D60 Shashtyamsha for Past life by Dr Dharmesh Mehta

now as every yes welcome to DML astrology an amazing subject of today's video did sixty the sixty is called such towns is a divisional chart of itself as a very big a sixty division of a sign so one can think that it's a fraction of thirteen is so it is so deep here so many secret can be revealed by D sixty so we'll go one by one how it will be get that Celsus chance is a past life we see the past life karma whether the person have any curse or not that also can be seen from this clue for present life you can get a clue what the persons or the natives this life will be and it is also a sense it karma what is to be faced in the life during the journey of a life what the native has to face this everything has been covered under this d16 so all three times past life dates whether the curse or blessing clue for the present life what you do so that you will get a easy in this life as well as what is to be faced in the life there is a cinch it karma this three thing has to been seen the twins most of many people cannot answer the twins chart is here separated even though they born with the fraction of 1/32 one minute this get before and because of this difference both the life gets difference so twins chart can be clearly clearly identify differently by two minutes difference as ascending change in their so the deity change every 60s ended in D 60 here is one deity goddess so God goddess so accordingly the iterance d16 present yourself and how the past life has affected this size it says that how the that lagna d60 lagna cover so many things within so let me that d60 let me represent yourself and how the past life has been affected in this life these 60 shows the Karma Brahma Baba where the planet of planets are afflicted by Orkin ejected by our respective how many planets seated together that we are going to see so it shows the karma from the Bower where the planet or planets are afflicted by conjunction or by aspect how many pollen it is affected with how many other aspects or days that denote this day sixteen is a beneficial planet should be expected by malefic planets and Mir than the two planet malefic expecting balancing planets so it's like how it is been placed it shows the curse if the benefit planet should be expected by the malefic planet in your d60 chart judge only the hospitals allowed and more than two planet malefic expecting the benefit that means you have a course either the ascendant lot of your ascendant or ascendant Lord of your d60 now what is a different between d40 be 45 and D 60 we have done all these three today we are doing be 60 d 4 t is a maternal curse getting workers from maternal family mother family be 45 is a paternal curse from the ancestor of the parents father father line you might be in getting any curse and d60 means your own curse your accumulated such a deeds be because of which you are getting curse so its own your own deeds right so that way also it is great the 40 maternal curse the sixth 45 paternal curse and the 60 own personal curves day 60 also shows your our traits in this life what kind of a trades life past loves karma and manifest in D 60 it can be manifest in these 16 how a past life karma is their past life can be seen from the road lucknow so people also can see the road lucknow very simple formula is they take our road lucknow as a lagna and draw the first charge with the aspect offer with respect to the ardha so you can start the chart from where the RO the lagna is there and from there in D and your J hora it is very clearly given and mula - also calculated according to this very powerful - ah the molder shop is also to be shown for D 60 chart especially those who are interested in the past libraries they must see the moola Dasha we are not going to discuss more about the moon session in this video but definitely I will be going to do some cha this special video for moola dasa so will the size also one kind of a planetary position whereby a person can be see his past life deeds and accordingly the d60 interpretation one can be seen that how what kind of a things person has been then these 60 also connect to Dharma what kind of a religious belief you have is also to be seen we all know that 9000 is a Dharma house so it says that if ninth lot of adi one place in which d60 am sure you will see all 6 TM say today so using that means that bad karma is the cause of your birth in this life what you have to see you have to see your ninth lot of ascendant chart your lagna chart ninth Lord that ninth Lord where it is placed in the 60 in which am sure there are 60 I'm sure we'll see that means that bad karma is the cause of your birth in this life we because of which occurs with because of your treason you're taking the birth b16 Lord first house to our planet in d60 aspect on the first house see the divisional charge 60s under Lord the planet place in the first house in d60 and aspect on first house dead deity of d60 decide your past karma this is also one theory of seeing the past karma the lot of a ascendant Lord of d12 e60 we which are the planar seated in d60 ascendant in your d60 and who are a planet are expecting the your ascendant housing be sixty that DT over D 60 decide your past karma that is also one way of a searching the past karma if d 16 no planet in d 60 ascendant or life will be free from any encumbrance of past life so you are not suffering because of the past life if your first house is empty in d 60 if your first house not place any planet in D 60 very good you are not badly influence of your past life deeds and you are free from any encumbrance of past life so nobody will going to affect you anywhere in your path in the present life because of certain deeds you are done in the past life that's a good news for you that's a good thing now them now we are going to see see the first house Lord you see malefic the Sun Mars Saturn if your d60 is a lordship of suppose the Leo ascendant appear in D 60 means you are sending Lord over D 60 son it is malefic if your ascendant Lord over D 60 is Jupiter Mercury moon and Venus that is your life is smooth and if you born in the nests on Mars and Saturn ascendant Sun Mars and Saturn Sandin that means you are going to have a slow growth in your life and always caused a delay because of your certain deeds in the past life because of your own deeds of a past life you are not able to get that good pace good speed in this life so that you have to see if you are sending Lord is a Sun Mars and Saturn slow growth and delay in all the course and if you are ascendant Lord in the v60 chart is Jupiter Mercury moon and Venus then this life will be smooth now first house Lord plays in which house your first house Lord plays in which house if it is placed in the one five nine means at econo house fifth was first out fifty thousand nine thousand you are devotion you are very much devotee and because of the good devotion you got this life good sign if your ascendant Lord place in two six and ten that is a second click on two six and ten second house six hours or ten thousand you are materialistic you are born because of the material pleasure to enjoy if you are sending Lord in d60 place in the three seven and eleven house three seven and eleven house then your life is artificial life illusory life you know all the film stars or many people have living a artificial life so is artificial life or illusion maybe people get inspired by you but you yourself believe that you are living an artificial life three seven and eleven your rational not place in the design this house and if you're a sinner Lord plays in the four eight and twelve house 4008 house or twelfth house then you are a moksha Karaka you're taken birth to take a last birth in this life and thereafter you will be having a mocks then you have to see the ninth house see that's also very important if 9060 is damaged if you're nine thousand / D 60 is damaged that means there will be a struggle in this life you are not blessed anyone and this life will be very very tough for you okay so that you have to see that if you're nine thousand spy in the sixty chart then you're born with some negative force and because of that you have to struggle so much in this life and not able to achieve your desired result six eight and twelve thousand also very important in your d60 chart which planet place who are the Lord associated with them they create the misfortune so lot of six houses eight thousand twelve thousand which planet they are which planet is seated in six eight and twelve scene all divisional chart I have already said that those planes seated in six eight and twelve out of your that particular divisional charge become too much weak they are incapable of getting giving any result in your ascendant charge the same repeats here if you are six eighth and twelfth Lord is not place well who planets are they Lord which plane takes Paris is a place and associate with them suppose your sixth Lord is Mars and it is seated with the Jupiter so Jupiter is also being affected because of the sixth lord association or UT so they are creating a misfortune to you so this is also something very special for D 60 chart that one has to be very careful while predicting D 60 chart this all are a core information of D 60 there are so many yet to learn about the D 60 but this all are the core part over D 60 right now we will see that 60 lordship over d 6 t it is the bphs chapter 6 in bphs breath parasha Horace's it is a 6th chapter and sloka number 4 this specially the sloka number 35 to 40 one belongs to the d 60 that is a such tiem ship there are so many names shush Yamcha such dimension 60 I am sure it is more powerful than these 140-150 CD 150 is nothing but nadi astrology bhrigu nadi surah nadi there are so many nerdy's shukran re qu gennadi it's more powerful than 150 part of nadi it is called nadi part 150 it is more powerful than 150 the d 60 is very very important one should focus on this and getting a very good result now this is a this is the lordship of our systems odd or even see if you are SN then Lord is your ascendant is a even sign then you have to follow 62 number one 60 will be your first then 59 then 58 57 56 likewise and if your ascendant Lord is odd suppose in your birth chart you are born in the Gemini ascendant then you are born in the odd sign 1 3 5 7 9 11 all odd sign or ascendant so those who are born in the orders and then they are going to follow 1 to 60 their first ounce see it is all 13 13 13 so 0 to 30 there is V kala that is a second sir that you have to see see that is a Rashi every dossier about 30 am sure that 30 I'm Sheva 60 kala and then there is a every kala has a 60 B kala here 30 V colors are there so it is a second it's called 30 seconds so every 30 part of this is changing so your first if you are born in the or ascendant 1 5 7 9 11 if that kind of a sudden you have Leo s and then Sagittarius and in Aquarius ascendant then you are going to follow 1 to 60 in straight line and if you are born in that 2 4 6 8 12 10 enter if you're born in the kanya that Sawako Essendon cancerous and and then your foursome sha will be 60 then 59 then 57 then 58 likewise I will he'll give the all the um sha name its meaning means a result and whether it is a malefic or benefit so please be us note down this is are all very very important and i will be also going very slow now starting with the one to sixty i will not repeat 60 to 160 59 like that you have to understood so I'll be starting from number one number one system shall see it is called such namja that is all MSHA has a name all dumb sha has a name so all the 60 names I am going to tell one by one and you have to write down its name its meaning and whether it is malefic or benefit for malefic I will say am and for benefit it is B M B now first first is called Dida Dida means slow that is a d h ee ra Veera that is called terrific fight full terrible and violence it is not so good so it is a deira it is not a good am sha and it that is why it is malefic first comes itself is a Malevich so if you are ascendant is 0 0 0 0 up to 30 right Rashi anything I'm sure is 0 Kauai is 0 and V kala is up to 30 then you are born in the deira all right and due to this deira it is also called Gor the GH double-o are good also so it is very terrific fight full terrible and violent it is a malefic hamsa second is a Rakshasa we all know Rakshasa means a demon is a demon so demonic and a su the person's life is spoiled due to the surah obviously it is also Molefi so if somebody is born in the odd ascendant honest and in anyone five seven nine and within one ounce is ascendant is a one degree then he is born in the both negative am sure either Adira means good or he born in the Rakshasa both are bad thirty is a diva Kurama is a diva it starts from one ounce to one of one color to one color and thirty we color right they were they were means divine his life is very pure he has taken birth to take to give so many good things to the nature to the people to the mankind it's a benefit then number four is a Kabira we all know the lord of wealth Kabira means a god of a treasure wealth Lord so he has taken birth if ascendant or any planet Jupiter Saturn Mars so that is a kuvira that is your Lord for wealth so this will give you if you are any ascendant any planet suppose Jupiter is with your one kala and 30v kala abu means say if one ounce and 40 kala then your Jupiter is in the cuvette ranch but what the do is about for the dual for the even sign it will be a 56 right 56 am sure will be Adira Kuvera then it is a actual Cobra is a note to say it is a benefit only then Yaksha Yaksha means sir it's also got kind of a God so it is a celestial single action means celestial single she was a good artist he was a very good creator musician right so the person will be a musician or inclination to this it is also benefit then you have a brushed Kiner sorry the six number is a kinder kinder means a demon is also demin is called a transgender see all the transgender LGBT means that T is a translator that transgender in Sanskrit is called Kiner who's not male who's not female and is a unfertile who's unfertile so that planet become unfertile those planet is seated in the this now 56 number is a team Nura and canary is it not good so canary is a malefic right up to see up to this we are see first second malefic third four fifth benefit the sixth one was a malefic now seven is a brush to brush to mix corrupt you all know brushed means corrupted brush tip brush to Mesa fallen means white curious cunning and mischievous so he is nature is this one and this planner will not give result because it's our curious it's a cunning nature and misfortune it's also malefic the seven was a brushed then eight is a color gonna color gonna culligan immense is destroying the family who will kill the family which girls to destroy the family some child when born one after another the natural calamity happens so that is a cool Akana so cool laguna is a eight number that is malefic then nine number is a girl ji ARL girl girl means a poison venom very bad so Guren means a poison or venom there's also a malefic then we have a Maya the eleven number is a my ten number sorry ten number is a Mohini warning vah ni wa honey vahana means of fire gastric fluid or digestive object it is a malefic right so one knee is a fire Vani means it to flow which goes burning and fire is a nature which spread everywhere we all know when fire start is spread everywhere so that is a fire gastric fluid or digestive object that's also not good then 11 is a Maya Maya means a deceit jugglery fraud cheat Bluff there's also malefic so Maya that's all a mayajaal be called Maya so Maya means Odyssey jaggery jugglery fraud cheat and Bluff then 12:1 is a pure Chaka PU RA sha kya puri Shakya poori Shakur is a earthly sign land solid or solid waste that's also malefic so porous cassia 12th is also bad pura Shakya pu r is HK why a pure Akasha then 13 is umbrella we all know embrace is a nectar it's a holy water so necklace immortality and honey oh honey dear is this it is a benefit so those planets seated in the Nam Rita that is after six degree to 6:30 degree is Amrita for malice for odd sign right then you have Maru Tawana that's fourteen is a meruit wanna marijuana means a wind wind sorry wind god of air so he also have a so much power and that is why it is also a benefit the thirteen one was Amrita that is also good Amrit good nectar and immortality then fourteen is a Marut wanna that is also good then 15 is a kala kala means we all know dark dark color black or on acceptance II that is the nature of the caller k double a la 15 is a caller then 16 that is a malefic then 16 is a surfer surfer we all know snake flexibility poisonous and attacker it's always attack so it is also malefic then we have our after-supper there is a america see there's a too many time the embrace will appear so don't be under confusion white come again again pure is a malefic it is a benefit so it may come again in and it so here also its I'm model necklace and light spend it gives a very good lifespan it is beneficiary seventeen number was there then eighteen number is a Hindu Hindu is nothing but the moon moon is a mood mood that camphor bright drop bright drop is also called Hindu right we have done I have done one eye in do Laguna video that is very powerful for judging the money right so Hindu boon camphor or bright drop this also benefit that I was eating the 1982 Merida means soft blue to means soft moderate so it is also benefit nineteen 121 is a Komal Komal is also a soft common means tender and agreeable who's always agree is called Komal right Komal again is a benefited twenty number then twenty one is her Amba her Amba is a one name of a Ganesha Lord Ganesha due August Nam that is a twelve name of a Ganesha out of which one is a harem bah so Aaron by is nothing but the Ganesha it also boost life own and hero so it is a benefit of itself 21 then 22 is a Brahma we all know Brahma means universal universal father and sacred knowledge it is also benefit Brahma is also good so 22 is sector good 23 is a Vishnu Vishnu we all know see 22 is a Brahma 23 is a Vishnu and 24 is a mahisha this Noah is a Lord Vishnu operator he is the executor he executed everything that is also benefit then 24 is a Maheshwara Maheshwara means a Shiva that is a sewer Lord Shiva origin and destroy his origin also and destroyed also that is also benefit then 20 way way is a David gonna means are they all the gods do energy daiva means a divine energy that is a B if you are sending Lord faults in this diva if that means if you are ascendant Lord for this is at 25 I'm sure that is my 12 degree and 30 minutes then you are born in the 25th I'm sure that is a diva 26 is our Ardra we are we have our drone etcetera also are the atom is moist damp humid or wet so there is a wet and that is also benefit which keep the things alive that's a weight let W it event Ardra then 27 is a Colinas a Kali NASA k li na sa colleen aza means a killing energy negative energy Sharkey it's also called sarchie it is also malefic so it is also not considered good so 27 is also not so powerful or not a benefit then we have a 28 28 is a theta k shi t ee is steerer still means a prince ruler of earth that is called a steerer that is also benefit then 29 we have that is a Kamala cara 29 is a calm lake ARA it is a lotus lotus to lake she lower in lake there is a lotus and it's a rising so it is a beneficial there also a beneficiary 29 then 30 30 is a ghoul iike i had done one video of a GU Lika so it's a ghoul Iike Mallika is a son of certain we see the Monday and gulika the Mandy said it's a ghoul Iike the son of certain blessed with all hardship blessed with all the efforts deeds very powerful but still it's a malefic 31 is a Riccio milk you mentioned that end of life and son of Mars virtue is a son of Mars that is why CalPERS has a eight shine as a Scorpio right more shine then again 32 is a kala kalah time weather or season that is beneficiary that is caller 32 then to 33 is they were Guinea Dave agony de vie Agni davargan e means a forest fire that is also not good that is malefic means the person has a nature or tendency to aging it is a nature of a agitation always put some fire in people's life not good then 34 is a Gore Gore means violence awful dangerous and horrible it's also malefic then you have 35 Yama Yama is a death or end of her life so Yama is also not good that is also malefic then 36 is a kentucker kan ta ke kanaka means pointed object Shula kentucker which always pinch so he is taken birth to pinch someone and due to his done so much karmic dip he has taken birth so printed object painful pin needle sharp edge dis all are malefic so 36 is a negative then tradition is a Sood ha su DHA e su da means nectars again amrita that fulfillment river ganga river ganga is called su de su dementia thirsty and Sudha ha means water right so see beauty of Sanskrit ah then again 38 is amrita Sudha was a benefit then 38 is amrita again nectar holy water and purifier benefit 39 porn a Chandra very good it's a porno Chandra full moon mood which mind and positive thought benefit that has 39 40 which 40 is we share Daaga which which means poison VI sha and da ji d h e data we reached the damage destroyed by the venom of poison who killed by the poison is a richer data that is 40 that is also malefic then what even is a cool Inasa cool enhancer means who and entire family : Asha is also ruining the family destroyer mess up everything and ruin its Rin is a very negative so it is also malefic then way we have 40 second warship Shyam bombshera once means generation Hamza Shia worm suck Chaya means who and the worms when the generation right once as I means descendant not growing further if you boy any planet is this planet or your fifth Lord is there your things will not grow your generation will not grow that somewhere end up right so it's a buncha and bombshell Shia function means the generation Shia means and that is also a malefic forties again then 43 is food pata UTP ATF with butter what but amines or main bonding and calamities so so omen bedding or calamities is also malefic then we have 44 tralala again collar comes k double ala call means a dark black and on reflective amrita and collar comes often so that is also malefic then 45 is again somya sama means related to the moon soft Holly and auspicious that is benefit so there was a saamiya was 45 then 46 is a Komal again it's a union a similar name of a Sami and Komal tender soft bland sweet pleasing and agreeable there is also benefit Kamala is 46 47 is Sheetal Sheetal means cool Sheetal Sheetal amines white soft cool and pleasant very good that's also benefit then 48 is a Carolyn la da ma ke re la da m sh t ra cara la dom star ah Carol Adams La Mesa frightfulness teeth frightfulness knit see if somebody have a teeth outside that it like this so that's a fruitful name and frightful teeth money they bite anytime horrible and dangerous that is why it is not consider good this all our Sanskrit name Carol Adams does Chartres Carol um Cara then 49 that is malefic then 49 is a Chandramukhi Chandramukhi is a very pleasant you can see cool things in the Chandra Chandramukhi Chandramukhi mean it's a beauty of moon cool and pleasant benefit then we have 50 Praveena premiere means scholar so prominent scholar clever well Virgil and knowledgeable that's a good good Owens that's a benefit Praveena then 51 is a collar pakka Karla pavakah KWL PA va kaeh call a pakka calipower coming strong will wind and temptation all the tempest sorry Tempest so it is a malefic also strong then we have 52 Dharma you the Dharma you de Dharma you the means as aesthetic help hermit and devotees who always come to save the religious like we all know Krishna yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati that's where ever the any negative we things will come I will come back that's your Krishna Lord Krishna promised lan-evo Bharata bhutanam derman sir that man Suzanne my thermos and stop an entire sambar me yogi yogi whenever anything happens to the religious I had again come and make the things properly that's a promise of a Vishnu Lord Vishnu so that I was a Dharma youth the aesthetic help admit and it's also devotees there is a benefit that's a 5253 is a near mala Nirmala means a cool Pleasant near Allah means a spotless clean pure and gentle benefit then you have a saamiya again it is a Samia cool gentle soft and easy that is also benefit then fifty five crew crew remains cruel crew remains mischievous blood bloody and this regardless so it's a cruel not good 55 then 56 is at least she Tala sheet Allah means cool it is a t-shirt Allah makes more cool so very cold calm total calm not being affected by any external force that is a a tea sheet Allah then we have 57 Appa patine a Purim party Abram potty means ocean deep rain go and good that is also Rheingold we call as a Verona that is a bumpity AP a MP a TI a pump ottomans ocean deep rain of a god or Verona that is also benefit then 50 is is a peyote peyote means of water receptacle mr. Holly water those we see in the holistic water ocean storage and box so it is a peyote means of water reception and holy water it's also benefit 59 is a Braham brahmana brahmana means brahmin it's a cost right he is a priest brahmana may supreme pujari one wandering priest and knowledge is the knowledge so that's also good that is why it's a miracle degree it's always give a good result and 60 last that is Chandrika 60 largest and Arica the ray of moon and ancient civilization generally recommends ancient civilization or ray of moon so you are taken again but if you have a large sums up so for the odd sign if your ascendant is in the odd sign then you have to start one to sixty and if your ascendant Lord is the doer means even sign two four six eight ten twelve then you have to start 60-59 likewise you have to go reverse cycle if possible I will type all these sixties and post in our Facebook or in what's this here itself only in a YouTube so that nobody will going to suffer and such and if somebody's is very good in typing good they can type with the meaning and whether it is malefic or benefit the 58 peyote is benefit 59 brahmana brahmana is benefit and 60 that search and Erica is also benefit so likewise we have seen the 60 chart very much in depth so now it's your duty to see everything in detail and you have to see from where you come what kind of a dates you have and how you are going to pay all these things so I made it it's very simplified now it's your duty to search and do the research and see how its work okay so here our D 60 lesson complete and I have given justified to D 60 as it is very washed that is why this video also these two 40 plus minutes but do listen patient full apply it slowly slowly and see the result so she here with I thanks you all to have a patience to listen this apply this as it is possible thank you very much viewers for having patience god bless you and for more information you can contact me in my facebook do like share and subscribe my video and subscribe my channel DMS ecology for consolidation you can always contact me in my email DMS Olajuwon a direct gmail.com and for more articles you can connect with me in my facebook page der mesh meta or DMS ology Thank You boys thank you thank you very much namaste