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NIC's roasting me I can't hear oh here we go [Music] Jack you like broke my game I'm trying to load it alright Tim there's this weird button called alt f4 you fatty I already did that yeah Garfunkel stop Nick you tried the death run oh shit five nine five nine literally every picture of us together for the same height that guy's cheating there's a hacker on me Nick Nick Nick Nick burps is trash I'm checking for updates oh not not yeah do you eat salami once a day no no all maybe okay several you guys don't like salami lush me bros late lunch me lunch me because you would bring it to school in a lunch bag and to be like mid warm lukewarm turkey sandwich oh boy to be mid warm you know if you bring it from home they're all you eat it in lunch you're eating it and it's been sitting in your locker all day I'm not talking about high school lunch sandwiches I'm just all about that's what made me not like it I put this semi warm semi cold turkey soggy sandwich in my mouth as opposed to nice PB&J that preserves through the whole day Oh a war PJs so much worse a soggy turkey sandwich right you what do you guys what do you put on your PB&J worse PB&J worse worse warm well yeah that's no way you think of PB&J is better one after four hours that a cold-cut sandwich there's no way pmj is so much worse you're gonna get salmonella all right enjoy Bon Appetit anymore I kind of do of Tim [Applause] Tims ringtone on his phone you know courage how do you feel about this new editor oh I look like a young cypher be way out here mate I'm older than you I look like an old cipher PK ciphers like 19 oldest 19 year old liver ciphers like the reverse of the Benchwarmers that movie where they were like I'm 12 he's the opposite ciphers like 38 but yeah everybody's like knob 22 it's no one's actually called them out on it yet yeah we're we're a hot day boys and filter this is our town this is our town don't you know not to come around yeah we really out here all right listen up all of you right now click the ready button we are four of the best fortnight players in the world okay like legit we make lobbies fear us when we join them okay cipher your editing skills are unmatched and fortnight you make symphony look like a sloth Tim way chicken wings is incredible Nick your ability to play out of control is second to none baby Aiden but after him no and I we join this game we are not gonna lose we are gonna win we're dropping in to Tilton for landing big gray if one person gets one building away from everyone else they owe everyone else in here what a hundred gifted subs let's go one landing on top big gray with you gingerbread girl killer I'll put a big shield stay down don't leave the building yet someone's just out landing sir we have dynamite coming on in from me Oh northwest side be careful one is in big gray ones just outside big gray next to me bottom floor is not safe in big gray I'm backing up we need all of our teams we're gonna fight this I don't the referee for this one's on site for police up cipher okay they're fighting just below I'm gonna break this floor and splode it exploding in here I got em I got em I got Tim earthquake 1 1 below focus below knock right this is just outside West bottle the building by building will kill him good number 1 rushing in nothing one rushing in from outside tag shields tax shields again he's flawed shields let's go let's go up squad let's play I just threw spot up there oh my god I hit him for 105 cypher lighting out it get somebody at it cipher right here it was nice night fall together fall together fall together don't building up building up reindeer skin grab the top that you're playing low or not with your conductor oh Jesus we honor you got to be kidding me man how many like a Lim's don't even show Fergie how many do we can have for him oh wait gliding gliding guiding a basketball two two two two one of the hill oh boy twenty-three he's no more shield doc more one more whoa good job why did he fly to me oh nice shot that was a snipe Tim hog where they breaking stuff right here yeah right photos from us to Jackie jack really got one we're getting third-party no shields on this one above you guys no shields there's like three or four coming out of Southie work you're come from salty following that up tag damn that game got sweaty in the beginning from the end our heart just thought I want to say wind I just want to get one be freed here you know the trap hardest fought victory way to fight through adversity boys I got one I was part of it wait wait wait you want to hear something mind-blowing I took 30 damage that whole game well I actually thought 400 damage yeah I thought I took so much in that game inspirational song of course it did man give me more she'll you know she's at all so someone out there there is there is room oh my god full sprint plane I buy me buy me buy me oh shit yeah I see three oh well we are sending the boys there's another plane coming on the right Jackie jack oh boy good luck my friend I'm actually shot me down really this sheet out for real is so much smarter shoot me good shoot me right now he's a legend I see him we're 30 oh in the roof yep yeah repeat across cos dude is a master in hiding how the hell was he over there bro well I went over there we could clean that back Rock look I think we should let him win Oh heshes better he's playing so 900 IQ in this positioning I think he thinks me still don't see what's funny thing yeah I do you want to act like we don't know where he is keep looking like like right like oh shoot this tree out right now he's like oh they don't know like he's 100% back side of that rock you see me just jump up there he's ripping me river II okay what we doing it he's a bot what do you have sounds - what Tyler's blue crystal right I knew something weird Wow Oh Oh Jordan you see that we both started they know it - always one shots No what's uh what's what's due date April 7th okay it's trying to figure out if you're gonna be able to come in town for my birthday B bar Sega $3 punch birthday trust $20 April 24th baby you try to do a joint birthday bash we I'm stood when I say I'm so down whoa whoa whoa yo maybe we should oh can I ask a favor of you yeah let's send an early invite to Ari hey big George schedules beer listen you want to do a joint birthday would you say that all actually if she were to be there right act completely normal she's like let's say Ari Boston see like this hey your name till I get in nowhere That's not me better hey sorry I thought I thought holy twitch streamers were here and you are [Laughter] hollow head 338 in stuff in stuff in stuff yeah [Laughter] yeah if you guys place animalistic I got dibs target Jordan Jack or Billy as fasting yes one more nope we're winning this game this is the winner okay the girlfriend just made homemade cheesecake and hasn't seen warm in the other stop come on Monday what someone I'm doing can't be saying that in front of me problem I'm literally having four pieces one more quick read for tyranny Tim has died every game is our CEO so were the chances that Jack actually winds up like taking his chick on a day bro could you imagine Jake I'm right for you bro there's no way it's gotta be a way he'd be too nervous here's Jessa gonna go there would keep that would keep all of his cool except he'd be sweating profusely no I actually don't sweat when I'm nervous yeah I have to go Jordan on that one chief just be sitting there all quietly sweating like my god I'm at dinner like dapping up my napkin they're bringing the x-ray yeah you know I do some I guess I am setting my sights high going after literally the number one female music artist in the world but you know what whatever whatever oh shoot your shot 2019 all right opportunities ma'am thank you whenever you stumble across sorry perfect if we have to poppy [Music]