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[Music] [Music] release each d-dimer's but she may not receive punishment for her misdeeds but that even is here below the true faith United her to the ranks of the faithful so in heaven by thy mercy she may have fellowship with the choirs of angels [Music] captain [Music] well Gerta now that your mother's no longer with us you must try to be a big girl I'll come back soon you don't answer it Hans I expected to granny go on [Music] Cooper here oh yes I'm sorry colonel Freeport now it'll take me about 20 minutes sir the same to you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you hello Hilda it's me rolling oh it's you Fred Ziegler in silver there where's she I see yes I just arrived an hour ago on Christmas leave yes I'll call again tonight thank you but Achtung Achtung editorial military headquarters has issued the following directive leftenant Roland wolf 25th regiment 3rd Panzer Division presently believed to be one leave in the Munich area is to report to Division Headquarters immediately we repeat leftenant Roland wolf 25th regiment 3rd Panzer Division to report the division headquarters immediately Heil Hitler [Music] [Applause] peace on earth and all that to men of goodwill attended big fight here hey did you hear me you're wanted over at the command folks on the double come on get your heads understand [Music] captain fetch Allah the Papa's life in America speaks fluent French and English a fully trained highly experienced commando he's the only man who will know the purpose of the mission sergeant Eric kuba a veteran of the Africa campaign he's Justin our official course in demolitions corporal Hans Ludwick and private villa mines previously attached to a special anti-tank volunteer go in the desert both speak fluent English lieutenant well involved born in New York and lived until 1939 his father is German his mother American because of this evolved ISM probably the most familiar with the American Way of life and habits I hear he still follows baseball that's no bloody good to them it'll take more than juvenile recreation to get them through the enemy lines even as far as the oasis at east eyes and that way you said they're supposed to rendezvous with your moroccan agent they've only got two weeks to get all the way to Casablanca I'm sorry sir it's absurd the fair sanctioned the plan sir yes indeed but with certain reservations now how do you know your information it's reliable help Jenna I can only repeat that this information came through the intelligence channels that correctly play warn us of the recent American invasion of North Africa I must point out Colonel is my responsibility to evaluate your scheme I also have the right to fight it or sponsor it I must say I'm inclined to agree with air after the whole thing is absurd your team has had very little time to prepare but as the physician now stands our troops in Africa are as you know fighting valiant rearguard actions all over the Libyan desert and will turn a blind eye to any harebrained action that is strategically valid then you mean that that although your plans success depends on luck we are prepared to allow it could benefit the war effort then they can go ahead it is now 12 23 in four hours the team will be flying to Tripoli to parachute into the desert they will incidentally be wearing British commando uniforms if this conference between the Allied leaders takes place as planned we shall assess any the big play namely Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin [Music] welcome to Africa a Twix okay thanks we'll hurry it up you guys [Music] we'll make for coordinate number five with a bit of luck we should reach the Oasis in a couple of days then with camels and guides we should get to casablanca in four or five days ludwig i said a mouthful every hour i'd have thought after two years with Rommel you'd have known better I advise you all to obey my orders if you want to get back to Germany is that meant to encourages captain you'll find out soon enough okay March [Music] hours are there sir I'll be happy if it's British I wouldn't take kindly to being bombed by cousin Herman wait a minute what's the matter with you Cooper you've gotten crazy [Music] antipersonnel sir everyone stay right where they are well let's go back and make a detour no captain there's no point in detour it the smartest move now is just to keep on going huh well onward and upward Sarge give me your cigarettes look big I'll go first sir and watch me closely just in case all right follow behind me in single file and make damn sure you step around the cigarettes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] don't move oh this fine sorry captain give me that on find your next water raishin will be cut in half don't try it again [Applause] come with me take over yes sir take off now the other time let's cancer don't be an idiot but captain the two tanks we are they'd be a hindrance more than a help besides you need gasoline to run machinery on [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's good whiskey sir where'd you get it friend of mine you know there's any good beer Bruton Casablanca sir but to worry about getting there first like some whiskey lieutenant thank you sir what's that this American novel Faulkner I find him very interesting Faulkner is neat Jewish yes is you know wolf I wonder what kind of a man you are hey I wasn't born to be a hero hey I asked just what the purpose of this mission is captain you'll find out soon enough it's getting light captain well let's get going well have an hour's easy march before the Sun gets hot [Music] my mother misogyny is still thinking about that Baron Casablanca [Music] interesting dancer isn't she anything you our sons been killed by oh it's not an accident better warn Berlin no it's much too late besides only his hand and the new codes we must go on as planned and contact the minute the Oasis there's no point in going on with anything they can't do it without her side you take my advice you'll forget it not yet just a minute [Music] oh we're yet up and throw your document let me get back are you stop [Music] Gobert let me see your compass it's had it pull us and Kevin we should have reached the round avoid the Oasis by now right Cooper yes heard around 10:00 this morning do you mean that in spite of a perfect German organizational might actually be lost captain we didn't organize a storm the worst part of it is the field compasses don't function so that's that just sticking around until the water runs out isn't gonna be easy no sir if we make some kind of signal on the sand perhaps the plane will see it we've got to get to the Oasis this is what we'll do one of us will stay here the others will begin walking in opposite directions toward the four cardinal points first man to find something will fire off short bursts to warn the rest of us you'll stay here wolf you need the rest but Captain Planet you'll follow orders yes sir you go that way Ludwig mines you go that way goober how about you 90 degrees to lewdly now the ammunition for these things doesn't grow on trees so watch it alright man good luck Pass burns lieutenant Thanks take it easy done it good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] well there's no doubt about it this is the right Oasis and that's quite clear no camels no guide huh something must have gone wrong with Berlin's plan sergeant that's impossible captain come here quick but is it looking over there sir [Music] he had a couple of kids like me let's go [Music] don't shoot Heil Hitler what wait finds your drink first who are you my name is Foggia ha son I'm the daughter of your agent Haji - where's your father um dad a car accident I was unable to get the guys in camel I didn't trust them can you prove you're Hassan's daughter don't you think that's rather foolish question captain I'm the only person who can help you reach Casablanca on five soldiers one girl on that desert taxi look rather funny we only have to get to the great oasis of kufran which is a busy centre we can get everything we need they're well-armed is we can't all right on your camel it far this place about 90 miles that's all we have to head north towards the coast and risk running into the enemy then once we're in the mountains they won't bother us and perhaps we run into a nomad Caravan that will supply us with water sergeant we'll rest up for half an hour then move off again half an hour but the men are finished captain very well sergeant forty minutes man yes sir [Music] what's in store for us in Casablanca I don't know I guess our rummel here will tell us when we get there looked like you know something sergeant I've spent 10 years in the Army in all those years you know I've never seen any officer act the way our friend the captain does I hope the man really does know what he's doing tell me where does an arrow get to like us Germans at Salzburg in 38 really I was at the Conservatoire studying dancing hmm I thought you people were only interested in that we're only interested in belly dancing right you're not the only one who thinks that Touche thanks for putting me straight [Music] Rajyam you'd better go over and sleep by your camel [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] that's a lot yeah shoddy toilet another the heart oh hello [Music] captain one was enough captain Shula one was enough the others would have died in the desert we're going to use their camels bye Jim ask him his name and where they were going and to me what I see men niala Calma he's a Taurus chief that's all his take lettering time up what's wrong he's only an Arab then why don't you tie me up - don't you know something Shuler my best friend is a Jew you hear me I heard him three covers get their clothes ask him how much further an instant as well he won't answer you captain we'll rest for five minutes public no honor for him this is absurd captain you want to kill him drink go on you idiot drink let's go it's no good for you won't think your head too much [Music] hey water water let me see it how is it not good Oh color looks rough yeah we're sitting ducks how's mines he hasn't got a chance [Music] [Music] we shot a woman here I've no degree Lacombe Vanya tell them we're ready to free the chief on condition they give us a chance to get away first listen captain are you thinking of leaving minds behind some of us have got to get out of this alive lieutenant you can't do this sooner you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] let's go what's that in and Bebo be shy forget Seaborn of agamas oh yeah once I did it got a lock except alright tell them we'll send back the chief as soon as we're out of range if they break their work will kill him I got a gold miner nobody gonna gather never has people there were a short while ago [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] why are you stopping come on keep going [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Oh Sarge is it bad could be worse don't worry look big you'll make it Thanks thanks lieutenant it's strange that plane in the middle of the desert Ludwig's wounded why would it drive off the tour eggs I said Ludwig's wounded and he needs rest what the devil do you suppose we stopped for wolf wouldn't it be better to keep going I can make it I'm alright you hear tell act your shoulder relax little if we haven't stopped to rest because of you it's the camels you'll be alright [Music] captain [Music] [Music] Lieutenant Worf Oh Kenneth human it mice and the Arabs are not would wick there's one thing to disgust me one thing I just can't stand in it good content for you in life black dog too bad that's right captain solar contempt and you you have too much of it you know what you are solar you're fifty nuts alright well one of us has got to get to Casablanca I don't care who or how he gets there highly commendable captain Hitler will be proud of you but what about looting and mines what are you going to get the wives posthumous medals is that going to be enough for them lieutenant I want you to listen to me carefully our mission isn't the usual business of blowing up fuel dumps or photographing tanks it's much more important Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin are meeting in Casablanca for a military conference do you understand now the Allied big three Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin are meeting in Casablanca if we can kill them the war will be over Gober I'm making you responsible for wolves action [Music] you [Music] you see that large building it's the French barracks headquarters of the military commander don't turn around there's a French officer behind you the trouble is we don't know if they're Vichy French here or with the American [Music] maybe who is playing that music and tell us how many go and take a look Cap'n we must find some place to hide we're too conspicuous all right cooler one check it out yes sir [Music] I love the shirt a month I love you [Music] captain yes he's part of all I said back in the desert I want you to know that you can count on me you ready [Music] let's go there changing the guard [Music] oh the window stay here get down we've all got to go in together [Music] don't cry out it'd get hysterical and they'll be alright wait one of the time were together later so get out of here and leave me alone your friends are so hospitable listen why don't you do yourself a favor and go back to Rama just what makes you think we're Germans oh don't be stupid went you're a crack believe me you're always a crowd it seems you know Germans very well madam I used to be a stripper in Berlin at the white tree would you like a drink I don't see why not if the French or Americans knew you were here I'd be fortunate if I got a chance to explain you foster way in that French officer is coming don't you cause any problems quick hide cover over there no tricks hello are you busy never too busy for you sherry you know you are always welcome here it's a hot one today isn't it nice much too hard to fight a war would you like some gin something never before hate you know that I know that like a glass and iced water I know don't go to the kitchen I haven't washed up for three days show here you are since when did you take up smoking I put there for you shall we you're surprised I thought you'd like them thank you cigarettes are hard on the throat didn't you know that but it was a nice thought [Music] you [Music] the Americans well back to the office and out with each Inga a bientot shell Simone beautifully done you're a cool customer filing what's your next move then to win the war do you mind no I'll be happy if Germany wins you see I don't like the eggs would you like to explain why I own a nightclub in Casablanca it's not the Moulin Rouge but it does pretty well about a month ago a GI sergeant came in drunk started the fight and killed someone but was that they closed me down so you decided to get a change of air yes but I'm going back to Casablanca they're ASIS is nothing to offer but sad and what matter America and is here with Lana what was that all about it seems to be the first time Americans have been here there's only four of them if we can get past the Moroccan guards we can help ourselves to their jeeps with your cooperation see home [Music] major dolly Oh major dolly Oh simmer this is a pleasant surprise are you busy no not really busy it's just that can I come in then oh yes of course you can well I know it serves as I like well be it on your own hey tension inside but get your hands up get they're done hands on your heads and face the wall cut around don't try to be heroes and you won't get hurt Gobert well is it I'm sorry but we need your uniforms gentlemen so get undressed No hey crap you're taking a hell of a risk wearing an American uniform if your thought you'd be shutter spies and don't worry we get you that's not your problem masu I hate noise but if anyone tries to stop it [Music] [Music] so well jeeps have left the oasis excellent over here a cool friend calling green Mac do you read me Green Mike the kufran reading a fine and clear over there green Mike Parkins communicate to Colonel Ross that the plan has worked perfectly it is my estimation that the Germans will reach Casablanca at around noontime tomorrow and you might tell the colonel to have some uniforms sent up here over Roger kufran got a message for you from Colonel Ross wants to thank you boys for the great job you just done patching a plane now to pick you up over and out hmm it is a girl is doing the great job [Music] come on [Music] come on [Music] we better split up here we need at the pre-arranged rendezvous tonight all right try and find out exactly where the conference is being held as for you this is where you get off there's no need for you to get more involved don't worry about it I just started to enjoy myself as a matter of fact I'd like to go on you'll go exactly this far and no further Simone you've done more than enough for us it's just not worth it look I have good contact here I know I can help it I've already committed myself by helping you with your aces so where do we meet the rendezvous is in the bazaar at 8:00 tonight rue de Fez 24 the password is orange the face 24 arms I remember good how long I can [Music] pretty okay so here come from New York a Barrett yes sorry I'm from st. Louis Missouri hey now there's a thought you wouldn't happen to know who won the doubleheader between the Yankees and the Cardinals last Sunday would you I've been trying to find out all week well what's bothering you Barrett have you lost your tongue yeah a sore point there sergeant what do you expect to New York Yankee fan to say when they've been beaten at home four games in a row okay Barrett on your way major Yanks can't wait all a sergeant move up move up sergeant messenger headquarters allow unhindered passage to major Hawkins private Barrett in sergeant svorski since when are we supposed to give red-carpet treatment to a bum from the Bronx [Music] [Music] do you have any tea mint tea no a orange tea I only have minty it's very good I said orange tea no I want to get a good photo here that's it orange come on but FRA another all right then wait upstairs and tell the others you have arrived you we interrupt this program with a special announcement from the Office of the military commander as from tomorrow January 16th curfew will begin at 1900 hours instead of 2100 hours [Music] so though this is yours I was going to send it to the Berlin police but when I heard about this mission it seemed simplice read it but this isn't our concern I said read it my wife contracted a rare form of inflammation of the arteries in the last 15 months she had been completely paralyzed and it was impossible to save her only death could help her read on she was suffering terribly and pleading for release last night I doubled her morphine dose and she died soon after I have to wait until it goes downstairs Monsieur Perrier and I get the menu what to see gladly now hello you're late we expected you two days ago have our friends arrived yet Churchill Roosevelt into gold the conference sided yesterday and Stalin know what news from Berlin nothing my operator her son was killed in a car crash only he knew the codes it was his daughter who brought us here vodka I wasn't aware that anybody had told her the rendezvous well I have some floor plans here you might find useful I suggest you study them both well did you find out anything no but the entire residential area has been placed off-limits how are you hugger fine I'm sorry about your father here's the said last member said he's irreplaceable I must admit my dear you're doing admirable work well dad we're wasting time it seems our friends held their first meeting in a villa outside the city with a maximum security arrangements of course tomorrow however there be a luncheon honoring the girl at the hotel antha and what most of the plenty others will be present the Emperor I stayed there several times during the Spanish war all the better then you know that the hotel has extensive grounds and is pretty isolated here you see the main building and in front of small annex there's a tunnel that connects the annex with the basement of the hotel I'm not eating right here and in this corner the wine cellar and a service elevator a high and if I remember correctly the banqueting halls on the fourth floor with a terrace precisely their journey for you here gets onto it is way good five bank security passes you'll need them to enter the area that's off-limits we only need three are they forged no genuine signed by the general itself [Music] that's impossible that was nobody who knew we were meeting here and get away a castle rules I thought about gone come on hurry come on watch the windows come on come on he'll be done up there the rope C Mon betrayed us [Music] bring it over all right in you go come on boys this way okay girls so keeping the cover grenade [Applause] [Music] come on Paulie don't get out in the open [Music] we can hide up my health sure no but most needs medical attention we'll try and find Simone's nightclub let's go I'm sorry about the delay in our plan sir Brian unfortunately the English have a reputation for punctuality the boss here yes go ahead what's that this is unbelievable lieutenant I can't imagine what went wrong but I want to know get the details and call me back later tomorrow on a written report what happened gross it was intelligence on the phone our Germans managed to evade the cordon in the bazaar I warned áliveá about this if only he'd followed my advice we would have eliminated them at once sir but I don't think they're very far away I'll guarantee they aren't there on a mission and they'll try every way possible to make the mission a success and what about our agent she hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell right now [Music] [Music] so Simone wasn't the one come on Hey [Music] lie back [Music] I don't get it captain who the hell killed don't you understand coober it was one of us for all right when did you kill some on all right let's get into you Shula you dirty Arab you shut up I should have known you couldn't possibly have done four hundred miles on a camel alone they brought you to a place near the Oasis didn't they in the same airplane that was watching us it's not true tell him it's not true you came here with Simone and she caught you when you were telephoning the Americans to give them the address so you killed her to stop her talking I did my duty no captain don't shoot her she might be useful hostage lieutenant wolf wolf yes sir remember you're a German officer [Music] try to understand wolf my people are fighting a minor war out here a dirty one but the stakes are high our independence as a nation [Music] pull the log that's it you're on your way he bullying hold on hold on okay we're going I've been assigned to general Blaine staff at the ampere I'm sorry about this but to get into the Apple hotel you'll have to have one of the new green passes they issued this morning over there kid truckloads of beer ice and special orders for the hotel there's the order three [Music] [Music] [Music] two three I have been fired Oh how'd you do it a long time dating is something I did you uh premiere this year we had a shipment of 500 times that's what they wanted certainly this boat everything all right you know what to do yes sir we're ready for anything [Music] the elevator [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] sorry [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I can't believe it stay where you are [Music] here that and got them it's your fault one for me and one for you well we'll sit at it now the chips are down is leftenant wolf going to be here shut up there hasn't been enough of this it's my bloodbath for your that it hate mother you learned your lessons well it seems you've fine why don't you mother me now or are you afraid you'll find my dirty arab blood the same as yours stop it father stop it stop it how far you Oh bud I didn't want this war I was pushed into it nobody had a choice it was just a Bey in fight I followed orders here what the how easy it was to obey all the time anything believe me I've never had a choice but yeah and now it's too late Rajah don't you understand I'm committed now even if I'm fighting on the wrong side I still have to obey orders [Music] remember if we get there we'll only have 20 seconds I know another thing you know Coover that business about my wife well at a moment like this it's difficult for a man to lie but if I had to do it over again I'd do it the same way but ah [Music] Landing Facility and so consequently turns your attention please mr. Churchill is now making a speech I expect the luncheon to be over in a half hour in then and I say to him old fellow it's high time we accomplished something here I hey soldier now what the hell do you think you're doing up here oh and so forget my rock it has been very long destroyed and a final call at member one did not even the begin a corporal inning and forward Hitler not these will be equally well armed and perhaps even better superiority in the air which then be very nearly underestimated these guys a mistake that could have cost us the war we'd better hurry up and finish this war colonel in Germany there are millions like them [Music] [Music] we'll go on then shoot put this uniform on at once wolf I'm giving you a choice wolf don't you understand they're coming here to get you now if you're wearing a German uniform you won't be shot as a spy where I was dying get you or maybe you're right it is too late [Applause] lieutenant wolf you got just one minute to surrender they were bloating this darn open fire [Music] you [Music] all right don't shoot I surrender [Music] you