- Technology will change the character of war as it has for our predecessors. Hypersonics. Autonomous systems. Artificial intelligence. Biotechnology. All of those things will bring a future that is very different from the present. Our adversaries are innovating faster than we are and stealing the technology that we've developed which means we no longer control the rheostat of time in all conflicts and we can't control or define the pace of innovation. The advantage in this competition in our era will go to those who not only create the best technologies but also best integrate and field them in creative operational ways. Focusing on great power competition will change our culture and it will change the way we operate. Sharpening our competitive edge in this new age will require creative approaches, innovation, resources and execution at the speed of relevance. It's time to take risks, it's time to productively fail. We need leaders who will take some risk and get after it. Don't wait for us.