Cyclone Nisarga to make landfall later today near Mumbai India Cyclone WION News

let's begin this bulletin by bringing you the recent updates from India now cyclone s alga is approaching India's western coast and is expected to make landfall later today as of 2:30 a.m. this morning the cyclone was around 250 kilometers off the coast of Mumbai in Maharashtra it is heading for the North Maharashtra coast at a speed of around 11 km/h and wind speeds of around 80 to 90 kilometers per hour are being reported over the east central Arabian Sea now it could go up to 120 kilometers per hour over the next 12 hours or so extremely heavy rainfall has been forecast over the northern Konkan region including Mumbai Thani and Paul hood in Mumbai the wind speed had increased to 22 km/h by 4:30 a.m. this morning and the Indian med department is expecting mr. araga to maintain its cyclonic storm intensity for six hours post landfall during this time period Nizar gah is expected to move northeast words across central multiple - as well major damage is expected to thatched houses and the med department has also warned of flying roofs and a damage to the powerlines small trees could also be uprooted if the projected wind speeds materialized and the Maine Department has called for seizing all fishing operations and call for an evacuation of the low-lying areas the Mumbai Airport will only be operating 12 flights today in light of the cyclone risk the departure of five special trains has been rescheduled and three arrivals will be delayed now to all our viewers living in the at-risk areas please stay indoors and follow all the guidelines issued by the government and stay safe [Music] was signing an executive order this is something that they were monitoring very closely 12 12 18 months away if you lost they have cost thousands of lives of government to take a strong action when a game [Music] [Music] mr. Johnson's at heart point [Music]