whoa you're always trying to attack me no are you hey guys this is team edge we're about to do the water spitting challenges and Thiessen's jafer this is brian the water spitting challenge is where one person has to make the other to laugh while they have their mouths filled with water and they have to try and keep it in their mouths and not spit it out the first person is spit it out loses who came up with this they use a llama friend of the team we're gonna have a few rounds the person with the least amount of points wins you get a point by accidentally spitting the water out of your mouth when you're like laughing or something so let's get started you get it boohoo great guys we need water how about you drink your own urine come on Hollywood okay if you laughs you get up you gotta hook your left you got a point he laughs he got a mite go see your ester and fill your mouth to the brim like as much as you can fit in there how do we ensure that we all have the same amount of water in our mouths you can't have a cinema you have difference of melody I'm Ryan's got a huge mouth dude wait ready water I'm gonna creator of the space Joey fill er up okay guys so I have a joke for you guys okay this is actually a funny story that I just thought about the other day when Brian said something about fake tattoos I went to a party a couple years ago and a girl put a Hello Kitty tattoo on the back of my neck I left the party without remembering that it was on the back of my neck and went to church the next morning with the Hello Kitty tattoo on the back of my neck and I didn't realize until I was in charge i scratch the back of my neck I was like what's sticky on the back of my neck you're slowly dude what Clara that's a pretty funny story you can't breathe out of your nose oh my god it worked I wasn't so sure that this job is gonna work chucking yes I gotta choke - its swimmingly okay oh there's intense wrong are you sitting up in lab here cuz you had a like cause I was coming because I was like a little hopping I almost laugh and he said can't breathe out of your nose so like what is this idiot say we're up okay oh my gosh oh is it you mister tell him away Oh his legs were so happy but let it not his head well you were like this what that's not about laughing it's about not joking while you're laughing and spitting on the person next to you that's my bad I understand the lead right now dude is Brian Stern fill them up nah that's not enough more alright it starts my turn starts now alright he's already thought that even say it butchers I can't even talk haha oh I didn't get a chance to say I'm like watching you guys fail yourselves I'm like our this is easy right help myself you know what you guys really want to do right now is it what if I just take a little leg that's just Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka Chicka price pretty goodness I'm gonna go for you hey idiot you're an idiot remember that one time that you got a bird stuck in your ear yeah he doesn't cuz it didn't happen take a check oh yeah yeah yeah yeah no I take a check on you can I keep the tickle you mm wait why are you having wood water why isn't you have as much water don't worry about me oh oh but warm water my foot that is yeah see who's so warm who's like 90 degrees hey how do those good Brian alright it doesn't show emotion he doesn't cry he doesn't want us he's got this gigantic lips they're like ceiling mudflaps just hold in the hahahaha alright guys well looks like Brian won the water spooning challenge he is the champion of that one yeah he takes one point to the edge games thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe question of the day when's the last time you made a mess that came out of one of your orifices no no question of the day when it was the last time you bit ha ha ha what was the last time you made a really big mess and what's the story behind that question you're behind behind that ha ha peace see what about what that looked Eve did you saw that one you rigged up for it hi oh we got the footage of that and everything