DDay Veterans Given Frances Highest Military Decoration

the world is paying tribute to the bravest of the brave men who 75 years ago stormed the beaches of Normandy [Music] today five of these old-timers were bestowed with France's highest military decoration I make the light of the Legion of Honor you are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live you're the pride of our nation the D Day commemorations were solemn and breathtaking the guests of honor the veterans of the longest day in history they are all in their 90's now the president paid tribute to two men in particular ninety eight year-old army medic Ray Lambert ray the free world salutes you and private first class Russell Pickett Russell Pickett had been wounded in the first wave that landed on Omaha Beach he was wounded two more times but returned again and again to the fight private Pickett you honor us all with your presence the President and First Lady visited the cemetery where nine thousand 388 servicemen and women are buried they looked out at the beaches as taps was played [Music] overhead flew vintage aircraft from world war ii and modern a Jets your legend will never do your spirit brave unyielding and true will never die our hearts will forever be loyal and our children and their children will forever and always be free [Music] you [Music]