hey guys me Liu Yandong I thought since I'm the queen of listing I should start making my own mistake out of fun things maybe some of you cannot afford listing at home but you still want to wear listing you have a bunch of eyeballs at home because now maybe you do have less thing I'm an inventor practically a scientist at this point so without further ado I'm going to start making listing out of other thing let's start with a sprinkle so basically all you have to do is you have to find a product you want to make the listing out of anything in the world and then you'll put lipstick on and then you put the thing on top of the list night that's going on down here is listing reapplying [Music] then you have a really free listing ok that's enough with my aunt so I move on to the next one ok next one I thought would be really fun to do pebble I don't want for many pebbles there delete cheese why not boom on the down and they place the cap on something like this and you'll pie the list it like so so I got a handful in here [Music] my boom it's a bomb blasting the helm doesn't think I'm very good wine world let's think time to the eyeball listening this is a good one if you have a boyfriend who's been really not you want to show him they are always watching him this one's a little bit more work to place the model one at a time therefore volley no need oh my get him to see know what's me they mean that handful eyeballs [Music] eyeballs eyeballs are jib alright it's team back to Gabby Hina even put eyeballs over her face they won't even stick to me lamp all right well it's time for the finale if you don't have the money for Fermi pebbles for eyeballs for other types of things you could always just get something out of the Train so and I found you it all in the trash today so I just grabbed some events and I'm gonna move and you see it smells like Applebee's - mad it's mystic not a little box so there you go I hope you enjoyed some of these really creative ways to do your release thing I just want lists stick to be available for everybody so this is a way that you can make lists stick at home and still feel beautiful and friendship party without spinning on e so if you guys liked it make sure to subscribe obviously YouTube is really going upwards these days and this is a really fun type of content you all love to see and I'm going to send this lipstick to one lucky winner all you have to do is be subscribed to my channel which the bound on a potato ends leave a comment and if you do those three things one of you will win this bag of ones things and I'm gonna sign it why am i drooling [Music]