DDay Vet ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Movie Scenes Are Accurate

d-day veteran Frank Tavita is surrounded by love 102 members of his family and friends have traveled with him to the beaches of Normandy to pay tribute to this humble hero of the war to Frank who lives in New Jersey the 6th of June 1944 might as well have happened yesterday these kids had the whole life Frank's job that day was to lower the troop transport landing dwarf as seen in the movie Saving Private Ryan Frank says the horrors depicted in the movie are accurate 32 men on the boat three men got off the boat made the beach cut down immediately then the bullet started coming into the boat and we lost about 14 or 15 men from the machine guns it was a bloodbath he fought for 18 hours that day the kid was two feet away from me was not so lucky the machine that took his helmet off and part of his head fell on my feet I couldn't help my morphine I couldn't help myself I didn't know what to do so I started to pray and I think the prayers calm him down a little bit but he's on my feet and he's crying oh it's cry mama so I reached down and that touches him I don't mind the thought alone you squeezed my hand and he died at Normandy Frank is treated like a hero strangers want to give him a hug how old were you I had just turned 19 and old want to say thank you for many years Frank never wanted to speak about his d-day experiences 70 years that's the first time I talked about it now he has a deep desire to share his story pass on the memory of that longest day in history we dropped our first poster four o'clock in the morning ten o'clock at night the Germans were coming out with their white flags [Music] you [Music]