eighteen fats and five cotwell four-and-a-half carbs out about five cards just to be safe I'm net carbs now I think that carbs because I do have my chronometer my chronometer set for net carbs the reason why is because I really only eat veggies I don't do a lot of nuts and I don't do a lot of key to fide products or bars or cookies or anything like that that I'm going to be doing that carbs on I don't do any of that stuff I only do net carbs on veggies and half carbs on yogurts with live cultures so um I have it set to net carbs to be safe you could do total carbs to make sure your total carbs are under 20 that's safer but I am lazy it's so high put it on net so that it pulls the fiber out of my veggies because I I don't have to count that all right so that puts us at 63 protein and let's see [Music] 46 fats and 6 carbs so that leaves us with 60 protein left for dinner and 30 car 32 car 32 fat's left for dinner and a lot of cars so I don't know if I'm gonna eat all my cards today because of that so 60 and 32 so for dinner say I want to have a sirloin steak sirloin is one of my favorite steaks it has a really good flavor it has enough fat to be good and not be like paste low fat but it's not super high in fat so I'm gonna go on here and choose um sirloin steak visible fat eaten because I do always eat the fat on my steak okay so beef steak sirloin visible fat eaten USD n USDA entry is what I am choosing to use okay so I am going to do I'm gonna do ounces on my beef for now because that's in my brain where it will go I can switch it to grams if I want it looks like I'm going to need eight ounces of beef for my meal so that's gonna be another 60 protein and 34 fat that's gonna put me a little bit over on my fat for the day so do I want to go back to lunch and take the olive oil down and decrease my fat that way do I want to go back to breakfast and decrease my fat that way do I want to just call it good and not worry about going to over in my fat that's up to you how you want to do it but you can see like if you get to the dinner and you find you've gone over and what you want to eat then you just go back to breakfast or lunch and change out one of your proteins to something leaner or remove some of the oils that you chosen to use for cooking or remove some of the cheeses that you've added and for dinner I think I'm going to choose a veggie that doesn't really need a lot of oil when I eat it and so let's see oh my gosh you guys I forgot to put cauliflower on my veggies list I go back and add cauliflower because that one it's a good one I do like to have a little bit of olive oil though on cauliflower spinach spinach is gonna be my answer I don't need any oil to cook spinach I can cook it in water and a little bit of water in the pan comes out just as great and it's very very delicious and I can just put a little vinegar and salt on it and happy so I am going to do spinach for my veggie for dinner spinach raw the NCSE dbm tree okay that's what I'm going to use now I am going to go buy grams I'm going to do 300 grams of raw spinach and cook it down so that's actually going to put me over on my protein by Allah so if there's a live spinach a lot of protein in spinach so I'm going to go back into my beef steak my birth sir when steak and I'm going to decrease that to seven and that should put me two under on my fat which is fine you can go anywhere up to 10 under safely anything under 10 you're gonna be a crabby B word I don't recommend it I mean it can't really hurt you but it's just yeah it's not maintainable it's not satiating you become grumpy I think that was part of my problem with the dairy it was just harder for me to get my fats in and even though on paper it said I was I just felt like I didn't have enough I don't okay so if that's gonna be my dinner seven ounces of beefsteak and 300 grams of spinach or just a little bit of vinegar on top of that and that is gonna put me at sixty one protein 31 fat and 4.2 cars that's net carbs so that puts me at only 10 carbs for the day which is pretty awesome that's pretty good that is a pretty good first day and then so then what you're gonna do is you're just gonna go from day one you're gonna go to day two and you're gonna make yourself out a menu there are some ideas you can do oh one of the meats I forgot I loved canned tuna fish goodness you guys make sure you really think hard on this so I'm gonna add tuna to my list because tuna fish is a really good on the go you can take a pouch of the the tuna pouch a little packet of mayonnaise a little packet of dill and a little pack of mustard and squirt it all into the pouch stir it up and right out of the pouch super easy on-the-go meal there's lots of things like that that you can try stick to simple simple is always best at the beginning especially that first week set out your menu the way that you want it put it in chronometer if you need to in advance plan plan plan at the very beginning it's very important to plan and track and weigh everything until you get kind of general ideas of what works for you and you tend to get like it maybe even into a rut where you eat the same thing every day you'll know from my videos that I on the eat two meals a day at this point took about a month before I just didn't feel like making breakfast anymore and I combined breakfast and lunch that's when I started adding yogurt in order to be able to eat more bacon which I like bacon and I wanted to be able to up my protein level without bringing my fat level up which is why I started eating the yogurt a lot of my carbs come from there and that's why I usually hit 20 a day if I wasn't eating the yogurt I probably would only do hit 10 on my carbs from it's that's what I would eat so and that's kind of what I did eat so often I did bacon and eggs for breakfast and I did steak for lunch and chicken for dinner or I did you know eggs and ham for breakfast or and chicken for lunch and stay for dinner I mean I know it sounds kind of boring and at first maybe it will be but as you get the hang of it you'll be able to incorporate more sauces and recipes and things like that as you go along so that is how you create your own custom meal plan so you divide your macros by three you choose your top three favorite proteins one for each meal you make sure you have a minimum of 30 grams of protein to stimulate muscle protein synthesis in each meal so anything under 30 is considered a snack it's not gonna stimulate muscle protein since synthesis it's not enough protein make sure you're getting thirty minimum and if you're 120 protein like me you want to get try and split it 40 40 40 if you can you can see I didn't do that on here but I could have if I went back and tweaked it and thirdly then add in your carbs your veggies and your pets and you tweaked them you you tweak them until they line up perfectly do that for seven days and you have your menu you can eat that same menu week after week after week after week if you want until you get tired of it so that's how you create your own personal meal plan with ketogenic diets macros in mind again I'm leaving the link in the About section below to the Facebook page or you can find all the information please feel free to comment below tell me your favorite keto meal that you like to try that simple your favorite simple keto meal let me know how things are going for you let me know if there is any questions that you might have I'm always happy to answer your questions that's what I'm here for I'm here to mentor you on how to be successful in losing fat and that's why I started this channel so that's what I'm here for thanks for hanging out with me today I'll talk to you again soon [Music]