DADDY Offizieller Trailer

things just always came easy for me sports riding hot guys Mina Harold pretty much fell into my lap hometown boy makes good and got to have my best friend right next door Stewart when was the last time you got some let's see Truman was president so but one of the interns checking me out Colin McCormack that is blue well no irreverence not too fond of us homosexuals huh I'm Reverend lucky ha I'm gay I am so sorry about that he's not for the show no the intern maybe there's a reason going to do you understand this is complicated maybe the Greeks are onto something you know that older younger thing please those stories never ended well someone is always stabbing out their eyes are getting chained to a rock you make it impossible sometimes wait are we talking actual feelings here do we do that not if you can help it cuz you can't stand the fact that I found someone he's not sleeping well then get him some ambien or better yet a shrink because I'm telling you there's something not right about this kid T you have got to tell him tell who what the hell happened I've got it with workman worth what are you insane God you