D60 Shashtiamsha Divisional chart in Astrology Your Journey From Past to Present

hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is all about where the most crucial and important divisional chart in Vedic Astrology well this divisional chart is nothing but the reflection of your past life on this present life so let's not waste time let's begin with our video [Music] so this video is the 60th video on my channel and coincidently it's a video on D 60 chart it's a divisional chart it is known as such the official chart and well this divisional chart is for the most important and crucial aspect in Vedic Astrology if you really want refined predictions accurate predictions you need to look into this chart your horoscope analysis is incomplete until and unless you haven't looked into this particular divisional chart and it's just not me who is saying that well Russia gave a great importance to the d16 chart he considered that shush tiem shot shot is most important chart and after that is the Rashi chart and on over three it's done a bump shot shot so whenever you want to make better predictions you want to go for in-depth analysis of a horoscope you have to look into all these three charts you have to link these three charts and as a t69 and d1 to get better predictions so what does d60 well it is the 160th division of a particular rushing or a sign and therefore this chart gives you the in-depth analysis of your life and not just this life your past life this chart represents the exact past life karma it represents what all things you have done at past and how those things are affecting you in this life the reason why you're going through a certain difficult difficulty or maybe you know it just helps you to understand your bones as well as your curse from the past life now d60 gives a microscopic view of your life well there is this one device which is very close to me whether it was my high school my medical school or my higher studies a device name as microscope is very close to me and I think I'm microscope provides the solution to every trouble you look at the patient you just just check out the signs and symptoms and if everything fails you have to go for a diagnosis so what happens you take a culture you take a tissue you put it on the microscope and you will really everything will be out you will understand the root problem the root cause of everything just like that these 16 is the microscopic view of your life so it is not the most important chart and this chart will actually reveal how your life will go on and future and the yoga's which are found in this chart are also very important so there are three parts to this video number one how to analyze your d16 chart what all things you have to see in this divisional shot and how you can make predictions out of it number two how to reconstruct the d60 chart if your birth time is not accurate well the D 16 changes in two minutes the first house that ascended of D 60 changes within two minutes so we need accurate time and if you don't have accurate time how to reconstruct this particular divisional chart and number three the past life how you can analyze your past life by using ostium shop well this video is going to be very interesting so let's begin just like the d1 chart that is your Rashi chart the D 60 which is the Shasti Hampshire chart is required to see all the aspects of your life that you with the microscopic view every aspect whether it's your social life your personal life your luck bad luck career obstacles income marriage children your family everything you can see from this Shasti I'm sure division and it will give you a very clear and a very better idea of this life the very first thing you need to analyze is the first house of the Chechnya chart the first house of each and every divisional chart is very important the strength of the first house plays a very decisive role in the analysis of the sheshna hamza if the first house is free from any kind of malefic influences it indicates a spaciousness in life therefore the strength of this chart the strength of the first halves of this divisional shot increases the rate of success and prosperity in life even if you have any kind of malefic yogas in your horoscope or any matter-of-fact lines a replacement if your first house is strong believe me 80% of your problems are solved so we need to see who is the ruler of the first house that is the lord of the first house is it a malefic planet or a benefit planet lands like Mercury Venus Jupiter moon and Sun these are the benefit so most of you will be saying that Sun is not a benefit planet with Sun is mildly malefic planet but it's okay we can consider it as a benefit planet not a big thing in the malefic planets planets like Saturn or Mars rules your first house of course there will be struggle and problems and life is suppose planet Saturn rules the first house of a Shasti entre it will you know it represents that the growth your growth in life will be slow and gradual but it does not deny success in life suppose planet Mars rules the first house of sustain Yamcha it indicates that you will be requiring a lot of courage in this life to accomplish your tasks and repetition of efforts you have to repeat things again and again to reach a destination after that you have to see the placement at the first Lord suppose the first lab is placed in the ninth house well this indicates a native who is very spiritual blessed and lucky in this life now suppose first Lord is in the third house with this placement makes a native very courageous someone who will get success by his or her own efforts and hard work now First Lord goes into the twelfth house well this can weaken the first house because the twelfth house is the house of loss it indicates permanent settlement in foreign lands or may be the source of income would be from a foreign multinational company or may be from the source of income would be from across the seven seas then comes the role of the Therma houses the fifth and the ninth house are known as the therma houses and just like the fourth house fifth house also represents happiness and emotions it signifies our intelligence feelings faith spirituality most importantly the porv Aparna which means your past life beads so afflicted fifth house indicates problems purses or bad karma you are carrying from your past life and how this karma is going to affect you in this life if the fifth house is associated with a benefit planet or a benefit house this adds on the strength to your system church art it signifies that you have done really good and noble deeds in your past life ninth house is also a very or spacious house it is the house of religion spirituality faith luck destiny communication with higher power it represents your morality and the virtue the fifth house and the ninth house also represents our bhakti our devotion and how we communicate with the God a strong fifth and ninth house increases happiness and prosperity in this life I have discovered that most people who are struggling a lot in this life have the ninth house damaged in the shasta Yamcha chart so how to see the strength of the dharma houses very simple just like the first house look at the lord of the fifth house and the ninth house are these planets malefic or benefit what all planets are placed in the fifth house and the ninth house look at the house placement and the sign placement of the fifth slot and the ninth Lord and all these things will help you in analyzing this chart then you need to see the malefic houses the three-car houses the sixth the eighth and the twelfth house and again you have to see who is the Lord of these houses well the Lord of the eighth house is highly malefic planet in this chart and you need to look for the association of the sixth eighth and twelfth house with the other houses the placement of the sixth eighth and the twelfth Lord can give you a clue about your difficulties and misfortunes in this life suppose your eighth house Lord is placed in the ninth house well this indicates troubles and misunderstanding with your father because 9,000 represents father in astrology if it lad is an eighth house well this is a good placement it indicates happiness and a letter strength in this life so we have to go for a detailed analysis to come up to a better prediction and after analyzing all these houses you have to look for the planetary yoga's formed in this horoscope it is really these yoga's will be very important for you in this life you have to look for the plant for yoga as formed in this horoscope whether it's a Raja yoga or Adana yoga or maybe pop codes or yoga so there's so many yoga's you have to look for the yoga's in this chest iam sure chart and also you have to see you can analyze your Maharaja through this chart you have to see which planet is malefic and benefit in this particular divisional chart and this can really help you to understand the effects of a certain Mahadeva let's discus with an example how you can read a d60 chart where this d60 chart belongs to a woman who got divorced recently she came to me like almost almost a year ago and she came for her consultation regarding marriage now she was depressed due to her failed marriage so let's see what went wrong over here her partner cheated on her and this guy was very aggressive and very argumentative you know the combination of Mars with mercury is quite good for materialistic success in life but not good for relationships you can see over here that mercury is exalted but let me tell you the association of this planet what planet Mars is a really a trouble maker and the Mars rules the second house in this chart look at the second house and over there Jupiter and Moon is sitting with planet Saturn which is an Aries Anytus and doublet dated so this thing also is a reason which failed the marriage you can look over here that Jupiter is also there but Jupiter was unable to save that relationship because 2nd house is the house of marriage - and over here Jupiter couldn't save this relationship now after that look at the sixth house sixth house is the house of divorce the house of litigation so the sixth Lord is planet son sitting with Rahu again it indicates that her partner cheated on her and also her father is suffering from a prolonged illness again son represents the father and over here the son is the 6th Lord in conjunction with planet Rahu and the fifth house look at the fifth house over help 5th house is also a house of intelligence house of happiness house of faith and the First Lord is placed in the second house along with Jupiter and Saturn again in Aries and this woman has suffered a lot in life she was depressed and her mind was always clouded with negative thoughts and even in her d9 chart the moon is debilitated and even in the d1 chart moon is placed with planet Saturn so yes all these things you have to relate all these charts and then you can come up to a conclusion so finally you are aware how to analyze your dchd now it's time to reconstruct well it's very easy to reconstruct your t60 chart if you think that your birth time is not accurate don't worry we have a way to reconstruct your d60 so let's begin and after that after reconstructing that chart you can read and analyze this chart the same way I told you earlier in this video so let's begin okay guys I have reconstructed the shush TM Shore chart over here the chart number three over here is the reconstructed one and all you need to do is to consult and see you're Lugg nurture that is your Rashi chart and as well as the original d60 chart so over here and the lagna you can see that it's a Pisces ascendant look at the Rashi chart the ruling sign is Pisces so even in this chart we will take the ascendant as Pisces and then we will look towards the original d60 and we will just copy the plan to replacements suppose like and you can see that Sun and k2 is in Leo so in the reconstruction work we have placed Sun and k2 in belly only in this way we will reconstruct the Rushdie Hampshire and then you can analyze this chart in the same way as I have mentioned earlier in the video you know that there is a beauty to such the unshod and that beauty is that you can understand your past life deeds and why do we want to know about the past life deeds because if you know what you have done wrong in your past life you have the opportunity to correct it in this life so it's a really a very useful chart so let's understand how you can understand your past life let's begin okay so let's understand how you can reveal your past life karma by using the d60 divisional chart and how this past life karma is active in the present life well the house placement and the dignity of the planets whether it's a malefic one or a benefit planet these two things holds the secret to your past life karma you can relate these plan to replacements to your present life situations and this can give you a very better analysis and I will be comparing my analysis results with a past life reading done by the naughtiest nadi astrology method well this technique is mostly used in the southern parts of india where the ancient sages have written the past and the future on palm leaves the very first complain of this negative is the breaks in education whether it's in less or maybe lack of concentration this person always encountered trouble related to studies and even in and also trouble related to the teachers the gurus okay so who is the guru well you have to look out for mr. junuh well mr. juneau is pleased in the 11th house of kay so Jupiter is an 11th house in the company of planet Saturn or I would say that the unhappy Saturn in Aries she has gone through a lot of criticism and humiliation by teachers and Jupiter is the Karaka of gurus teacher and you can see planet K 2 is placed in the sign of Jupiter so you can really understand the Karma related to teachers and again Jupiter is placed with the debilitated Saturn so as of course it indicates bad karma related to teachers and even the nadi reading mentions that this native was cursed by a teacher in the past life the association of planet Mercury with the 5th house as well as with the first house indicates that this person was very spiritual in the past life but Jupiter is also a planet which represents spirituality and his association with planets Saturn represents that there was some kind of lack of faith in the past life and therefore the lesson in this life is to have a strong faith on God look at the replacement of planet Rahu in the sign of Gemini in the first house it signifies the materialistic desires of this person and these desires are from the past life even the nadi reading mentions that this Natan was quite egoistic due to the materialistic possessions and lastly I would like to add that irrespective of the suddens house placement the ability to Saturn also represents that this native might have misbehaved with these servants with the people who belong to a poor class and the presence of the third Lord in the third house the planets son is the lord of the third house and it is placed in the third house indicates that this person will be a self-made person in this life everything will come to this person back own efforts and the effects of the malefic Saturn will surely reduce in this life because planet Mars is exalted in the sign of Saturn that is the sign of Capricorn so this is how you will analyze your past life karma and also how this karma is affecting you in this life so guys this was my analysis on Shashi our chart I hope this video will be quite useful for you and let me know what you think about this video in the comment section below till then good bye take care and if you're new over here do subscribe so good bye