hey guys me Miranda I'm so excited because I'm a fan that sent me a little cousins and the mink young and it is the Kim Kardashian new perfumes now normally I'm not supportive of the Kardashians cuz they're really born it's about their boobs hanging out they always got their butts hanging out you never tell the difference between our butts and our boobs and so I'm not a huge fan of the Kardashians however they're very famous and I love yous also I relate to talk to Kim Kardashian because I'm not on her list of youtubers that she's friends with she's friends with Patrick Starr James Charles manymoon wants other ones so she's friends with all these makeup artists and she never has even called me white so that shows you who cares about me and who does it Kim Kardashian doesn't even care about me don't hope that changes your perspective on her she's a brain children watch my videos what if it can goes into sapore and they're trying to look for perfume and then they end up seeing boom this gun's mean okay I need to dress this thing so that I can actually smell the perfume and I can finish this video so if you're under the age of 21 turn off the video also if you are a horny person turn off the video also pray for yourself you need help I'm gonna give you second if you are under the age of 21 you cannot watch this 3 now that it's just us Christians let's take a look and I'm going to put clothes on it she's literally naked this is disgusting and she didn't even give herself a freaking head or legs look at her butt so what I'm saying you can't tell the difference between the bond in the boobs well it's exactly the same except the boobs have moles on them and the bunt doesn't know about got chipped no arms no legs no head so I got a broken one so not only did I get sent pull-on but I also got a broken line okay I need to dress this thing because I don't want anyone looking at the porn here so I'll just give me something one of you it was made me this Barbie one so I'm she's these barbecue get out the outfit off but now the Bobby is naked so please do not look at that alright so he our name is Kim corn 18 no we got it done so now she's coming up we can just see her tummy which is still pretty porn but it's better than it went so now we just need to put a head on her cuz she has some hands so I can't the perfect one and it's gonna Hornets on me now that is what I call Kim Kardashian perfume so Kim give me a call I can help you with your next perfume because this one is looking much better and you know the best part is you can just cut a hole in the mouth of the doll and then you can spray it from my mouth so whenever you want to squat it's just me going but since I haven't cut a hole in it yet I'm just gonna do this at all so every time I breathe it I'd a state it literally smells like me cream Oh Kim how could you do me dirty lengthy oh this is a bust this is not sponsored or not and Kim still has not asking you to be her fine but it still looks better now so nice [Music]