he does so as you know I've been having a really hard time in life right now I'm just really struggling and thank you for your prayers and well with Jesus but finally something good happened to me for once in my life so I got something into the mail it's very heavy but here it is I can't even lift it it's so heavy and I know it's inside this box it is my diamond 10 billion subscriber plank I hate 10 billion subscribers like a million years ago and they just sent it to me so thanks a lot YouTube for ruining my life but at least they finally sent it so Divya stole it thanks you too right so I'm so fancy what it looks like no note dear - teens and a hundred thousand we thought not bang that's a health in your channel and when million meets on Wow the screen is pretty awesome obviously you know but 10 million at this point we're actually scratching our head how on earth did you do that some wow thanks Ronnie faith on me drops your sincerity Susan which it got to be okay so thank you for sending me a letter use into learning every single person you didn't even personalize things from at least it's laminated so if I spin on it it can't get when it oh just kidding lamination comes off so not that good alright let's get to the good stuff [Music] that's eight are you kidding me this is way smaller than the million one I thought it was supposed to be made of diamond there is the freaking diamond this is made of metal is this not I think this is the diamond this part it won't come out Kimmy I'm supposed to make money on this if the diamond doesn't come freaking out okay they freaking super glued the diamond in eighths oh and I freaking heart my tune I thought this was gonna be a good thing as I finally gone the billion subscriber planet and they literally just gave me a metal brink with a diamond stuck inning Miranda sings congratulations on passing 10 million subscribers and they put the wrong number in here it's 10 billion not 10 million man this is a tall ship all those thinking about making a wedding ring for myself oh this diamonds and again if I make this whole thing the ring is too heavy Oh ripoff well leave in the comments below what I can even do with this I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it should I destroy it or if you have an idea of how to make it into jewelry cuz it could be a good engagement ring if I could get that diamond plan out leave a comment tell me what thing I should do with this because there's not very many of these in the world I think the only people have these unlike PewDiePie and I think Will Smith is a youtuber now so probably him so other than that no one has this so it's one of a kind but I just need to know what you guys think I should do with it in order to make it worth it please leave a comment below and I'm going to talk so thanks for nothing fine [Music]