DODGING GIANT DARTS from 45m with RC Cars


How Ridiculous


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[Music] Wow I've got it we're dropping all sorts today we've got the mega giant we've got javelins bowling balls pauses video sponsored by last bus herons blanking for some reason and well excited to win hopefully really good now if you've never seen that RC card dodging videos before editor Jack can you just give a bit of a mix tape of all the goodies so people understand right now now go on sand you haven't done so well in these videos in the boss today every dog has his day Bart Moo new track oh yeah you track news we alluded to it with all the drop zone big drop zone big drop e transition king let me win yes sorry I get both side so I get outside the order and it is gonna be gone Tsin Haran Stanford so we're gonna do that again and we also should probably explain why we're doing it at all we've got a lot of items we've only got one of these full of water that's not reusable the winner of this game they get to choose when they drop that ball come on right segment really good we cannot do that again [Music] all righty everyone I'm up first typically horrible at this but you never know your luck may just snag a few laps here big giant rubber band ball chairs kind bowling balls galore air playing prop from when we drop that big also Springs from the trap oh yeah herons exercise ball that you always send me I'm gone soon you know it this is me joystick the settings I can change is trim STD are nothing here says acceleration which I'd be a fan of bumping up Aaron once again 90 seconds on the clock let's just rain down alright no items left there's many things everything just get off the edge there's many things I don't know but this I do I'll be going full chop and I'm just gonna know it because the faster you go the more you see Herron if we're getting to the traffic cones chair javelins we're getting desperate don't forget melon up there Stanford do not forget the melon wait wait wait now godson just remember you have to stay in the track yeah I'll do my best Sal left enough room for I didn't commit to it I'm going to a bowling ball I like that one on the three one on the one are you ready Scott yeah I'm ready I'm good start your engines here we go in 3 2 1 go going good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] frickin stinks okay let's be positive come on come on come on positive positive positive thoughts the gym ball didn't break I've got some great strategies of how I could win this two laps could be good I'm actually I've just mentally decided things are okay go on sin gone soon I just think I can win how many laps did you win I got two in a bit bowling ball nemesis it's not the first time pesky old bowling balls I don't know if you saw the first bowling ball hit absolutely squared the thing and just said see ya second time I hear that I hit it a little bit off-center and it's just rolled me on the back and when you're on your back you know better me and Herron have been running through a lot of hypotheticals about like what do we do for the grand final like who's the top two and your name and we continually just saying me and I'll tell you boys right now I've got some thoughts in mind that will put me probably one or two today no I'm not joking I've really got the brain to go and Perrins driving next so we'll see if we can stop him howdy folks it's your boy Haren oh yeah there was a couple of these strategy will be easy into that first corner and then gun it across the drop zone I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot coming down I know Scott gone soon and he does not hold back everything there needs to be here we don't want to be walking back Chuck I want this whole damn wall out in 15 seconds just straight here or on the intersection yeah the high-traffic area there we go on the block and possibly also the head so actually turning right normally we've gone you're only turning left cuz you're doing circle derek zoolander can't turn left there at karen has to turn left right are we still going like the hit on the on the side off no no no I don't care we got to go into the height this is what I'm saying there's Lewis to doing things we don't want to do all that ice in 90 seconds let's get some laps on the board as soon as I get around that second bend and get past Constance mark I might open it up and just start chewing some laps come on Stanford we need to prioritize things that can stop a car yeah well sleeper prop ty are all good things what's your next item I'm gonna be focused I'll go giant outside was ready yes boys I am Prime [Music] [Applause] [Music] that was a slow and steady rise from Heron was calm taken first place how many laps were torn aha a lunch I was proud of our efforts there was a couple of really close he's proud of you watermelon too like that can't have been barrel the property was very close I thought the property was scary close I mean don't get me started on property I really thought he was a chance I think I drove over black envel I think I did the lap before and was fine so I thought I'd take it on again that wasn't a steak now this portion of the video is sponsored by LastPass I leave the camera to gaunt and who is gonna rant and a sponsored rant it's a good it's a good rant now listen to me passwords cheese me off hate them with a passion never get them right everyone wants something different I just sixteen characters all give us the capital letter I'll put a you know a symbol some of you guys what symbols stammers someone had to stand up and they did last class last fast relieve the burden of remembering your password you don't have to write it down no I have to reset it when you're gonna get it yes you know it just takes this thing out of the equation thank you sign it auto fills in apps and websites that is just I open them up and just Maureen we're often racing with the app there's a link in the description it'll take you straight to where you need a guy will and a few more features if you're not sold already oh good whoa unlimited passwords you know cuz she's telling you everything in Java I've got a hundred is that too many iPhones iPad PC Windows oh it works everywhere surely we're running low on the barrel how many more is there password sharing so hey good support the channel by getting the app thanks last faster sponsoring this portion of the video and what a portion of water so you took gone sand down yeah going about half a lap Stan first mate you were very vulnerable on the back Oh looking up I had a couple of bowling balls that were really just like right in the area I had time to just a minute right now yeah did you someone got me with the bowling ball on the front left tire really but just not hard enough to stop the snake oh yeah she's Nick oh well look in order for outgoing final to take place I just have to beat two in a bit like it's not my plan is pretty simple I'm gonna go slow in certain sections to the track particularly on the first lap to try and let them get their big stuff down and then I'll just weave my way through I've got plenty of time on my side I've just got to get to two in a bit laps very much tortoise not the hare but it's worked for me in the past I think it'll work again three two watermelon one and then you're on to sleeper dropping steeper here what if we put something here and then that way the first shot we do could be what is much bigger what else can we put on it's bouncing I don't know how yeah oh very slow very steady we'll just pause here for a sec Oh terrible very slow very slow I'm panicking him cautiously here cautiously here he's freakin stops me Oh bingo [Laughter] destruction was every one trampoline spring has somehow brought me undone gone turns in the grand final cannot believe it that spring must have been your last shot stopping me honestly how was the mother lode to begin yeah I just I knew something big was coming so I just parked on the corner I mean my driving was honestly terrible I was going so slow through this bit just try and avoid everything so grand final idea here it is I'll just go the items out and then first one to do all that wins I honestly I'm not the favorite - better driver than I am but I I've got good willpower it man I'll set up my lap of mayhem we're about to commence this grand final just realise we hadn't done a contest and I know the boys are never thinking about that song and droplet what's your suggestion for jazzing up our RC car videos in the future if you pick one we really love well and also we'll implement it the next time we film one so how good all right here we go now birth boy all the chocolates let's go my boy start your engines 3 take 1 just crank up grains off greens off strong big from Haran big from Haren all ambitious oh the little boat the little boat from godson my excited or going to love in the anvil breaking silly thing joy not a for I will out fully go that Erin Erin is just racing towards the finish is just winning it by a country mile just needs to get over and there is the game heroines grandmas gone said this thing was definitely your nemesis [Laughter] godson finally completes to slap after hitting everything known to man well Don Harron thank you thank you great video thanks for tuning in loved every minute i but couple of video choices best of playlist last week's video John more behind the scenes become a member flip 44 club Cheers