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ah can you get a 360 camera to work with the Mavic air let's find out what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad if I can figure out you can figure it out longtime commenter and subscriber Sean Page asked me very recently can the insta 361 be mounted to his DJI inspire 2 which is a huge huge drone so I don't have an inspire 2 so we're gonna try it out on my Mavic air and Sean if I can get this to work with this then yes to answer your question so we got some things to make a few modifications we need the insta 361 some GoPro adhesive mounts some zip ties in case it all you know falls apart and doesn't work we'll just strap it straight on to it and that's pretty much it so let's get to the modification longtime viewers will know what happened to me the last time I strapped a camera to one of my drones so hopefully we can avoid cutting our arms again the only place that really looks like we'll be able to do this is if we strap it to the battery itself cuz it's more of like a centrally located like spot on the drone ok there we go let's get one of if we now bring the cheap ones we did not bring the cheap mounts ok so nice mounts gonna get mounted alright step one completed it's on there pretty solid okay step two okay deploying the Mavic air [Applause] [Music] okay so if physically fits but will it actually take some footage and will that footage be worth anything these are some very important questions so what I think we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to have it do like a hand take off because obviously this is not gonna sit on the ground so let's see how it goes I'm kind of I'm kind of excited to see this because I think at bird's eye I think a 360 bird's-eye view of the world would be pretty awesome especially when it's on such a tiny little drone but as we found it we strap the GoPro Hero 6 to the spark that was just a little too much weight for for the spark to handle so let's let's get to it I'm nervous but excited at the same time okay here we go got the drone let's turn it on Matt Vickers on what's connected to our phone we're not gonna use the controller today we're just using the phone because I've only got so many hands go fly okay all right here we go let's make sure you guys can see it [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so first test just to see if it could fly successful so let's uh let's see if we can actually get some footage out of this thing so I would not recommend you trying this we are altering the flight characteristics of the drone that's not an official DJI thing for this us we're putting a lot more effort on the motors than normally happen so it's gonna change the way it flies when a huge open field so if it wrecks it just it's gonna you know break my drone and that's it so I would not recommend you try this so it's all recording let's do it I'm I'm pretty nervous / excited nervous sighted nerves sighted I'm nerv sighted about this [Music] all right so let's go ahead and land it I think we've proven that you can get a 360-degree action camera on your Mavic air there it is right there good to say the Mavic here with this little egg look at that right there look at that guy I wouldn't worry about that little fella you can see like I said it's windy it's pretty stable though you can even hand catch it look at how easy that is so here's what we're gonna do you guys have already seen the footage because the epic YouTube video moment so what we're gonna do now we're gonna head back I'm gonna check out the footage now I'm gonna say why would you even do this in the first place because we can we prove that we could do it but why would you do it so let's see if the footage is any good and we'll kind of talk about why you would want to do this so all right so let's go whoo okay so now that we're back so what am i thoughts about strapping a 360-degree camera to my drone is it actually useful and honestly I liked doing this more than I thought I would I thought we'd get maybe some tiny plane it's not a big fan of 360 cameras what I like about 360 cameras nowadays is that you can take a 16 by 9 video out of the 360 degrees that's what I like and I really like that I can just fly in one direction and get whatever angle I like it's just like using it as an action camera but one of the problems that I have flying drones is I'm not the best gimbal operator and flying and trying to get the shot at the same time you know that's harder for me so I like just being able to fly in one direction or just hovering and then being able to decide afterwards what I want the video to look like so I'm honestly impressed and I will probably start doing this more and more often I need to get like an official harness though don't do if you're gonna do it by an official accessory so that you know that it's gonna work with your drone not just be something that you in essence duct tape tear drone don't do that don't do that that's bad and it's Friday so let me say thanks to all of the pages out there seriously you guys Rock without you we could not do we do here on the everyday dad and I appreciate each and every one of you if you'd also like to become a patron and join the awesome team we've got here you can follow the link in the description below to my patreon page where you know we do some great stuff around here really appreciate it thanks to Jeff Baker AC vissa knew Casey Jones Wayne Dawson Nick Austin Kevin Nichols Wally garza ginny Mattias James Wan William Hughes Curran Charles Victor Orhan Cerrillos Stan cook southern adventures rodney mark williams and steven shires again thanks to each and every one of you you guys rock and if you're brand new to the channel go ahead and click that subscribe button down below we do drone fly Friday every Friday at 6:00 p.m. Eastern well hey I'm never day dad and if I can figure out that it's actually pretty useful to have a 360-degree camera attached to your drone if it's an official accessory you can figure it out thanks for watching [Music]