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[Music] david i'll be right back do not do anything you're gonna get hurt i can't hide this any longer i'm always in the shadows no one knows how jacked i am why didn't you tell me you were jacked good morning everyone i hope you're having a fantastic day so far or you're finishing up the night we have an awesome video in store for today we got a nice collab going on with my boy isaiah he's pretty big on tick tock and instagram you guys will see that in a little bit but today's topic is gonna be how to stay shredded while still implementing cheat days and cheat meals so i'm gonna give you guys the ins and outs of how you can do it and how i do it because you guys are always asking jesse how do you do this how do you eat so many calories and stay shredded all the time and there is a method to my madness a little fun fact i blew my eardrum in the last vlog as you saw my buddy matt lost his apple watch i dove down i went too deep and next you know my ear had extreme pain going through it so i just got back from the doctor actually and i have a blown eardrum so i really can't hear out of this ear so for sympathy if you could hit the like button hit the subscribe button that would be fantastic especially if you guys are new to the channel welcome to the dove squad i am happy to have you here enough complaining i think we should just get right into the video along with all that we are gonna go have ourselves a cheat day and cheat meal so just get ready for that it's gonna be fantastic let's just say it'll be a little salty it's gonna be big that sounds really wrong but it'll be really good let's go meet up with my boy isaiah all right so before the boys get here i want to go over the first tip for having cheat meals and implementing them and that's going to be to cut out calories the day before your cheat day and your day after your cheat day this helps give a little bit more wiggle room that way you can have the cheat days and not have excess amount of calories and it also kind of brings down the total extra calories that you're having all right isaiah and his cameraman is now here we got mitchell coil behind the camera shout out to him we got a gimbal and a new lens i don't think he gets better than that we're gonna go meet up with him and say what's up what's up how are ya as you see right here the west gym don't be encountered like that two things that we're chasing in life i think it's about time that we introduced my man isaiah miranda let's get it baby introduce yourself when you message me literally two days before he was like yo you should hit up jesse james west to do something we're both new jersey guys both jerseys so we're pretty much trying to take over jersey to finish thing we're just going to try to make it big and then when i told chris too he's my videographer but i was like yo i know he's going to be bigger and stronger than me but i'm bringing the cardio aspect i'm going to kick his ass fun fact yes we're gonna do shoulders and then we got a dope cheat meal coming we both were former d1 athletes i used to be a d1 lacrosse player at lehigh university we used to play d1 football at rutgers so there's been a little competition going on yeah so stay tuned who's the better do you want athletes let's get it baby all right so before we hop into today's workout with the boys i'm gonna go over my pre-workout stack i go with the stim free transparent last because i already had too many coffees to even formulate sentences at this point and then i got some bcaas to fuel me and hydrate me throughout my workout you guys can cop these link in the bio you can also use code jesse and it helps out the channel i really appreciate you guys make sure you guys use the link in my bio and use code yes [Music] all right sweet this kid's losing his mind back there we're gonna do some side raises to start the workout out i like to hit my side delts because they're one of my weak points it's isaiah's strong point so he's just gonna make me look bad but yeah actually i'm hyped i thought we were gonna do a chest it was chest i'd beat him out i'm gonna do about five or six sets annihilate the side delt yeah that's a lot of sets but i need some work he'll probably do like two or three because he doesn't need that much but tarps off for the boys you know the [Music] rules dude did you compete ever no because i always see you hitting poses yeah i'm practicing because i want to get into it i never compete about it come on i'm trying to keep up with you just overhead press on the barbell this is where we really build the delts front delts let's hit it oh [Music] all over the place that's a good spot too really at one point can you hurry up and listen to me i'm busy filming and he's like come over come on i was just telling isaiah that i actually took a dance class at my last school at lehigh university so i got some moves on me that show is so smooth right it's all about the it's the fluidity yeah why are you spanish yeah i'm puerto rican i'm puerto rican are you actually my guy [Music] this one [Music] all right killer workout so far we're gonna go into some rear delts now this is like one of the main things that's gonna make your shoulders pop a lot of people neglect it so don't miss out on this we're gonna do some bent over rear delt flies using dumbbells super simple super easy but this is one of the best ones you can do [Music] i hear the girls like uh like the uh rear delts yes you think so they actually do oh my god they want vines or they're like look at those rear delts and then they go right to the next guy that has the rear delts and you don't have because you neglected them for years [Music] um [Music] comment down below if you guys are liking this new lens the sigma 16 millimeter f 1.4 if you guys are little camera nerds we know we know mitchell loves this he's got a new filmer too you gotta love it we're gonna dive into some face pulls this is really good you're gonna spread the rope around your face but yeah we're gonna hit this for a few sets this is again gonna hit your rear delts as we wanna be seen good from behind i prefer to grab it just like this kind of like you're doing a regular curl and then you just pull spread it over spread it over your face if you know what i'm saying and just really feel [Applause] [Music] [Music] that is gonna be a full wrap on today's workout but we are not done yet we have to go do some cardio isaiah apparently like does this crazy cardio and that's why he's way more shredded than me so in order to get my ego back to where it should be we're gonna do some of his cardio and see how it goes so your boy might die in the process so hit the subscribe button so at least you can say you were subscribed let's go hit it the boys are all set up we're outdoors right now we're going to hit this hill really hard and do some sprints apparently we had to do this cardio i wasn't fully ready for this but isaiah just really wants to kind of like kill me right now i guess so lean baby this is going to take the physique to the next level so we're going to do that and also i wanted to say make sure you go subscribe to isaiah link will be in the description dope videos and awesome stuff coming let's get into that cardio took it outside we actually just got blistered the clouds it was hot as hell here on the pavement you guys know how i like i love doing the workouts on the pavement did shoulders but we're going to add a little bit of shoulders in this into the cardio to just burn them out even more then we're going to do burpees split jumps what hopscotch um you'll see a little bit harder probably a kick through and then we're going gonna sprint up this long ass hill and back three to four rounds it's gonna get hot gonna get sweaty it's gonna be fun gonna just let's go he's gonna kill me i'm not [Music] ready go ahead [Music] yes [Music] where have you been yeah so we're done now right yeah crazy that's just round one baby we still got three more three more that's what you gotta do to be lean also if you want to eat a cheat meal too you gotta burn an extra calories the next tip if you wanna have some cheat meals is gonna be you gotta burn more calories that day and the two days around it day before a little more cardio day of a little bit more cardio almost like make it like a game you know what i mean like earn it you should feel good now you're working because you're gonna treat yourself exactly day after do a little bit of cardio more than you normally would get those calories burned all right we're heading into the fourth round fourth round best round as i always say second round's always better but this time we're on the fourth round it's a long one today who knows if i make it hey we literally just died that's how you work baby how you getting results and [ __ ] gotta put the work in he's a beast he wants results i want cheat meals that's why i'm doing this okay i fully regained consciousness i actually passed out for a little still honestly feel shook in by that that was insane isaiah you are crazy i thought i was a psychopath i do some psychopathic stuff like like waking up at 2 30 a.m to live like mark wahlberg nothing else trust me this kid's making me rethink how i am we're gonna go head inside we got some tick tocks to make after we got some fat cheat meals coming because we earned it back when was your last cheat meal literally i don't think two months ago chimo doesn't have to be burgers and pizza and stuff because it's just something that you don't normally eat right so exactly i got hella guacamole you know about just more calories you know what i mean some hypothesis we killed that workout and i deserved it all right now we're gonna go pick up my food i normally don't ever get what i'm about to get you guys gotta watch you already know i'm getting five guys i have not eaten this in five years maybe more i really don't eat beef that much big meat is what we're about today i'm extremely hungry that workout time to eat your breakfast i ate breakfast at like 8 30 and it's like eight years it's four o'clock and i haven't had a second meal me too when you guys are having a cheat day or a cheat meal it's important to realize that you don't have to go overboard like isaiah just said i'm going a little crazy i got two burgers from five guys i'll show you guys what i got so i got a veggie burger because after the dolan twin video i'm feeling a little veggie lately we got a double burger right there i'm gonna give you guys a little taste test and then i'll explain to you how i can do this and stay lean [Music] [Music] don't forget the french fries dude oh that's greasy so good though yeah but notice you can cheat right but you just take out little tweaks right like he doesn't have cheese in it you know i mean you say some calories there don't feel as guilty so you can have fun with it tweak it a little bit i won't normally eat this because i got guac in it and it has it's a lot of fat a lot of calories so it's just a cheat mode is something that is just higher in calories from what you normally would do right like you could eat clean all day just triple it and that's a cheat meal you know what i mean so i'm gonna kill this got just one scoop of rice trying to like i said hold back a little bit um got a lot of veggies there's a lot of volume got the guac it's it's that's the fat that's where all the calories coming from but can't wait get the hot sauce it's gonna be delicious if you guys can't tell i'm in heaven right now oh yeah let me i haven't even oh my god guac on another level a lot of you guys you think you can have a cheat day or meal once a week you can if you're already very lean like us yeah but i don't recommend it i recommend you guys doing it every other week or every two weeks now the reason is it's gonna kick your cravings and you're not gonna have to feel like you're starving or you're not gonna be having those cravings so much so if you have a cheat meal either once every other two weeks or every other one week it's gonna extend your diet which makes you leaner in the end because it's more obtainable so like it's gonna stop you from binging so if you're craving like a donut or whatever have the donut that day you don't have to plan always plan the cheat meal because not eat the donut for like five days and then you're gonna be like oh i can't handle anymore [ __ ] they're gonna have six doughnuts you know what i mean so what is happening yeah i don't know what is happening yeah i'm actually sweating yeah it's colder outside okay and another reason to have a cheat day is because you've been dieting for a really long time and you want to fill up your glycogen levels and kind of fill up with carbs that way you feel a little bit bigger you feel a bit better if you start feeling really really sluggish during a diet this is the time to implement a cheat meal maybe a cheat day but like i said it's all in moderation and that's how i do it without getting fat i do a lot of these food challenges and you guys wonder how i stay lean it's because like i said earlier i cut back my calories the day before and the day after i increased my cardio the day before and the day after i make sure implement them when i need to and also strategically so that way i don't put any body fat cheers mate [Music] all right we just finished the meals or at least i did i devoured it in like honestly three minutes i was craving it the whole time isaiah's still making some some damage to it i know i got a lot of veggies on it not good mine was a was an 8 out of 10 because it would have been a 10 out of 10 but i ordered a veggie burger thinking that it's a vegetarian burger but next thing you know there's literally only mushroom and onion on it so that's not cool rate yours how is it i say 10 10. i haven't etched a bowl in so long and saying the guac it makes everything you can't go to chipotle not guac if you do you're weirdo and you should probably never go again do you like it no i do i definitely i definitely do but we're gonna head back to my house drop the boys off so i'll catch you guys in a bit just got back to the house it was a very productive day very good day a lot of good food isaiah he's heading out make sure you follow him all of his links will be down below his youtube his instagram the man's blowing up he's the next big guy out there all right oh yeah jersey game we're coming so you'll see me seeing a lot more of us but thank you let us come he killed my shoulders killed cardio killed some food i'm still tired yeah hell yeah and i see you i'm telling you i'm saying real soon yeah for sure man i haven't seen you i'll see you guys all right beautiful people that is gonna be a wrap on today's video i really hope you enjoyed it make sure you go check out isaiah all of his socials will be linked down below follow him subscribe to them if you're not subscribed to me maybe hit that subscribe button i would truly appreciate it but i'll see you guys in the next one i truly hope you enjoyed this and you learned something about cheat days and how you can implement them remember it's memories over macros and to stay relentless i'll see you guys in the next one [Music] [Music]